Friday, February 29, 2008

the toxic avenger.

i am sure all of you have heard of the no love lost records mixtape series by now, previous editions featured discodust favorites the bloody beetroots and ocelot. discodust is proud to be the blog partner for the latest mixtape, number 23 mixed by the toxic avenger. as i had a very busy week and want to get this out right now, i will just quote the well-written intro lee from no love lost records sent over:

"for our twenty-third mixtape project session we headed to paris to ask the mysterious toxic avenger if he wouldn't mind exercising his wonky electro mix magic for us. he kindly said he would. the seventeen track mix he delivered expertly blends a healthy handful of toxie's own productions and remixes with tunes and reworks by scene stealers such as crookers, tom deluxx, hostage, para one, d.i.l.d., herve, daft punk, les petits pilous, tightly glitched and swirled together before arriving at a lush finish with an unexpected classic by morrissey.

the toxic avenger has been all over the blogs for a while now and with good reason. label in the know iheartcomix already has his back and with a boatload of showcases gigs lined up at next month's sxsw and winter music conferences things are about to properly blow-up for this colourful parisian talent. so get on this mix which toxie has kindly put together for you, then head to his myspace to say what's-up."

join the nllr mixtape facebook group, choose your favorite download service and enjoy another discodust EXCLUSIVE:

the toxic avenger - nllr mixtape 023 (megaupload)
the toxic avenger - nllr mixtape 023 (mediafire)
the toxic avenger - nllr mixtape 023 (zshare)

find the tracklist in the comments. and as a bonus, if you have missed it on the other blogs, here is a banging remix the toxic avenger did for nyc rockers the fire and reason. kisses to lovely bella for sending it over, check it out:

the fire and reason vs. the toxic avenger - nme v2 txc

have a great weekend, everyone! read more!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


decalicious are two upcoming producers from hamburg, germany. their sound ranges somewhere in-between disco-influenced french house and harder sounds along the lines of their friends and fellow hamburg inhabitants digitalism. they have recently released their first single 'la favière 76' on german label kisu music as both vinyl and digital release.

funky disco stomper 'la favière 76' is a true killer track that has already received massive support from digitalism, tomboy, brodinski, azzido da bass, spiller and boris dlugosch. check out the 'larsz chaptier' (meant to sound like the french variation of 'last chapter') version of the track, done by decalicious themselves, another premiere here at discodust:

decalicious - la favière 76 (larsz chaptier)

and as enough is never enough for us, here is a brandnew remix by decalicious for liberation frequency, out now on 040 recordings as digital release.

liberation frequency - aldente b-moll (decalicious remix)

check the tracks out and if you like them, support the artists and buy the 'la favière 76' vinyl from a quality recordstore like juno or the digital release from beatport. watch out for a new single, remixes and radio dj-mixes coming up from decalicious soon. read more!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


at only 20 years old, the young producer fantastadon from boston is the prodigy of our favorites hot pink delorean. often working in the same studio and trading production tips, hot pink delorean thinks fantastadon is ready to make his mark on the electro scene on his own.

and they are definitely right, here are two electro bangers that will definitely blow up the spot. 'anesthesiologist' reminds me of boys noize while still maintaining a unique style and is really living up to its name - it's knocking you out straight away. on "can't help it", the influence of hot pink delorean is a bit more obvious, reminding me of their former collaboration 'played out' that i've posted before over here. but now get those brandnew tunes, showing up first on discodust:

fantastadon - anesthesiologist
fantastadon - can't help it

show fantastadon some myspace love and i am sure i'll feature him again soon. and thanks to (also from the extended hot pink delorean family) for the artwork! read more!

Monday, February 25, 2008

oh snap!! + hostage.

in case you've missed oh snap!! on his first round on the blogs earlier this year, he is best described as (quoting himself) 'your favorite mediocre whiteboy'.

i probably shouldn't reveal more, otherwise you might not even consider checking him out, so to spark your interest again, discodust favorite hostage has just done a nice fidget flavoured bouncing remix for oh snap!! that should get people moving on the dancefloor, especially those with bill cosby sweaters and reebok pumps:

oh snap!! - bill cosby sweater (hostage remix)

UPDATE: a minute after i published this post, mickey sent a brandnew song over that he just finished two days ago and i am almost convinced that oh snap!! is here to stay and will play an important role in the steadily growing 'rave rap' scene, enjoy this tribute to one of the freshest haircuts ever:

oh snap!! - high top fade

furthermore, here are two originals (that i have blatantly stolen from the awesome get weird turn pro) off the already released oh snap!! ep 'new snap!! city', available from amazon and probably a lot of other spots:

oh snap!! - i'm too fat to be a hipster
oh snap!! - how & why

and if you still can't get enough, here is a brandnew mix by oh snap!! featuring tracks by well-known discodust favorites like the bloody beetroots, hot pink delorean, revolte and crookers.

oh snap!! - two snaps with a twist mixx

the tracklist is in the comments. if you like what you hear, let oh snap!! know on myspace. read more!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


combo is a 25 years old producer from madeiras, portugal who got into dj'ing 2001 and then studied electronic music production from 2004 until 2006. i was totally stunned and blown away when i first heard 'just change' on his myspace, a goddamn funky disco jam with vocals from combo himself and catchy right from the start. grab it right now and get addicted like me:

combo - just change (256 kbps EXCLUSIVE)

combo is currently planning on finishing about 6 tracks until the end of this summer, recreating a more darker disco/funk sound inspired by 80s horror soundtracks and classics of that decade, understanding the recording process and instruments used at that time and transport them right to todays dancefloors. judging by the greatness of 'just change' and its great production, i am sure it will work just fine.

a project with fellow countryman andré conde and a couple of remixes are also in the works, so we will definitely hear more from combo very soon. hopefully first on discodust! read more!

Friday, February 22, 2008


revolte manages to be part of the modern guild of musicians in two ways. not only are they some up and coming feature of the so called 'french touch', something that subsumizes all offsprings of daft punk, alan braxe and the like, but somehow they're a good example for the new cosmoplitan way of music production too. the two guys never lived in the same city and rarely work together face to face. they're the internet's prodigy, happily fileswapping to get their music banging.

perhaps that space in-between is exactly why revolte is that ace. while arnaud is some kind of an electronerd by birth, who fooled around with his first synths when he was nearly eleven years old and now is happily djing ever after, luke has a different musical background. he was educated in the fine arts of classic music since age six and made his way to producing electronic music with quite some detour. these two completely different approaches are likely to create a fair amount of suspense for sure.

anyhow, their project revolte seems to be the lube the two frenchmen needed to get their musical relationship going. and that connection is pretty well bum, something kitsuné also noticed when they put one of revolte's tracks on their boombox compilation. it won't be their last bit of spotlight, that's for sure as more bangers are to come. for now these two originals and a dope remix of a daft punk classic will do for entertainment, promised.

revolte - takk
revolte - unit 1 lesson 2
daft punk - voyager (revolte remix)

if you want more information check out their myspace and show some good lovin'.

this post was brought to you by jasper from our friends at knicken who will hopefully help us out more often from now on. read more!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

roisin murphy.

after 'cry baby', 'let me know' and the title-track off her latest album 'overpowered', roisin murphy is soon releasing 'you know me better' as fourth single. that's quite a success and might prove that it was a good decision to go for a disco-influenced album instead of continuing on the twisted future jazz tip or whatever you want to call 'ruby blue'.

i have managed to get ahold of two remixes that are going to be on the upcoming release. while the remix by nightmoves from london is a nine-minute epos that comes with a lot of percussions, organic bassline and acidic synth sweeps, the remix by trevor loveys of speaker junk and dubsided fame stays true to his deep rolling fidget trademark sound and also incorporates some typical classic house elements like cheezy pianos, uplifting chords and organs. enough talk, now listen:

roisin murphy - you know me better (nightmoves remix)
roisin murphy - you know me better (trevor loveys remix)

watch out for the official release coming up in a few weeks! read more!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


finally i get around to dedicate a complete post to anoraak from the amazing valerie collective. he writes very catchy dreamy pop songs with an 80s appeal, filled up with retro synthesizers, guitars and his own singing.

anoraak recently finished a remix for hail social that is for sale on amazon and itunes and is currently working on remixes for saycet, i'm fresh! you're pretty! and drownsoda - never heard of them? well, a clear sign that it is about time that you learn to dig deeper and broaden your musical taste.

i was lucky enough to get his two latest originals before they showed up anywhere else. here are 'nerd (never ending romance disaster)' and 'nightdrive with you' and i don't know what to say other than these are wonderful songs and i am more than proud to have them as world-firsts on discodust:

anoraak - nerd (never ending romance disaster)
anoraak - nightdrive with you

anoraak has a tour coming up in april/may and promised me there will be new songs in the upcoming weeks. i'll try my best to keep you posted! find more from anoraak on discodust here and more from valerie over here. read more!

hot pink delorean.

my good friends hot pink delorean from boston are back once again with a heavy rollin' saxed up neon lights-flavoured summerjam called 'miami snatch'. with close to 2000 plays on their myspace, it is about time to get this one out already and as always you'll get their tracks first on discodust. so get your shades on and feel the (sunset) drive:

hot pink delorean - miami snatch (featuring dj empress)

hot pink delorean have got remixes coming up for the glass, dayve hawk from hail social, mephisto odyssey and maybe you if you ask them nicely. watch out for all of those and a very special treat from the deloreans on here real soon. read more!


obviously some of my dear readers demand some bangers on here again, so i was tempted to put this up. blatantly stolen from my good friends over at discobelle as kitsuné didn't send it to me this time (sigh), here is a hard hitting remix of 'boombox' by kylie, done by boombox resident djs jerry bouthier & andrea gorgerino, better known as jbag. big ups, martin!

kylie - boombox (jbag remix)

and just in case you have not heard them over at bigstereo yet, here are two more kylie reworks that are among my favorite bangers of the last few weeks, done by the twelves from brazil and soon-to-be mega-famous revolte from france:

kylie - 2 hearts (the twelves remix)
kylie - boombox (revolte remix)

if you ever read this, kylie, props for being on top of your game and - let's make out some time! read more!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

headman + munk.

one of my favorite german labels, the munich-based gomma, decided to start a party in my inbox today and sent me blog-ready promos for two new releases by headman and munk.

in case you haven't heard of him yet, headman is one of the 'punkfunk disco' pioneers just like dfa and has remixed the likes of franz ferdinand, chromeo and the gossip. his new single 'running into time' is a catchy rock tune featuring new-wave rapper don cash from toronto on the mic and coming with remixes from lele aka parra and kitsuné newcomers autokratz as well as an additional original tune. check half the release here:

headman - running into time
headman - running into time (lele remix)

label owners munk (also known as 'the german dfa') decided to re-release three of their favorite remixes by digitalism, passarani and zongamin. those got a re-press on gomma as so many people asked for them and they're still sounding so damn fresh in 2008, even though they were produced back in 2004. and yeah, i know, you have seen this on hundreds of blogs back in the days but let's just listen to this and take a few minutes off to remember a time when everyone out there was wondering who the fuck 'those digitalism guys' are:

munk - disco clown (digitalism remix)

both releases are out now, so go buy them at your favorite store or just head over to beatport and let gomma have their well-deserved money. read more!

Monday, February 18, 2008


once again i am like the last one who comes around to post about someone who really deserves it. but as there is a slight chance that a few people out there don't know that flairs is 'better than prince' yet, here is your chance to learn about him.

lionel flairs, always on the run between paris, staines and soho, has already played bass for benjamin diamond and alex gopher. and the latter, together with with fellow french living legend etienne de crecy, is responsible for the production of the first flairs ep, the irony-dripping 'better than prince'.

after being dropped on a self-released limited seven-inch, the track now gets an official release on roxour along with remixes by benjamin, 25 hours a day and label owner alavi himself (famous for his 'smells like teen spirit' remix). also included on the ep is 'truckers delight', a (surprisingly) bass-heavy track, that you can also get right here:

flairs - truckers delight

watch out for the 'better than prince' ep which should be all over very soon and the accompanying video directed by jonas & francois (responsible for the 'd.a.n.c.e.' and 'good life' videos). show flairs some myspace love and if you want to know more, head over to our friends at ohh! crapp... for a nice interview with the man himself. read more!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


shazam is from perth, australia and a true wunderkind, only being seventeen years old and already having an official remix for 'sweaty' by muscles out on modular, with one of his female friends taking over the vocals and making them sound better than ever before.

shazam hooked me up with an unreleased track of his named 'pool party'. and just as the track name implies, this is a perfect new school filter house summer soundtrack that will make everyone in the party crowd dance their asses off. get it before it is too late:

shazam - pool party

and just in case you missed the muscles remix, check it out here and then go buy it on beatport:

muscles - sweaty (shazam remix)

i am not sure what happens next for shazam but i am sure it won't be long until we hear from him again, no matter if it is a new remix or a label deal and an own release. read more!

little boots.

a new disco queen is born. a few days ago our friends over at bigstereo had a post on little boots, featuring one of the best tracks i have heard so far this year (and there is no doubt it will remain one of the best in 2008). hardly anything was known about the band but it turned out it is victoria, the ex-lead singer of dead disco and her first track 'stuck on repeat' - the name couldn't be more suitable - was produced by no one else but joe goddard of hot chip.

the tune is a massive disco slammer, ranging somewhere in between roisin murphy, glass candy and the sound of dfa. unfortunately the mp3 previously floating around was of low-quality, so i decided to get busy and get myself a high-quality copy and to my surprise, along with it came the permission to put it up on the blog. little boots have an album in the works and 'stuck on repeat' is out on white label in about four weeks, but go ahead and check it out here right now:

little boots - stuck on repeat (320 kbps)

i am really curious what will happen next for little boots. (and this is about the first time i am thinking that 2008 will be really exciting, music-wise!) read more!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

moulinex + cut copy.

i doubt my friend moulinex needs any introduction on discodust at all, so i am getting straight to the point: here is a brandnew official remix he did for 'lights & music', the latest single by cut copy. even though it didn't make it on to the final release, i am sure you will all love it, just as much as everyone enjoyed his earlier works - once again, he stays true to his original chainsaw and candy style. enough words, get it right here:

cut copy - lights & music (moulinex remix)

as an additional bonus, here is another very recent remix by moulinex which is a little harder but still maintains his trademark sound, for turboweekend from denmark:

turboweekend - my name is legion (moulinex remix)

watch out for upcoming moulinex remixes for kap10kurt, symbolone, ben mono and pony pony run run. read more!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

miami horror.

guess what, we are back to australia once again. my friend ben aka discodust favorite miami horror is back with a brandnew remix for australian rockers faker, combining electric guitars with a driving beat and a catchy alan braxe style retro lead, ending up with yet another uplifting disco sure shot. once again, hear it first right here:

faker - this heart attack (miami horror remix)

and just in case you are not reading all those other (evil!) blogs and missed it because i was slacking during that time, here is another miami horror remix from back in october, done for grafton primary from sydney:

grafton primary - i can cook (miami horror remix) read more!


spoek mathambo aka sweat.x, twenty-two years old next level rap lyricist based in south africa is really blowing up. with a european tour scheduled for late february/early march and more and more features and releases up his sleeve, i hope everyone will finally get that he is the next big thing.

spoek himself was kind enough to hook me up with what is one of my favorite fidget tracks ever, without a doubt a true classic already, the santiago & bushido remix of 'jack it like a zombie' by fellow south african the bulgarian featuring mister mathambo on the mic, sharp and precise. anthem!

the bulgarian & spoek - jack it like a zombie (santiago & bushido remix)

taking it even further, spoek connected with up and coming producer djedjotronic from paris who has got some nice tracks coming out on level 75. i am more than glad to post their co-operation 'strongbow', the proof that you can take things to the next level and still make people dance.

djedjotronic & spoek - strongbow read more!

sir nenis + top billin.

my man sir nenis from top billin hooked me up with his latest mix 'steppin out on the groove', an excellent disco set featuring mainly late 70s to mid-80s disco tracks. perfect for getting in the mood before heading out into the night (or for staying at home and making love). grab it right here, tracklist is in the comments:

sir nenis - steppin out on the groove (on megaupload)

talking of making love, here is 'willing', a brandnew exclusive track from the upcoming top billin vol. 2 twelve-inch which will once again compile some of the best bouncing club anthems also including tracks from dj ayres and raziek - hear it and let the bass grow on you!

top billin - willing read more!