Sunday, December 24, 2006

so much love.

starting off with the latest release on pryda friends, one of the labels by eric prydz, 'xperimental scratch' features another top notch remix by sébastien léger who busts out the 303 just when the time is right. and i bet in 2007 we will see a more heavy use of the 303 again, all over.

giorgio prezioso - xperimental scratch (sébastien léger remix)
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in 2007 i also expect more perfect peaktime floorfillers from john dahlbäck, who obviously can't help but produce one of them a day. he will definitely be way up high (again) in this years top producer charts. 'superkiller' is a new release on confused recordings from bremen, germany which is run by oliver huntemann. with its somewhat eerie filmic atmosphere, i bet this track has already caused more than a few bad trips.

huggotron - superkiller
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in order to make everyone feel warm and comfortable again, here is another fresh disco tune on work it baby by label owner kris menace, dropped under his new alias jaunt. and as always i am so envious and wonder which tricks he pulls to get those massive sounds out.

jaunt - travelling
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and to remind all of you what this holiday season is all about, here is a little bonus. happy holidays to all of you and thanks to everyone who helped me to get this going, you know who you are. love.

together (thomas bangalter & dj falcon) - so much love to give read more!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

in slow motion.

it took me quite a while to find out what all the hype is about concerning kissy sell out from the united kingdom, but his latest remix for rainer weichhold out on great stuff records really does it for me - like most of their releases, be sure to keep an eye on them and check out their back catalogue.

rainer weichhold - infinite template (kissy sell out remix)

it took me even longer to finally acknowledge how good switch, solid groove and sinden are. but after i've heard the switch remix of spank rock's 'bump' on like one hundred dj mixes, i was finally convinced. here is another driving solid groove remix of 'mature macho machine' by radioclit, also featuring ttc.

radioclit - mature macho machine (solid groove & sinden remix)
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and finally i even came too late to be the first to tell you about herve, one half of speakerjunk, but i've had 'see me', one hell of a grooving track and yet another excellent release on dubsided, on heavy rotation for quite a while now and there might be a chance you haven't heard it by now.

herve - see me
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

saws versus squares.

'impressed' by solee is the first release on the new found german parquet recordings. i have been playing it for quite a while and to me it is the perfect peaktime electro anthem these days. the full release also has some excellent remixes.

solee - impressed (original mix)
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according to discogs, the two canadian brothers from shiloh have been releasing tracks for quite a while already, for some reason i must have missed them. now they have started their own label floppy discs and their track 'vice' is the first release. saws versus squares = mayhem.

shiloh - vice (original mix)

dada life from sweden had a huge track going with 'big time' on breastfed, the label run by mylo. 'we do have a plan', the flipside of their latest vinyl release, is not as rough but still likely to get everyone going. they have been picked up by norman cook for his very own southern fried records.

dada life - we do have a plan
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Friday, December 08, 2006

still underrated.

before i started this blog i made up a loose set of rules and i never wanted to post tracks from the same artist two times in a row. well, i can't help it, hystereo did another top notch remix and as i think they are still underrated for some strange reason, i want everyone to hear it. this time they turned a tribal track by celtec twinz upside down and made it a real banger. also be sure to check out their myspace for their latest studio mix.

celtec twinz - cynax (hystereo rebrand)
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chris lake and sébastien léger are two names that i am coming across like daily when i am digging for new music. after countless releases, they teamed up and this is by far the track i like the most from both these guys.

leger & lake - aqualight
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extrawelt are releasing on cocoon, and ever since i have heard the first song i am keen on tracking down all of their releases. i don't even know how to describe their sound, it is definitely techno-based and driving, but at the same time it is almost ambient and very melancholic. seems perfect for these current cold and rainy days but still very suitable for the dancefloor, so here is a remix they did for minilogue.

minilogue - the leopard (extrawelt remix) read more!