Wednesday, December 19, 2007

hot pink delorean.

sorry for the downtime, we are back from the grave with more from hot pink delorean from boston who obviously just can't stop killing it. after we brought you three of their tracks only a few weeks ago, they have got two more originals ready that will tear up dancefloors all over. thanks to the guys for holding these tracks back for us even though they have got dozens of requests to hand them out, so we can post them exclusive.

'freak night' is a real dark grimey banger laced with rather soulful vocals and old school breaks while 'aeroplane' is a fast-paced uplifting tune with sweet vocoders and an addictive synth hook, i am sure you will love both and will know when the time is right to drop either of them in your sets. get them right here on discodust:

hot pink delorean & knowlton walsh - freak night
hot pink delorean - aeroplane
hot pink delorean - aeroplane (130 bpm version)

hot pink delorean have a lot more in the works and are still looking for label and remix offers, so you label people out there better hurry up. watch out for more from them on discodust soon! read more!