Wednesday, September 12, 2007

just a band.

dan le sac and scroobius pip got it damn right when they were like: 'the next big thing: just a band'. tom deluxx, a gifted dj who has performed with the likes of justice and boys noize and stella from the milkpack crew are both from bordeaux, france and have been producing music in various projects over the years until they decided to work together and form just a band only like a month ago.

you can check two of their tracks out right here and what more can i say besides that especially 'walk on down' is one of the most shattering bangers i have heard recently and that i am more than glad to have just a band on discodust as an exclusive first, once again teaching kids worldwide how to dance. i am sure these tracks will feel right at home on every good club's sound system and will be all over the blogs soon. enough words, get downloading and bang your heads:

just a band - walk on down

just a band - we are

needless to say that labels and everyone who is looking for remixes should better hurry the fuck up before these guys are all set up and that you will definitely hear more from just a band on discodust very soon!


FIYAHB said...

Yeah this two guys are crazy
Walk on down is so goood , but you didn't talk about AARGHH which is the better for us , sounds like a boys noize track.We are Just A Band fan since two weeks now!

Ils iront loin.

Peace , Le FIYAHB crew.

Anonymous said...

fiyahb: 'walk on down' is my favorite, that's why it is up.

'aarghh' is great as well and so will be a lot of other tracks coming up from just a band. i am sure it will be out somewhere soon.


Anonymous said...

Mahem! I want to see mayhem to this! I can imagine it. VIVIDLY!

Anonymous said...

i'm from brasil, and i'm freak about this band. just in love. all i want is thw track aarghh, for me it's the better one! but i'm satisfy! ;] good work. Lu