Thursday, December 14, 2006

in slow motion.

it took me quite a while to find out what all the hype is about concerning kissy sell out from the united kingdom, but his latest remix for rainer weichhold out on great stuff records really does it for me - like most of their releases, be sure to keep an eye on them and check out their back catalogue.

rainer weichhold - infinite template (kissy sell out remix)

it took me even longer to finally acknowledge how good switch, solid groove and sinden are. but after i've heard the switch remix of spank rock's 'bump' on like one hundred dj mixes, i was finally convinced. here is another driving solid groove remix of 'mature macho machine' by radioclit, also featuring ttc.

radioclit - mature macho machine (solid groove & sinden remix)
buy it from phonica

and finally i even came too late to be the first to tell you about herve, one half of speakerjunk, but i've had 'see me', one hell of a grooving track and yet another excellent release on dubsided, on heavy rotation for quite a while now and there might be a chance you haven't heard it by now.

herve - see me
buy it from phonica


Anonymous said...

Herve can just do no wrong for me these days. Only heard this outfit for the first time earlier this week thanks to the awesome remix that appears on Erol Alkans recent Mixmag cd. Since heard another 4 or so originals from Herve and they're all super!

- JohnB

discodust said...

hey john. thanks for all your nice comments. (always makes me wonder if you're the actual john b, but that's probably not very likely.)

and yeah, same here, took me a while to find out about herve at all - because i never was into the switch or solid groove style that much until that spank rock remix finally found his way into my head and wouldn't get out any more. and ever since, everything i've heard from herve is really good.

i expect dubsided to go on strong.