Tuesday, September 29, 2009

raw man + blanche.

a few months ago, we already announced the return of french house legend raw man and his new priors track and it seems as if he is seriously back with full force now, his latest project being raw man + blanche. blanche is the french producer's girlfriend who is an author, journalist and tv director. the two eventually decided to work together in music, just like every other aspect of their lives, and already finished more than a dozen tracks.

'united (join together)' is the first single of the two lovers and is actually quite a banger, definitely drawing some inspiration from the works of justice and mstrkrft when they were at their peaks and pairing the roughness with carefully crafted string arrangements, light-hearted vocals and raw man's signature french touch.

while i have to admit i really needed a break from the overdosed world of distorted bangers, enough time has passed now and this track brings back good feelings and memories from some of the best parties i've ever had. so stop denying your own past and for a change, just fucking enjoy this great tune, another premiere on discodust!

raw man + blanche - united (club mix)
raw man + blanche - united (instrumental mix)

already supported by aeroplane, alex metric and rob da bank, the full release is dropping end of october on raw man's very own we rock music along with remixes by one exciting big name yet unannounced as well as cryptonites, les petits pilous and more. read more!

peppe le funk.

a technicolored skunk meets a disco trained monk, that's peppe le funk. paul nichol & ridney (pictured above) started the project around 2005, made a couple of successful tracks on limited vinyl runs, and then split into individual paths.

ridney bumped into jaymo & andy george on a recent ibiza escapade, and passed them a copy of 'floor n order'. of course you can tell where this story is going, so if you'd like to hear what the radio 1 boys had to say about the track click here.

now usually i'm not a siren-in-a-song guy but the wailing sirens in 'floor n order' remind me of daft punk's 'revolution 909' gone wild. the tune departs this hypervisual feeling of a slamming underground party, somewhere in the bowels of chicago, on a dark and foggy night, painted by the city lights bleeding through the cold air.

peppe le funk - floor n order

although peppe le funk is now defunct, you can still follow ridney on myspace and show some love. read more!

Monday, September 28, 2009

toxic avenger + switch + acid girls.

we haven't featured the toxic avenger in a while, although he keeps going through the roof, also thanks to the heavy support by iheartcomix. they are going to release his new twelve-inch 'toxic is dead' on vinyl and digitally end of september along with remixes by drop the lime, south central and others. furthermore, the good people at scion are releasing a new cd sampler by the toxic avenger, so everything is looking pretty damn good!

there's a cd release tour in the states in early october as well, check out scion a/v for the dates. ahead of the release, we can hook you up with the original of 'toxic is dead' as well as remixes by switch and acid girls. the switch remix in 320 kbps is another premiere on discodust, enjoy!

the toxic avenger - the fall (switch remix)
the toxic avenger - любовь навсегда (acid girls remix)
the toxic avenger - toxic is dead

show the toxic avenger and iheartcomix records some love on myspace and check out scion a/v for more details on the cd sampler and the upcoming tour! read more!

Friday, September 25, 2009

munk + cut copy.

due to my awesome timing and letting beloved miss toats' posts sitting around unpublished far too long, we can celebrate two munk write-ups in one day! but this cut copy 'jackmaster' remix of the new single is just too good. as the name suggests, there's some serious old school jackin' vibe going on in this cosmic piano house anthem, making this another stellar release for gomma. check out the full release on beatport.

munk - back down (cut copy jackmaster remix)

and there's also a brandnew munk for fall season, get it while it's hot!

munk - autumn mixtape

buy the release on beatport and be sure that we'll keep you posted on upcoming munk and gomma goodness! read more!


i can't quite pinpoint when or where i first came across solo, but his music has kind of consumed my ears ever since. looking at his list of releases, he's far from new to the scene. reading like a grocery list of 'who's who' in music today, he's released tracks on everyone from defected to dirtybird to my #1 new label to look out for, sound pellegrino.

solo - afreaka
solo - joga bola
dj gregory & gregor salto - con alegria (solo more cowbell remix)

solo - midget mix september 2009 (on sharebee)

you better appreciate the music while it's still free. judging by the lineup of remixes he has pending (crookers, depeche mode, wiley), his own sound pellegrino ep and the quality of stuff he's been churning out, the free solo stuff might be put on the endangered species list. read more!

the phenomenal handclap band + munk.

leave it to munk and gomma records to always put out a track that starts everyone's party engines. you get a song that's perfect for almost any occasion; waking up, riding your bike to school, a fashion week party, taking the trash out, grocery shopping and so on. the phenomenal handclap band provides the vocals and munk provides the extra spice whipping up something that's so much better than mac 'n cheese at 4 am.

the phenomenal handclap band - you'll disappear (munk remix) read more!

udachi + jubilee.

our friends nightshifters recently unleashed what might be their biggest release so far, 'paypur' and 'smoke rings' by udachi and jubilee. with support by fake blood, klever and dj craze, i especially see 'smoke rings' having huge crossover potential and being a legit follow-up to the now played out 'day & nite' remix by crookers. a true banger!

udachi & jubilee - smoke rings video (on vimeo)

the release comes with remixes by breakbeat legend luna-c, dre skull, grahmzilla, cardopusher and nick catchdubs. the latter and the original are up for grabs right here!

udachi & jubilee - paypur
udachi & jubilee - paypur (nick catchdubs remix)

buy the full release on beatport and stay tuned for more greatness from nightshifters. read more!

mimó + fenech-soler + vega.

a tiny bit of backfilling coming up now, as i missed out on posting a couple of good things during my idle time once again. first off is 'running out' by mimó who is probably someone semi-famous in disguise again but i am too exhausted to further investigate right now and we were hooked up with remixes by fenech-soler and vega anyway. i bet you know what to expect: disco-flavoured electro, twice.

mimó - running out (fenech-soler remix)
mimó - running out (vega italo dub mix)

help us solve the mystery by collecting more clues on the mimó myspace! read more!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the sound of arrows + fear of tigers.

about a year ago, i first came across the sound of arrows and their great track 'danger!'. ever since, they followed up with the gorgeous 'm.a.g.i.c.' and just released their new twelve-inch 'into the clouds' on the always amazing neon gold. 'into the clouds' is yet another great example of their elevated pop songcraft but what really blew me away is the remix by fear of tigers who is easily on top of the whole 'dreamy club tracks' game right now - masterpiece!

the sound of arrows - into the clouds (fear of tigers remix)
the sound of arrows - into the clouds

another fact that makes the sound of arrows really special is that they also make all the artwork (as seen above) and videos themselves, resulting in two of this year's most beautiful videos for both the original and the remix of 'into the clouds'.

the sound of arrows - into the clouds video (on vimeo)
the sound of arrows - into the clouds (fear of tigers remix) video (on vimeo)

show the sound of arrows and fear of tigers some myspace love and head over to the neon gold shop or puregroove to order the limited vinyl, neon gold's first twelve-inch release after a series of seven-inches! congratulations! read more!

the twelves.

just in time before i was heading to bed: here is a brandnew one hour-mixtape by everyone's favorites the twelves which aired yesterday on radio1's rob da bank featuring a ton of feelgood music, right on time for errr, fall season, also including some new remixes by the brazilian duo that i haven't heard before.

the twelves - the twelfth hour mixtape (on megaupload)
the twelves - the twelfth hour mixtape (on zshare)

eye industries will release the debut ep from the twelves in january. tracklist follows after the jump.


methusalem - robotism
groove armada - drop the tough (the twelves remix)
glass candy - miss broadway
daft punk - da funk
dj agent 86 - wavestate
gossip - standing in the way of control
gaz nevada - i-c love affair
phoenix - lisztomania
arpadys - mystery rock (vlad maywad edit)
the do - on my shoulders
zoot woman - information first
the jacksons - shake your body
mr oizo - two takes it
bushy - sqezy soul
zeigeist - humanitarianism (the twelves remix)
snoop doggy dogg - sensual seduction
juan maclean - no time
dj agent 86 - magic
k.i.d. - hupendi musiki
franz ferdinand - ulysses
siriusmo - discoding
dan hartman - vertigo / relight my fire
air - sexy boy
fever ray - seven (the twelves remix)
pacific - hot lips (the twelves remix)
patrick alavi - power
dynasty - i dont wanna be a freak
metronomy - radio ladio
siriusmo - last dear
empire of the sun - walking on a dream
elitechnique - spectral escape
the virgins - rich girls
black kids - ...dance with you (the twelves remake)
the juan maclean - happy house
m.i.a. - boyz
cut copy - so haunted
space - magic fly
pnau - with you forever
eddie tour - up the glitter
mr. oizo - hun
cerrone - give me love
mr. oizo - steroids (ft. uffie)
tiga - shoes
kano - it's a war
daft punk - revolution 909
radiohead - scatterbrain (the twelves remix)
terry poison - comme ci comme ça (the twelves remix)
sebastien tellier - sexual sportswear
chemical brothers - it doesn't matter
database vs. french horn rebellion - beaches and friends (the twelves remix)
read more!

michael cassette.

i've been following michael cassette since their sudden skyrocket to fame in september '08. debuting with their 2 track EP 'shadows movement'/'fox and a shooting star' on anjunadeep, it didn't take long before they left a gaping crater in the still evolving progressive house/trance crossover scene with early support from major players like deadmau5.

michael cassette was born around a dinner table at an evening event in '06 - the name is a guise for komytea (erkka lempiäinen & matti heininen) and an unnamed friend. the unnamed friend chooses to stay out of the public eye and presumes the name 'michael' while he retains his anonymity for personal reasons. but like erkka told me, he is the spiritual innovator of the project. he composes most of the tracks and sings the vocal lines while the other two refine and produce the track. their philosophy is to combine the spirit and aesthetics of early electronic music with today's slamming club sound.

michael cassette is offering to the music gods an unreleased & exclusive track (get used to hearing that more often again on here from now on) named 'moonlight runner' in full 320kbps for your listening pleasure. coming from the progressive house scene myself, this is very exciting news to introduce an act like this on discodust. 'moonlight runner' is fully equipped with all the elements of epic, from bells to bass. think 80s infused vibe with a big room production.

michael cassette - moonlight runner

presented with 'moonlight runner' is a special edit of their smashing single 'shadows movement' - a song which conquered many dancefloors and ipods across the world within the past two years.

michael cassette - shadows movement (radio edit)

michael cassette is slated to release a full-length album this coming january, so keep an eye out and get friendly with them on myspace. i also urge you to check out the full length of 'shadows movement' on beatport here. for the price of a pony ride in the mall, you can own a piece of history.

(edit by aleks: i bet these guys are lifelike's secret favorite band. thanks to leon for another top-notch post.) read more!

Monday, September 21, 2009

midnight juggernauts.

australian stadium synth-rocker astronauts midnight juggernauts are back with 'this new technology', the very first single of their upcoming second album. while staying true to their whole filmic 'journey through time and space' trademark atmosphere, this new track seems a lot more instantly catchy and driving than the material on the first album while the vocals are darker than ever, sounding like air got abducted by aliens and possessed by the devil. whether this description makes any sense or not, this has already got me supercurious for the new full-length now!

midnight juggernauts - this new technology

'this new technology' will be out on itunes on october 9th with remixes by weird tapes, the emperor machine and nile delta. followed up by a limited edition seven-inch vinyl release on one of our favorite labels, being acephale who have previously brought us some of the best new music this year from memory tapes and salem. you can pre-order the vinyl here. read more!

the golden filter.

after endless months of leaving us stuck with remix surrogates, amazing discodust discovery the golden filter once again teamed up with our friends from dummy to give us our well-needed fix, their all-new and yet unheard single 'thunderbird'. everything we love about them is still there, they just updated the formula and made their sound even deeper, more organic, more playful and driving while maintaining the catchyness, the angelic vocals and the overall disco noir vibe known from their classic first single 'solid gold'.

the golden filter - thunderbird

head over to the dummy records site where you can pre-order the limited vinyl and watch out for the digital release dropping on beatport next week. read more!

gucci vump + l-vis 1990.

it's purely human nature for people to want what they can't have; money, power, secrets, someone else's significant other. we've seen this tactic used a few times to generate a buzz around a new artist (ahem, fake blood) which resulted in many djs and bloggers tearing their hair out because they weren't privy to this information. sure, it's a cute little marketing trick, but the real test is if the music stands on it's own long after the secret has dissipated.

enter gucci vump. has been happening for quite some time and everyone from tiesto to brodinski to drop the lime has been thrown in the suspicion pool. and who do you suspect is at the middle of this whole perfect storm? sound pellegrino, of course. i know that i can't stop talking about them and how much i love them, but day after day they keep giving me new reasons to stay excited about new music.

gucci vump - sha! shtil! (l-vis 1990 remix)

the ep is released exclusively on beatport on september 22nd and then unleashed everywhere else on october 20th. not only does it feature l-vis 1990's remix, who will have his own sound pellegrino release in the upcoming months, it also includes a remix by downtown (one half of renaissance man). read more!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


mansion is making me feel all nostalgic. this track feels like it should have come out in early may and have been the summer jam. when i'm listening to it in september, it should be bringing back crazy memories of beaches and road trips and days in the park. instead it just makes me remember that we haven't posted on these two in a while and it's about damn time.

they're back and doing what they do best: updating some house music. and if i remember correctly, this was one of the first tracks that we ever heard from them but they weren't going to release it to blogs because it had a bigger destiny. well, the time is now and it's ready to shine on spg records.

mansion - gasaida

make sure you buy the fresh and shiny 320 kbps version over at beatport. read more!

zero 7 + noob.

up until now, i've only known noob to collaborate with the likes of progressive tastemakers like brodinski, popof and tiga. well, how kind of him to throw us an amazing curveball out of left field. he somehow got commissioned to remix a zero 7 track that comes at you like a fire truck ready to flatten you on the dancefloor. normally, you can hear the siren of a fire truck blocks away to give you fair warning to react. this track is a bit merciless and leaves you with nothing but a bloody pulp and a pulse beating at 128 bpms.

zero 7 - medicine man (noob remix)

look for the original and other remixes by baby monster, trackademicks and cooly g out on atlantic records on september 21st. read more!