Thursday, February 07, 2008


spoek mathambo aka sweat.x, twenty-two years old next level rap lyricist based in south africa is really blowing up. with a european tour scheduled for late february/early march and more and more features and releases up his sleeve, i hope everyone will finally get that he is the next big thing.

spoek himself was kind enough to hook me up with what is one of my favorite fidget tracks ever, without a doubt a true classic already, the santiago & bushido remix of 'jack it like a zombie' by fellow south african the bulgarian featuring mister mathambo on the mic, sharp and precise. anthem!

the bulgarian & spoek - jack it like a zombie (santiago & bushido remix)

taking it even further, spoek connected with up and coming producer djedjotronic from paris who has got some nice tracks coming out on level 75. i am more than glad to post their co-operation 'strongbow', the proof that you can take things to the next level and still make people dance.

djedjotronic & spoek - strongbow


Anonymous said...

So cool seeing people finally paying attention to someone from South Africa!

Anonymous said...

And a South African Australian I couldn't agree more. Nice to see DiscoDust catering to both sides of my heritage.

Hendrik said...

his new imprint PLAYDOE with Sibot is massive too.

Saw him live on last saturday.

Outstanding & futuristic partyshit!