Thursday, May 31, 2007

fake blood.

fake blood is an upcoming producer from london. when our friends over at fluokids posted his the black ghosts remix a few weeks ago, all heads were immediately loving that track. everyone i was talking to thought that 'fake blood' can only be an alias of a well-established producer, judging by the quality of the remix. when i asked him about it he told me that he hears this all the time and it turned out sang is really just a very talented newcomer who did his first remix ever and wants to have some fun.

another first on discodust is the next fake blood masterpiece, a remix of the next armand van helden single 'i want your soul'. just as his previous work, this remix features cut up vocals, old school breakbeats, uplifting synths along with a rather organic bassline and driving drums. the track will be out soon on southern fried records, make sure to buy it and support one of our favorite labels.

armand van helden - i want your soul (fake blood remix)

and just in case you missed it back then:

the black ghosts - any way (fake blood remix)

next up from fake blood is a bonde do role remix and i am sure there will be a lot more, watch out! read more!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

shir khan.

no matter who you are asking about the hottest dj in germany these days, everyone will tell you that it is shir khan from berlin. besides constantly dropping cutting edge dj mixes for fabric and bbc radio 1, he has also started his own imprint exploited and is currently one of the most wanted remixers. here is his latest remix for bonde do role, released on domino records:

bonde do role - office boy (shir khan remix)
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as a bonus, here are two more excellent remixes he finished recently:

holy hail - born of a star (shir khan remix)
the jai-alai savant - white on white crime (shir khan remix dub)

watch out for the first official mix 'maximize!' on shir khan's own label. the double-cd will be released on the 27th of august and feature exclusives by siriusmo, simian mobile disco, adam sky, shadow dancer, munk versus mocky and much more! we will definitely keep you posted! read more!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

young americans.

did i just say that it has recently become harder for me to find banging tracks? well, never mind. young americans are michael david and tyler blake from california. they run a monthly club night called hush hush and have already remixed the likes of tv on the radio, imogen heap and scanners.

'dial 1' has been on heavy rotation in the discodust hq for several weeks and it is finally good to post. expect a banging track filled up with catchy vocals, heavily compressed drums, screaming synths and - of course - vocoders. this will definitely work well at peaktime:

young americans - dial 1

also make sure to check out their track 'turning inside out' which was posted by our friends from bigstereo back in february. read more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


with nearly every bedroom producer out there discovering distortion and overdriven synths these days and thinking that's enough to become world famous, it has become a bit more difficult to get through to the actually good tracks, but after a little break from posting electro bangers, i am glad to introduce you to cryptonites.

even after days of investigation, i have not been able to find out more about them besides that they're coming from switzerland and are obviously having a problem with superheroes. but what i can tell from the tracks i have got ahold of is that they have definitely found the perfect formula to conduct banging tunes. digitalism and teenage bad girl are references that are coming to my mind, but just listen for yourself, here is their first track ever:

cryptonites - hands of god
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and as i knew you'd want more, here is a very danceable cryptonites remix of a track by some band going by the name of arctic monkeys:

arctic monkeys - old yellow bricks (cryptonites tease the monkey remix)
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visit cryptonites myspace for further information on upcoming productions and a tracklist of their cryptonites superhero mix. read more!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

pirate soundsystem.

i am always glad to find new acts that really have their very own style and are not just following false idols. pirate soundsystem from the united kingdom are one of these acts. their tracks and dj sets sound like every trendy sound ever coming out of london combined. think of rave, ragga, breakbeats, uk hardcore, dubstep and grime all at once and you still don't have any idea of what these two guys are capable to do.

they have done remixes for established artists like shitdisco, bonde do role and hadouken! newest track in their myspace player is a dope remix for fellow breakbeat addict drop the lime, don't miss this collaboration. keep an eye out for these and upcoming remixes!

discodust is proud to give you two original pirate soundsystem tracks that have not been posted anywhere else before. let them take you on a journey and all you neu rave kids pay attention, this is what rave is all about:

pirate soundsystem - loves hit

pirate soundsystem - scream if you wanna go rasta read more!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


there is hardly anyone who has got as much love from the blogs recently as crookers. without a doubt, phra and bot from italy are constantly delivering some of the freshest tracks around, taking the fidget house sound of switch a step further and incorporating booty, baile funk and b-more influences. as you have probably already heard from our friends over at electric zoo and slutty fringe, they are soon releasing a twelve inch in the funk mundial series.

to show you what else is coming up next from crookers, they made this 'work in progress mini-sampler' exclusively for discodust, featuring five unreleased tracks from the number one euro crunk duo:

crookers - work in progress mini-sampler (EXCLUSIVE)
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and you can check out a sample of the upcoming man recordings release here:

crookers featuring mc leka - para de graçinha (euro crunk mix) read more!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

racing hearts.

one of my all time favorite indie bands, architecture in helsinki from melbourne, australia, are about to release their new single 'heart it races'. besides the original, there are remixes from dj/rupture, yacht, pink skull and probably the most anticipated of the bunch, a remix by turntablist wunderkind a-trak. i guess there is no need for introduction, but in case you have been living under a rock, a-trak has won the itf world championships, the dmc team championships and recorded cuts for kanye west and common.

he takes all the core elements from the original track and turns it into a much more dancefloor compatible bouncing tune with hypnotic percussions, showing off his very own unique production style. watch out for the official release on june 5th on tailem bend and enjoy another first on discodust:

architecture in helsinki - heart it races (trizzy's rusty tin can mix)
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