Friday, February 26, 2010


kisses are jesse kivel and zinzi edmundson from los angeles, california. they are inspired by kivel's friendship to cult disco producer and former cerrone collaborator alec r. constandinos and his job as a travel writer, being sent around the world to review exotic hotels and resorts.

'bermuda' is the first single from their upcoming album 'the heart of the nightlife', introducing their instrumental disco-inspired bedroom pop sound with kivel's vocals on top which kind of reminded me of jens lekman (which is a really good thing). definitely one of the newcomers to watch this year and already a contender for one of my favorite albums this summer!

kisses - bermuda

'bermuda' will be released as a seven-inch single on surrounded by sound. you will definitely hear from them again on here soon. in the meantime, show kisses some love on myspace! read more!

Friday, February 19, 2010

justin faust + moullinex.

we just brought you the 'forbidden cuts' release on discotexas and now moullinex, xinobi and the rest of the clique are already dropping a new release: "holdin' on" by munich-based discodust favorite justin faust. discodust was among the first to discover his greatness and if you followed his output, he is just getting better all the time! the title track is hands down my favorite french flavoured track so far this year and finally lifts justin faust up where he belongs, among the top producers in this game! the nu-disco flavoured moullinex remix and the spaced out flipside track 'witty' are making this a rock solid release, essential for everyone on the disco and house tip!

justin faust - holdin' on
justin faust - holdin' on (moullinex remix)
justin faust - witty

as you will notice, only the title track is in 320 kbps, so check out the full release (also coming with two additional remixes by nightriders) on junodownload, beatport or the discotexas label website. show justin faust, moullinex and discotexas some myspace love! read more!

bit funk.

a million blog years ago (as in april 2009), our friends from creamteam first posted about chicago/toronto-based producer bit funk. thousand blog years (as in may 2009) later i finally listened to his tracks and ever since wanted to post about him but miserably failed, shifting down to superslacker-mode each time he sent me tracks. and still some of his tracks from back then never really left my player but more about that soon. let's act like i am a serious blogger and talk about the actual news first!

bit funk just finished two new remixes for uprising london-based singer kirstenana and fellow toronto band madrid, both being great demonstrations of how well he can work with vocals, pop song arrangements and turning these into sure shot floorfillers! both brandnew and previously unblogged!

kirstenana - love love love (bit funk remix)
madrid - iron ways (bit funk remix)

and now it's about time to face the truth again, which is that some of you might have never heard an original bit funk track yet and we need to change this urgently. especially as 'love scientific' is one of my personal favorites in the whole 'dreamy' french genre and the two other tracks should not be missed either! go get busy!

bit funk - love scientific
bit funk - things i can't remember
bit funk - a question for you

make sure to keep up with bit funk on myspace or follow him on twitter, i'll definitely keep you posted as well. moreover, you can check the full madrid single release out on itunes and add kirstenana on myspace. read more!

the c90s + villa.

frequent blog readers should need no introduction for london-based disco demolition duo the c90s (pictured above, kinda) as they have already got a lot of love for their previous remixes, including reworks for róisín murphy and late of the pier. their debut single '10:01' will be out on relish soon and you can get the villa (who seem to be going straight for the nu disco crown lately) remix here right now, already supported by erol alkan and annie mac.

the c90s - 10:01 (villa remix)

watch out for the actual release on march 5th and show the c90s, villa and relish some love on myspace! read more!

silicone project.

time to introduce some fresh french talent again. doing it the old style, i came across silicone project on myspace a while ago and luckily managed to convince him to hand over a few tracks for posting on the blog. turns out we already featured him on the blog using a different name but i'll leave this 'mystery' for someone else to solve. prepare for some quality french touch music right here, 'supernova' being an arpeggio-heavy trip to outer space while 'veridis quo' is probably the most well done cover of a daft punk song that i have ever heard.

silicone project - supernova
silicone project - veridis quo (daft punk cover)

being new and all, silicone project could need some more myspace friends! read more!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

butterfly bones.

i have got no idea why i am only discovering them just now (actually it's because i am a lazy slacker - and a bad liar too) but butterfly bones from california are making some pretty damn sweet spaced out synth-laden indie pop, fitting in well with the whole 'chillwave' sound but appearing much more original and heartfelt to me.

take your chance and feel like being at a secret mgmt meets cut copy jam session and enter a world of moog solos, surf guitars and catchy vocals with '<3', the first track off the upcoming new butterfly bones album! another discodust premiere!

butterfly bones - <3

if you are looking for more, head over to the butterfly bones myspace! read more!

greenmoney + cubic zirconia.

discodust favorites greenmoney are back with a new remix for new york's cubic zirconia, once again combining deep bass frequencies with spaced out stabs that could be right from the earlier trance days. oh right, that's why they dubbed it 'trancestep'. let's float!

cubic zirconia - josephine (greenmoney's trancestep remix)

you know the deal, show greenmoney and cubic zirconia some love! read more!

jokers of the scene remixes.

the word 'rejected' normally arrives in a conversation with a negative connotation. whenever you hear about an attempted romantic gesture, the results for a submission to an ivy league school or the outcome of a donated kidney it conjures feelings of sympathy and utter dispair. with the turn of the new year, i'm making an attempt to see the proverbial glass as 'half full' and put a positive spin on negative situations.

let's take this jokers of the scene remix, for example. it was stamped with a big 'rejected' on it but that doesn't mean it should go directly into the garbage. doesn't everyone know that we're in a recession and nothing should be wasted? not even a remix! so i'm doing my part to 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and not letting quality music go unappreciated.

ali love - love harder (jokers of the scene rejected remix)

the following remix for 'pompeii' by the wonderful les gillettes was obviously more well received, as it sits on the kitsuné single release next to reworks by boy 8-bit and aston shuffle.

les gillettes - pompeii (jokers of the scene remix)

check out the full 'pompeii' release on junodownload or on beatport and keep up to date with jokers of the scene on myspace! read more!

cassette kids + russ chimes.

less than two weeks ago, we told you to watch out for more from cassette kids and here we are, with a massive new remix of their upcoming single 'spin' by discodust favorite russ chimes. and maybe it's just because i am imagining the kids' lead singer katrina noorbergen to sing 'let me spin another record for you, baby' just for me and no one else but i think this might be a new high for russ yet again. you decide, but this is definitely a big! house! tune! (premiere! on! discodust!)

cassette kids - spin (russ chimes big house remix)

watch out for the actual single dropping on march 8th, including additional remixes from bang gang, cassian, cassette club and the vanish. cassette kids are definitely going to blow up this year! read more!


japayork is a 22-year old musician and graphic designer currently based in london but previously residing between japan and new york (hence the name). i have been an instant fan of his catchy synth-pop productions ever since i first heard him and finally managed to get ahold of a track for posting, so about time you fall in love with him too - and i've got a feeling that won't be too difficult, especially for the ladies around! enjoy 'our now', available for download for the first time on discodust! and also watch the video, made by the man himself!

japayork - our now
japayork - our now (video on vimeo)

head over to the japayork myspace for more good tracks and also check out some of his artwork on read more!


after he recently teared up radio 1's essential mix, team discodust's rave commander in chief hostage from the nightshifters camp is back with a brandnew joint, going by 'loft in bass' and according to the man himself it's best described as 'mr. disco gets kicked in the face by some horrible bass thug'. yeah, err, because fuck disco, right? boom! discodust premiere!

hostage - loft in bass

follow the insane madman on his twitter and add him on myspace! read more!

baby monster.

my favorite music blog of all-time (hosted by my archenemy), bigstereo, is one step ahead of us once again and just announced the first release on their very own record label! and after hearing baby monster, i couldn't think of a better release for them to represent their sound. 'she comes alive' is a very catchy indie pop track reminding me of mgmt and passion pit and i predict it will be one of the most played tracks at indie dance nights this year - assuming the dj's are doing their homework, that is. get it right here!

baby monster - she comes alive

pre-order the limited 7" vinyl over at bigstereo, all orders come with an exclusive mixtape! and also check the bigstereo archives for more baby monster goodness! they're gonna be big this year, fingers crossed! read more!

super mal + dada.

our boys super mal are back with a new remix for dada featuring the other and it's right up there with all their previous high quality work. pick up a low-quality preview here and head over to beatport for the actual release!

dada featuring the other - majestic 12 (super mal remix)

big ups to destined records for this release and lock in to super mal and dada on myspace for updates! read more!

midnight club.

our friends from on the fruit are back with a new release and you know this means some new high quality vintage-flavoured epic synth music is coming your way, this time from new signing midnight club. information is sparse but these gentlemen are working with the actual hardware machines from 'back in the days' and are inspired by fellow synthesizer gods both old and new. their upcoming ep 'the machine' contains five original tracks and a remix by label mate worship and you're getting two of the originals right here, right now!

midnight club - the machine
midnight club - hot space

the actual release should be out any minute, i am sure you'll find more information on the myspace pages of midnight club and on the fruit real soon! read more!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


slow network is a new label based in the netherlands, dedicated to release quality disco house on vinyl only. while i am not a big fan of the 'vinyl only' concept in general (but definitely can feel the appeal), the networkers obviously don't seem to mind their releases being available in digital form as well, choosing the blogs as a distribution channel.

the first release comes from webqueawry, a one-off project by dutch producer martijn poulus, known for his previous releases projects as hugo van dyck and lyhome. staying true to the label credo, 'searching' is an uplifting feelgood disco house track, with the remix going a bit more towards the 'nu disco' direction.

webqueawry - searching
webqueawry - searching (mam remix)

true turntable heads can order the release over at juno or their favorite recordstore now. and after this good launch, you'd be well off keeping track of upcoming releases on slow network coming soon, including more material from martijn poulus and patrick alavi. read more!

riviera + azari & iii.

the turn of a new year often signals new beginnings for many people. they resolute to change their diet, drink less alcohol, exercise more, or work on their self-improvement. for violca yryku, this year meant branching off from her previous project (mansion) and forgoing the musical journey on her own. with a new name, riviera, and new inspiration she's still kept the best parts about her old sound. she's kicking this year off with a remix of fellow canadians azari & iii who are making a splash of their own (check out aleks' previous post).

azari & iii - hungry for the power (riviera remix)
azari & iii - hungry for the power (video on youtube)

get at azari & iii on their twitter and violca on her facebook and stay current with their most recent releases. read more!

Friday, February 05, 2010

sean roman.

sean roman is another as-of-yet undiscovered diamond in the canadian rough. he is making the best of the long, blizzard filled days and turning his cabin fever into soul infused mood tracks reminiscent of lee curtis and soul clap.

it's so refreshing when people forego the trend of producing in the vein of crunchy, electro blog house that might accrue 15 seconds of instantly gratifying fame and dig a bit deeper in musical influences of the past, constructing a true piece of art with enough substance to sink your teeth into like a medium rare filet mignon. so sit back, close your eyes and prepare to be consumed. this won't be the last we hear of him!

sean roman - phone call
sean roman - lick

sean roman has got a few other buns in the oven, such as working on a group house music project called 'white lions' (of which he promised he would send over soon) as well as keeping up the solo project under his own name. more! please! now! read more!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

curry & coco + emperor machine.

curry & coco are a french duo making disco and new wave flavoured electro-power pop, with a hedonistic attitude dripping from every single note. after playing more than 150 shows in three years, they have recently finished their debut album 'we are beauty' with some help of david kosten, also known as faultline, and previously occupied with production for the likes of bat for lashes.

ahead of the album which is coming in april, curry & coco have recently released an ep named 'sex is fashion' and we have got both the energetic original version of the title track for you as well as a stunning funked-up disco remix by emperor machine, clocking in at about nine minutes! don't miss these!

curry & coco - sex is fashion
curry & coco - sex is fashion (emperor machine extended vocal mix)
curry & coco - who's next (video on dailymotion)

watch out for the album getting released on april 12th and check out curry & coco on facebook to stay updated! read more!

cassette kids + diamond cut.

indie pop band cassette kids have been causing some serious buzz in australia for quite a while already and are now preparing a global takeover. so it's about time you are getting familiar with them, here's their track 'lying around' along with two remixes coming from discodust favorite diamond cut and sharam jey.

cassette kids - lying around
cassette kids - lying around (diamond cut remix)
cassette kids - lying around (sharam jey remix)

london people, go see them live in two weeks, check out the cassette kids myspace for the dates and watch out for more new cassette kids tracks and remixes coming up on the blogs real soon! read more!

moullinex + xinobi + rockets.

after a short period of silence, our friends discotexas are back with a new release on their label. 'forbidden cuts volume i' includes new disco house tracks by the whole leadership, as in moullinex, xinobi and rockets. check previews of all tracks out right here!

moullinex - lover in me
xinobi - valsa in nj
rockets - running to you

to buy the release, head over to junodownload or beatport or find more links over at the discotexas label site. the next releases are already in the pipeline, watch out! read more!

priors remixed.

we hooked you up with 'what you need' by priors (involving raw man of crydamoure fame) many moons ago and eye industries are finally coming through with a release of remixes, including discodust favorite grum and hey champ, which you can check out right now!

priors - what you need (grum remix)
priors - what you need (hey champ remix)

the secret star of this post is the raw man remix of 'neverest' by hey champ though, which was done in exchange for the 'what you need' remix. i see a bright future ahead for hey champ!

hey champ - neverest (raw man remix)

head over to junodownload or beatport to check out the full priors remixes release! read more!

kingdom + l-vis 1990.

after countless months of waiting, kingdom is finally getting an official release for 'mind reader', definitely one of the most hyped and loved tracks of the last year - and it still sounds as fresh as ever! it comes as a release on both acephale and fool's gold, just another proof that this track is on the 'most wanted' list for a lot of people out there. check out the insane rework by l-vis 1990 right here!

kingdom featuring shyvonne - mind reader (l-vis 1990 remix)

head over to acephale and fool's gold to buy the release and show kingdom some myspace love! read more!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

jump jump dance dance + grum.

los angeles based electro rockers jump jump dance dance have already received some good feedback on the blogs for their recently leaked track 'do it for love' and are following up with the release of their first actual single. the post-punk flavoured 'synths versus guitars' anthem called 'show me the night' will be out on etcetc. soon. discodust favorite grum delivers a great remix to ensure that both indie and electro-dominated dancefloors are covered.

jump jump dance dance - show me the night (grum remix)

watch out for the single release on february 26th and check out jump jump dance dance on myspace to hear the original and discover that they're great at remixes too! read more!

felix cartal.

not sure why and when it happened but we totally lost track of felix cartal. i'll never forget that he was the one who gave me the first ever 'exclusive' track for the blog which probably had a few dozens of readers back then, while we are at several thousands of readers a day right now. kinda the same happened to the vancouver-based producer, who moved on from mainly being a 'blog sensation' to getting picked up by mstrkrft, signed by dim mak and currently preparing for several weeks of touring all over the states and europe.

his debut album 'popular music' is coming up on february 23rd and to get all of you ready for it, here's a new heavily banging track going by the same name as well as an album track called 'drone'.

felix cartal - popular music
felix cartal - drone

keep up to date by adding felix cartal's blog to your feed readers! read more!


it sure is nice having friends who know people. our discobelle buddies have the swedish connection and got us this brand new lo-fi-fnk track immediately after the video was finished. just when i feared that the duo had gone the way of the fitness and out hud, they surprise us with a new little nugget of swedish goodness. and how can a bunch of swirling sea creatures set to the bouncy, bubbly bassline not make you happy?

lo-fi-fnk - marchin' in
lo-fi-fnk - marchin' in (video on vimeo)

seems like this is just a taste of things to come, so watch out for more from lo-fi-fnk soon! read more!

lali puna.

a couple of weeks ago, i was whining in my 'breakthrough band' column about how much i miss the signature morr music sound shaped by bands such as ms. john soda and lali puna. obviously this time crying in public turned out to be rather cool for a change, as my beloved lali puna have just announced their new album 'our inventions'.

one track is already available, going by the name of 'remember'. and it seems to me as if they haven't changed their sound a single bit and i love them for that. it's still lovely lovely lovely 'electro pop' in the best way possible, same as it ever was. can't wait for the full length to drop.

lali puna - remember

the new lali puna album will be released on april 6th, on morr music, of course. read more!

Monday, February 01, 2010

chaos in the cbd.

it's getting tropical in new zealand. two brothers from auckland are proving my theory once again that kids dont know they're not supposed to be this good this early. chaos in the cbd are pulling inspiration from old jackin' house, mixing it with the new tropical sound and a little dutch house thrown in for good measure. they're pumping out original tracks faster than tiger woods can pump out swedish girls. it's a good opportunity to show the world their ideas instead of jumping on every recycled remix contest that hits the internet.

they let us post this one because they can't release it due to the de la soul sample. i think they should just say that dances with white girls did the vocals and call it a day.

chaos in the cbd & tom lawson - out ma house

this one sounds like big room house mixed with afrojack mixed with carnival.

chaos in the cbd - tesh and maccas

this one has a deeper house sound to it which slips you into a six minute long day dream. not mad at that.

chaos dans le cbd - cheese's christ

they've got a new remix for myd on the way and an ep in the works. follow their bengal tiger obsession on twitter or myspace! read more!


as of lately i haven't been captivated by the lighter side of music. but just as my favorite oh-so-dense brownies need a dollop of whipped cream to lighten things up, every now and then i need a little break from heavy dance music. millionyoung is a little breath of fresh air. i suppose i am a bit late on this one as i just stumbled on his remix for memoryhouse via pitchfork, but better late than never. his light, dreamy sound brings me back to when bands like lo-fi-fnk and klanguage ruled my ipod. it's comforting to know that this type of music hasn't become obsolete.

memoryhouse - to the light house (millionyoung remix) [320 kbps]
millionyoung - cynthia

still craving more? click over to bigstereo for some instant gratification or purchase his ep here. read more!


just in case you missed my last post on sqzmylmns with their crazy-ass mashups, here's your second chance to squeeze some lemon juice in your freshly sliced music cut.

with 'ethnic' house music hypnotizing producers everywhere, people have sampled jamaican, indian and even gypsy music. sqzmylmns are sampling what they know best, corrido. the norteño trumpeting is spliced in with a deep house foundation, which may make it sound like your radio is slipping between stations on your drive to rosarito, but the tuba running throughout will assure you that everything was intentional. and while you may not hear the full effect via laptop speakers, i can assure you that it sounds amazing on a big system, so don't sleep on this one!

sqzmylmns - paisonic

they also got their hands on a tune by fellow san diegans, all leather, gave it some new legs with bass so deep i can almost feel it through my laptop speakers and crafted it into a galloping dancefloor monster big enough to fit into the dim mak family for the band's remix ep 'hung like a donut'.

all leather - audios mi amoebas (sqzmylmns remix)

get the whole juicy thing over at beatport or itunes or amazon. we don't care where you buy it, just go support!

also, quick trivia fact: disc-o (of sqzmylmns) is the brother of harvard bass. it's a family affair! read more!