Monday, October 04, 2010

findlay brown + villa.

the good people from record makers just released the new single by english crooner findlay brown. 'promised land' is actually a smooth pop ballad cover of the classic house track by joe smooth, so house and disco-flavoured remixes were obviously mandatory. the package includes reworks from acid washed, pilooski, hypnolove, mellow and discodust favorites villa. loaded with piano chords and strings, enjoy their remix right here as another discodust premiere!

head over to findlay brown's bandcamp page to check out the full release that just came out today! read more!

Sunday, October 03, 2010


here is a new mysterious story to add to the history of van she tech. some of the plot keywords include '1984', 'grindhouse cinema soundtrack', 'fujiyama matsumuto', 'fire destryoing the studio' and 'found in a sealed box' 25 years later. fred falke and a certain 'nic nicola' are also name-dropped, so whether you believe all of this or not, enjoy this first lifesign of the upcoming saga!

head over to for further strange happenings and be on the lookout for what is apparently a concept album involving some of the best vintage style electronic producers in the world today. read more!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

pale sketcher + donnacha costello.

once again i'll demonstrate my cluelessness by admitting that i am not too familiar with the work of pale sketcher (justin k. broadrick of post-rock band jesu, former member of napalm death) and donnacha costello (in the game since 1997 with releases on force inc. and poker flat) but i am rather good at spotting a beautiful electronica masterpiece when i hear one, so how is that?

this is the kind of music that sets out to take over my stereo as soon as the dark shades of autumn bury all traces of summer out there. make sure your beloved ones keep you warm while listening to the remix of 'can i go now (gone version)'.

for further details, refer to the ghostly international website. read more!