Thursday, July 30, 2009


visitor is the brilliant (and maybe discodust-fueled, who knows?) combination of uk indie outfit cobra dukes and australian mysterious superstar producer diamond cut. the result might be reminiscent of the killers but you can already hear that they can achieve that much more. and seriously, you have been in love with them when they first showed up on the scene as well!

visitor - los feeling (rough mix)

you serious labels out there should better be quick and approach these guys before they end up with a major spoiling them and buying them huge mansions like wherever in the world. truth be told. much love to visitor. read more!

justin faust remixes.

i hit up my friend and discodust favorite justin faust (who should be known as 'the real munich machine') for some new tracks the other day and he sent over no less than four remixes. what a goddamn workaholic right there, dropping new official remixes for somethingalamode, division kent, edwin van cleef as well as a banging missy elliott bootleg. you decide what's best but i gotta say i love each and every one of them!

missy elliott - work it (justin faust remix)
somethingalamode - rondo parisiano (justin faust remix)
division kent - salty (justin faust remix)
edwin van cleef - i want you (justin faust remix)

stay tuned for more from justin faust, as this powerhouse definitely can't stop, won't stop! read more!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

starsmith + ellie goulding.

(EDIT: once again a post disappeared due to the hard work of automated industry search robots in co-operation with blogger. ridiculous. here is a repost.) discodust favorite london-based producer starsmith teamed up with his favorite vocalist ellie goulding again and provides us with this fresh take on 'sleepyhead' by indie sensation passion pit. you might be sick of 'sleepyhead' reworks by now but trust me, this is definitely the exception. all new vocals and a really different feeling. (and if you listen closely, you can hear starsmith making his singing debut!)

passion pit - sleepyhead (starsmith remix featuring ellie goulding)

show starsmith some myspace love and i also recommend you head over to our friends from neon gold to pick up some more recent starsmith heat, meaning a nice five minutes summer minimix. (and we'll have an exclusive track on here as well real soon, stay tuned!) read more!

death metal disco scene.

after finishing official remixes for bat for lashes, lily allen, kylie minogue and miami horror spread all over the blogs like wildfire, london-based boy & girl duo death metal disco scene decided it's about time to unleash some original material, leading us right to their self-released debut single.

they are describing their sound as 'dirty crossover pop with an electronic flavour' and i'd say that's spot on. the catchy guitar riffs, the charismatic vocals by scorch shepherd, sprinkled with just the right amount of synths courtesy of main man david james billing, make '21' a serious contender for the indie dancefloor crown. reminds me of the good old days when new young pony club had everything locked down on the blogs and out in the clubs. seriously, where did we lose damn addictive, yeah damn let's call it 'crossover pop' like this on the route to today?

death metal disco scene - 21
death metal disco scene - 21 (flairs remix)

see, i am so excited about the original that i didn't even mention the flairs remix until just now. it's the flipside to the ultra limited edition 10-inch vinyl single of '21' featuring art by peter stitson. i am not sure where you can get ahold of the vinyl but i am certain that showing death metal disco scene some love on their myspace brings you one step closer to this future collector's item! watch out for more from death metal disco scene around here real soon, they've got a new fan now! read more!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

little boots remixed.

little boots continues her quest of bringing some warmth and originality into the cruel and cold-hearted world of pop music with 'remedy', the redone produced second single from her debut album 'hands'. and as always, her trusty management thought of us and got blogger favorites rusko, a1 bassline and spanish tag team buffetlibre versus sidechains to get busy on remixes. check out these three poisonous flavours of 'remedy', ranging from heavy bass mosh pit dubstep to big room house.

little boots - remedy (rusko's big trainers remix)
little boots - remedy (a1 bassline get hype remix)
little boots - remedy (buffetlibre versus sidechains remix)

the single 'remedy' gets an official release on august 17th and you can already watch the video here.

UPDATE: had to re-post this because the evil censorship folks from google made it disappear without any notice. fuck this shit! it's all legit by ways of promo agencies, stop fucking around. read more!

memory tapes remixed.

although this rarely happens for songs that already seem too beautiful to be remixable, it did this time. it's one of those few moments where you listen to the song a second time real quick because you think you didn't hear right. like when you see something looking by and turn back fast to look again when you realize you can't believe what you saw. this is kinda the same only for hearing.

we posted 'surfin' by dreamy and psychedelic electronica producer memory cassette a while back. and after independently releasing his first two ep's online, his latest one 'call & response' was released by the wonderful collectible label acéphale..including 'surfin'. now as i said, i would not have expected to hear a fair remix, but obviously sail a whale did an amazing job of embellishing there...

memory cassette - surfin (sail a whale version)

this (unfortunately) fictional ep 'calls & responses' also has a remix by dreamy lo-fi electronic producer cfcf who should actually be well-known by most discodust readers. his last 7" 'you hear colours / invitation to love' has got a release on acéphale as well. so you should really start considering getting some of those beautiful limiteds if you haven't done so already!

memory cassette - last one awake (cfcf version)

bonus: astonishing rearrangement of new memory tapes (memory cassette + weird tapes) single 'bicycle' by horrors. same observations as above apply!

memory tapes - bicycle (horrors cosmic dub)

check out all the myspaces by memory cassette, cfcf, sail a whale, memory tapes, weird tapes and of course acéphale and spread the love! read more!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


if there is one rising star group that just gets better and more refined with each release, it's hands down classixx. sure, i may be a little biased for a few reasons, but all the feedback i hear from completely unrelated people has been nothing but positive and rave reviews. i feel like their sound is honest. it's not trying to be the 'next big thing' or 'outbang' anyone. they draw from classic disco sounds and deep in their souls to pull out solid gold, with plenty left to spare.

they've chalked up remixes for everyone from the ting tings to everyone's favorite french phoenix and were snatched up by boutique label kitsuné. each track seems better than the last and i can't wait to see what they do with their upcoming fischerspooner and major lazer remixes. fred falke and lifelike, you better watch out! classixx may sound like they're playing when they say "i'll get you", but i bet you they're not!

classixx - i'll get you (featuring jeppe)
holy ghost! - i will come back (classixx acapulco nights version)
major lazer - cash flow (classixx glass bottom dub mix)
phoenix - lisztomania (classixx remix) read more!


all good things must come to an end. alas, it was time for guns n bombs to part ways but that doesn't mean that the music is about to end. turbotito has taken his production skills and decided to take things a new direction announcing the progression with an ep release on thorn01 records.

guns n bombs - samba death squad (featuring ricardo ribeiro)
kim las - boxen (turbotito remix)
tuxedomoon - in a matter of speaking (turbotito jam along rerub)

head over to our friends from bigstereo to pick up another track and a great mix by turbotito. read more!

momma's boy.

here we go again. mike gnacadja aka mikix the cat (for his releases on trouble and bass) aka momma's boy has launched another barrage of tracks on the awaiting public in the form of the double-sided release 'wedouwedou/give it up'. since he's elected to go under this pseudonym this time, that must mean that the release is coming out on sound pellegrino.

like his picture above, this next ep is going to be grown up and ready to play with the big boys. he's smart to keep his hands in both genre pots. both are rather aggressive and distinct in their sounds and are showing large potential to forge the sound for the future.

momma's boy - give it up read more!

sidechains remixes.

oh sidechains how i've missed you. i'd gotten caught up in this kindof bongo and that kindof maraca that i'd totally neglected the tried and true diva voice, stabbing pianos and sirens. i wish i'd had these songs four months earlier because they seem the appropriate soundtrack for just about everything i've encountered since then. i understand because you were probably laid up on some barcelonian beach sipping sangria. all i care is that you're back and that you keep me moving.

blue pearl - naked in the rain (sidechains remix)
booty luv - say it (sidechains remix) read more!


whomadewho are staying true to form and dodging the trend train to stick to their own sound. never too distorted or computerized, the trio's organic flavor is kindof akin to that mid-century beige sofa that goes with everything and will never go out of style.

reverso 68 plays an ever so classic 'herman miller shade' to their 'mid-century sofa' bringing another classic, yet distinct disco sound. together the two make a pairing that i wouldn't mind keeping for a good chunk of time. these will definitely ripen with age.

whomadewho - keep me in my plane
whomadewho - keep me in my plane (reverso 68 remix)

don't miss the other remix by dj koze out now on gomma records or watch the amazing video on vimeo. read more!

headman remixes.

(aleks here: WE ARE BACK NOW! miss toats prepared these and all the following posts weeks ago, i take all the blame for not finishing them off and getting them up here earlier. don't miss any of these and fresh posts are following!)

sounds like it's time for a revival. the heart of relish recordings is beating again with purpose. headman has always sat a bit below the radar as far as visibility and frequency. never one to mass market to blogs, he sat back quietly and honed his craft and his label until he thought it was time to spring into full force.

the time must be now because i am getting showered with wonderful remixes. and without an ounce of bad taste in his being, his music knows no other way.

headman - dirt
headman - dirt (c90s get troniked edit)
doves - compulsion (headman remix)

we'll keep you posted for new releases from relish. i hear that the c90s are amongst the first in line to release an ep. god, i hope it goes faster than the line at the bank. read more!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

rampage + blatta & inesha.

sure there may be enough genres these days to make your head spin, but the flip side is that artists don't necessarily limit themselves to staying in just one vein. rampage is taking full advantage of all the identity crisis and mixing dubstep with jackin' house with b-more on into a new pure hybrid, showcased on his new ep 'war' out on our favorite label nightshifters.

rampage - loving u is easy

a spoonful of bpm's help the dubstep go down. haha, while i may not be the subgenre's biggest fan, blatta & inesha sneak the deep bounce into this rampage track like a crushed pill in my applesauce and speed it up to smooth perfection. and of course nightshifters is there to chaperon the entire mixdown. quickly becoming the pacemaker for the musical pulse, they are pairing remixers and artists with the skill that even a sommelier would envy.

rampage - war (blatta & inesha go to luanda remix)

the tandem italians are making their us dj debut late this summer so make sure to avoid getting too sunburnt or hungover to go out and see them smash it up.

and don't forget to get the whole release over at beatport which also has remixes by heavyfeet for both 'war' and 'loving u is easy'. read more!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

diamond cut + cinnamon chasers.

discodust favorite diamond cut obviously shares our love for cinnamon chasers who made us swoon a few months ago. australia's finest dreamdancer applies his trademark sound to the already lovely 'i like watching you', finally giving me and my fellow voyeurs and stalkers a worthy new soundtrack to our finest hours.

cinnamon chasers - i like watching you (diamond cut remix)

and just in case you are a real loyal discodust reader who stays away from the evil forces such as electrorash, you have probably missed these other recent diamond cut offerings in which he gets busy on up-and-comers booty luv and evermore.

booty luv - say it (diamond cut remix)
booty luv - say it (diamond cut instrumental)
evermore - hey boys and girls (diamond cut remix)

show diamond cut some myspace love! read more!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

alex metric + bloc party.

alex metric keeps being one of the most in-demand remixers these days. after recently cranking out remixes for phoenix, ladyhawke, autokratz and freeland, he is coming back at us now with two all new remixes for the forthcoming singles by bloc party and reverend & the makers. both are very melodic yet heavy hitting and especially his version of 'one more chance' sports some damn catchy piano chords and leaves me longing to hear this at a good outdoor rave on a hot summer night!

bloc party - one more chance (alex metric remix)
reverend & the makers - silence is talking (alex metric remix)

this gets me even more excited for the upcoming alex metric album and i am sure we'll have more of him on here in the future. (maybe even with some new press shots next time!) read more!


the good people from disco label mindless boogie, who have previously released tracks by the likes of in flagranti, peter visti, prins thomas and woolfy, bring us a sublime package of edits by fairly unknown belgium production trio villa. the whole thing is dubbed 'diva edits', the respective track names are 'tina', 'agneta' and 'anita'. i'll leave the forensic work to you, my beloved and highly educated readers, while i am getting all comfy with a freezing cold cocktail, a huge pile of disco dust and the divas!

villa - anita
villa - agneta
villa - tina

stay tuned for a 'real' villa release after summer! and in case you are looking for mint condition uncompressed versions of these edits, head over to the dedicated free download page.

in other notes: we are back! read more!