Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ladyhawke + pnau.

and australia once more. ever since i have first heard 'back of the van' and 'paris is burning', both excellent pop songs that deserve to be actual (summer) hits, i was in love with ladyhawke and i am still a bit down because fluokids managed to get ahold of one of her tracks before me, although i have been stalking her for months before!

luckily ladyhawke comes back for more with the guys from pnau and a very uplifting dance track called 'embrace' with obvious 80s disco influences. in its very best moments, the production reminds me of alan braxe and i have been playing it on repeat for countless hours now. download the track right here and join in:

pnau featuring ladyhawke - embrace

i'd like to embrace ladyhawke and pnau for a great feelgood track and hipster runoff for unearthing this gem. (and all of you guys too, group hug!) read more!

bag raiders + knightlife.

australia keeps on dominating as discodust favorite knightlife strikes back once again with a fresh italo-space disco flavored remix for the bag raiders remix ep, out now on bang gang 12 inches, next to remixes by whitenoise, zzz and the bag raiders themselves. but for now, listen to this:

bag raiders - nil by mouth (knightlife remix)

make sure to pick up both the remix ep and also get the original ep if you haven't got it yet, to me it was definitely one of the best releases of 2007. read more!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

kazyo (1/2 teenage bad girl).

while i am still a bit mad at the 'media' for not worshipping the teenage bad girl album masterpiece 'cocotte' back then when it was released, greg kazubski, one half of this very underrated band is about to release his first solo ep 'teenage bad girl is dead' as kazyo on archibell records on february 25th. i am not sure if this means they have actually split up but i'd be really sad.

although the average rave tunes these days are just boring me, the two tracks off the kazyo ep i just received really feel like a breath of fresh air. distorted and glitched up to the max, i am sure both these bangers will work wonders on the floor. get your fix right here:

kazyo - teenage bad girl is dead
kazyo - make yeah

make yeah and show kazyo and archibell some myspace love, damnit! read more!

Friday, January 18, 2008

hot chip - made in the dark.

i am sure all of you can't wait for the new album from hot chip either, one of the greatest indie bands that never lose their connection the clubs. their full-length 'made in the dark' is coming up on astralwerks and dfa on february 5th.

so i am glad this just made it to my inbox, along with the permission to post it: here is the title track 'made in the dark' without any annoying voiceovers - a real mellow slow-motion ballad and even if this is not aiming straight for the floor, i bet you will love it and it will make you want to buy the hot chip album even more! get it right here, another first on discodust:

hot chip - made in the dark read more!

Monday, January 14, 2008

russ chimes + pony pony run run.

discodust favorite russ chimes is finally back with an excellent new remix, this time for pony pony run run from france. if you are a great admirer of russ chimes like me, you will probably notice that this remix is a bit more banging than his previous releases, coming complete with a driving distorted guitar bass line and chopped up vocals while he is of course still keeping his playful retro disco vibe. get the track right here:

pony pony run run - star survivor (russ chimes' drive to survive remix)

in other news, discodust will be back at full force soon, better than ever! read more!