Thursday, September 20, 2007

mr miyagi.

mr miyagi are two guys (quote: 'one rock musician, one computer geek') from sweden while one of them resides in france right now. originally discovered by my friends over at risky bizniz, by now they have released a single on hussle black and scored a couple of official remixes, one of them for cicada.

while mr miyagi are working on their next single (including the really evil 'pick your poison'), here is a banging remix they did for amsterdam's melomanics, full of driving guitar riffs, uplifting chords and, of course, vocoders, in short: the kids will love it!

melomanics - get you (mr miyagi remix)
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make sure to check out their other tunes on virb and myspace. read more!

Monday, September 17, 2007

fukkk offf + the dance inc.

fukkk offf from hamburg, germany, is currently taking the electro house scene by storm. besides having two singles coming out on hammarskjöld ('the bottom') and coco machete ("i'm a freak"), he has recently done remixes for jumi and suicide club.

moreover, he also participated in a remix contest for the new single 'the boy who' by hamburg indie electro heroes the dance inc. (make sure to check out their album 'legs and arms') and no surprise, fukkk offf delivered a real banger and won. the single will be out in the beginning of november on audiolith which is also the home of a lot more german underground artists like plemo or räuberhöhle. thanks to the kindness of audiolith, here is the remix contest winner in high quality:

the dance inc. - the boy who (fukkk offf remix)
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and as you will definitely want to hear more from fukkk offf, here is a nonstop banging 20 minutes mix he did for discodust, featuring all of his most recent productions:

fukkk offf - fukkk offf mixxx
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check the comments section for the tracklist, show fukkk offf some love on myspace and stay tuned for more from him on discodust! read more!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


ever since we have featured the infamous 'gluttony ep' by hostage from edinburgh, scotland, featuring remixes by felix cartal and the bloody beetroots on discodust back then, i unfortunately never really got around to post any new tunes from alan as he always gave them away to others so fast. (or others simply were faster posting them, eh.)

recently hostage showed me two of his latest productions and i asked him to hold out, so that i can feature both of these bangers. up first is "i'm high", a true rave anthem complete with driving drums, stabbing synths, lots of noisy effects and, anyone remember them? cowbells! further on, we've got a remix of the human resource classic 'dominator' in the trademark hostage rave style that is gonna kill it on the dancefloor!

hostage - i'm high

human resource - dominator (hostage ravemix)

make sure to check out the blog of my friends over at trash menagerie for a post featuring a great interview with hostage as well as his very latest mix-set which can be found right here. and if ever get the chance, go and see alan live at one of his upcoming gigs along with the likes of duke dumont, nightmoves and jd twitch. read more!

Friday, September 14, 2007

ocelot + dragonette + mixtape.

ocelot must be one of my favorite remix teams these days, after posting their awesome switches remix a while ago (right here), they are back with another killer remix for dragonette now that has been all over the blogs and on constant repeat in the discodust hq for days. get it right here:

dragonette - competition (ocelot remix)

thanks to ocelot and my friend franki chan from their label iheartcomix, we are also presenting you this stunning 1-hour mixtape that ocelot have done for iheartradio before it even aired anywhere else, featuring a lot of their own unreleased remixes and productions (and many many many vocoders):

ocelot - iheartradio mix (link fixed!)

and to make the package complete, here is a video including a live appearance with interview:

ocelot - live (at check yo ponytail) & interview

ocelot are currently touring the uk, head over to the iheartcomix blog for the dates. read more!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

just a band.

dan le sac and scroobius pip got it damn right when they were like: 'the next big thing: just a band'. tom deluxx, a gifted dj who has performed with the likes of justice and boys noize and stella from the milkpack crew are both from bordeaux, france and have been producing music in various projects over the years until they decided to work together and form just a band only like a month ago.

you can check two of their tracks out right here and what more can i say besides that especially 'walk on down' is one of the most shattering bangers i have heard recently and that i am more than glad to have just a band on discodust as an exclusive first, once again teaching kids worldwide how to dance. i am sure these tracks will feel right at home on every good club's sound system and will be all over the blogs soon. enough words, get downloading and bang your heads:

just a band - walk on down

just a band - we are

needless to say that labels and everyone who is looking for remixes should better hurry the fuck up before these guys are all set up and that you will definitely hear more from just a band on discodust very soon! read more!

Monday, September 10, 2007

the bloody beetroots.

we are starting off a rather packed week with the latest remixes by the bloody beetroots who don't need an introduction on here any more. this time they are bringing destruction to naive new beaters from france (exclusive on here) and goose from belgium, with a little help from their friends alvin and the chipmunks as well as donald duck. and if you think this sounds odd, yeah indeed. but it works great, riots on the dancefloor are guaranteed as always.

goose - everybody (the bloody beetroots chipmunk remix)

goose - black gloves (the bloody beetroots remix)

naive new beaters - live good (the bloody beetroots remix)

i am not even sure what bob and tea are planning next but you will definitely hear about it on discodust very soon. read more!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


g.l.o.v.e.s is yama indra from damn arms who are currently on tour with midnight juggernauts and have previously played shows with the likes of klaxons, liars and spank rock.

yama has been working on g.l.o.v.e.s for about nine months now. his sound is probably best described as banging new school electro packed with old school techno and 8-bit references. he is currently preparing an ep that has a lot of collaborations with people that everyone knows and is looking for labels for a worldwide release.

and if you ever wanted to hear the whole story about yama's first name, this is just priceless: 'yama is the hindu & buddhist god of death. he has the same role the grim reaper does in western culture. my dad did too much acid back in the day & in the midst of one such experience he was "visited by a divine being" who instructed him with apparently great authority that i had to be named yama'.

i hope you guys out there don't need to be visited by a divine being to make you want to check out his latest remixes for apache beat from new york and gameboy/gamegirl from melbourne:

apache beat - tropics (g.l.o.v.e.s remix)

gameboy/gamegirl - sweaty wet/dirty damp (g.l.o.v.e.s remix)

watch out for the g.l.o.v.e.s ep as well as an official remix for operator please, i will try my best to keep you updated. until then, keep in mind: all you need is gloves. read more!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

trash yourself.

trash yourself are vocalist heidi cannon and dj/producer john bourke from oklahoma and as the name already suggests they are delivering some top-notch dirty electro. besides producing tracks on their own, they are collaborating with producers like treasure fingers and the toxic avenger.

the toxic avenger also helped out producing their cover of 'song 2' by blur and while it is admittedly damn trashy, i am sure this will cause some serious damage on dancefloors worldwide. get the final version exclusive here on discodust, in case you saw this song posted before, that version was not quite done yet.

trash yourself - song 2

and as if that wasn't enough, trash yourself did a re-edit of their own to make it sound even more trashed:

trash yourself - song 2 (trashed)

watch out for the trash yourself debut album which is currently in the works and if you are around, check their wednesday night in oklahoma city called robotic. read more!