Friday, November 28, 2008

harris robotis + heads we dance.

yeah... heads we dance will sound very familiar to you. not even two weeks ago we presented you the sidechains remix of their single 'the human touch'. as you might have also heard the aa-side called 'you are never alone with model 21', you will probably not have heard the harris robotis remix of it though. unfortunately it didn't make it onto the single. who knows why, since i actually think this italo/disco-ish flavoured edit fits the new romantic style vocal even better than the original. it definitely grew on me making me happier from listen to listen. but hear for yourself:

heads we dance - never alone with model 21 (harris robotis 1981 remix)

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

sebastien tellier ticket giveaway.

we don't normally do ticket giveaways on discodust, but the times they are a'changin, so why not? for those of you sebastien tellier fans in the los angeles area next wednesday, december 3rd, have we got some goodies for you. the fine folks from goldenvoice productions have given us a few pairs of tickets to see the french crooner at the henry fonda theater along with heartsrevolution and myself. i'll be buffering the sets with all your favorite discodust new music magic.

if you feel like a little 'sexuality' and want to go to the show, all you have to do is tell us who is his fourth top friend on his myspace and send your answers to this email by 3pm pacific time on december third. good luck!

sebastien tellier - kilometer (donovan remix) read more!

super mal + phonat.

i have been a big fan of back then italian and now london-based producer phonat ever since i first heard him. actually one of his tracks was featured in the very first post on discodust, back then when i was still young and careless and not playing by the rules. so of course i was overly happy when i got this track by super mal and phonat in the mail today and of course it's nothing but greatness when the retro arcade video lovers clash with 'a hyperactive daft punk on happy pills'. ranging somewhere in between disco house, french touch, fidget and electro house, 'pixelated' is definitely a sure shot!

super mal & phonat - pixelated

and just in case you have been living under a rock, here is the '4 to the floor mix' of phonat killer mash-up track 'learn to recycle' which is recently in playlists all over the globe.

phonat - learn to recycle (4 to the floor mix)

'pixelated' along with remixes is due in january on bandito records, super mal's very own label. read more!


my man jason forrest's new label nightshifters keeps up the high level of top notch releases and strikes back with a new ep by discodust resident super favorite hostage. 'shake it' features four prime-time club bangers plus remixes, including a rework by ac slater. you all know what hostage sounds like and what he is capable of, so no more words needed. here's one track off the ep, get crazy on this, ravers!

hostage - the slave

and while you are holding out for the release on nightshifters, check their back catalogue on beatport. read more!

twisted wires.

the good people over at as restless as we are consistantly post some of the greatest in both classic and new disco. about two weeks ago they posted a rough mix of 'one day at the raw deal' by twisted wires, a track soon to be released on italians do it better. i don't know anything about this formation besides the fact that a certain kim systems (who might be pictured above, at least i stole the picture from his myspace) is their frontman, for some more information consult the restless. however, this is one more of those great disco noir-vibe tunes that we all love, so get it already and enjoy!

twisted wires - one night at the raw deal

watch out for the actual release on italians do it better. read more!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


appaloosa are anne-laure keib who sounds a tiny bit like nico (without the 'hard to get into' part) and max krefeld, originally from munich, now residing in london, who is making some twisted yet in the best of all ways naive synth (almost chip) music. they have been touring with no one else but the world indie girl leader cat power and in some way, they also sound like a more danceable version of chan marshall. i think that's about the greatest thing one could say about a boy/girl band, so instead of talking any longer, here's one of their songs.

appaloosa - the day we fell in love

all credits for this find go to the very first mp3 blog ever, fluxblog. and yet, just like la roux, 'the day we fell in love' is also taken from the latest maison compilation on kitsuné. maybe i should feel bad for ripping them off twice on one day but then again, maybe they should feel proud because they're just too damn good? show appaloosa some myspace love! read more!


worship spent most of his teenage years in his parents' basement playing with old synthesizers. as he was way ahead of his time back then, he forgot all about them synths throughout his university years - until he discovered kavinsky and the greatness of valerie which brought him straight back to his first love, ending up with 'the dome', a compilation of three wonderful handcrafted epic synth anthems. 'lights' is my favorite but feel free to serve yourself and choose your own!

worship - underwater (the dome part i)
worship - ritual action (the dome part ii)
worship - lights (the dome part iii)

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Monday, November 24, 2008


pelifics is half italian, half norwegian and works as a graphic designer in oslo, norway. besides graphics, typography (obviously) and music (even more obvious) are the other things he loves. he is influenced by a lot of 80s pop and disco music, because 'a lot of music from that era apears very lighthearted and catchy, but at the same time it often has a bitter sweet melancholy to it'.

and as i am in love with the very same things for the very same reasons, it's about time that i give all of you a healthy dose of pelifics' italo-norwegian disco. i've had these songs for a while and i am such a fool for not hooking you up with them earlier because basically discodust is all about dreamy pop songs with great melodies maintaining a certain punch in the drums section. and pelifics has got it all!

pelifics - forever
pelifics - guess what paula, you're sued

also check out pelifics' personal portfolio over at and of course show him some myspace love. read more!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the golden filter.

the golden filter are finally back with some new material to give away. their debut track 'solid gold' caused quite some euphoria and confusion when we (and loads of others) posted it back then and it seems like everything is turning out great for them now!

everyone is still clueless who is behind the golden filter, 'solid gold' is getting a release early next year on the all new magazine turning website and record label dummy and they are playing a bunch of gigs in the uk with the bestestest around like erol alkan, hercules and love affair, digitalism, kissy sell out and our beloved russ chimes. the first show is on wednesday, so if you're in the uk check out the dates on the golden filter myspace.

in order to promote these events and spread the word, they hooked us up with a new demo - 'moonlight fantasy' sees the golden filter dip further into the whole disco noir vibe, reminding me of glass candy and fan death while still staying true to themselves. damn, i just can't wait to see them live and hold their debut single in my hands.

the golden filter - moonlight fantasy (demo)

show the golden filter some myspace love - and trust me, next year they will be huge! read more!


we have previously featured parallels, the side project by cam findlay, the live drummer of crystal castles. he recently stopped touring with them (leaving on good terms) and has now turned parallels into an actual band, featuring vocalist holly dodson and darien from tuxedomask on the synths for the live show. the band has recently played their first show, opening for glass candy and it went down really well, according to this review. (i really wish i could have been there.)

also according to now magazine, holly dodson looks and dances like stevie nicks - i can't really double check that without having seen them live but her voice and the whole vibe she creates really reminds me of early madonna a bit - in the best of all ways, a young madonna with a lot more talent and singing lessons, that is. (so maybe one day parallels can make my dreams of a worthy successor to 'lucky star' come true?)

enjoy the demo of the all new and simply incredible 'reservoir' which is easily the best song i have heard in ages (and is actually the main reason why i forced myself to return from blog hibernation) as well as a new reworked version of 'ultralight', also with vocals now!

parallels - reservoir (demo) - stream on myspace
parallels - ultralight - stream on myspace

for now, parallels are working on more tracks and doing more local shows and dj sets but hopefully we can see them touring in the new year. also, high quality versions of the tunes will eventually be available on itunes but currently you'll have to ask parallels (or those guys from discodust) nicely if you need something better for playing out. show them some myspace love.

UPDATE: the files are gone for now. enjoy the streams on myspace! read more!

hot pink delorean + hollywood holt.

discodust favorites hot pink delorean strike again with a damn hard hitting remix for 'caked up' by hollywood holt for all you banger and rave rap heads out there. the guys also sent their apologies for being absent from the blogosphere recently as they have been busy having orgies on tour in the states - if you want them in your town in the united status or europe, go and book them! also good to blog is their remix for the victorian english gentlemens club, so you'd better be up for a wild ride!

hollywood holt - caked up (hot pink delorean remix)
the victorian english gentlemens club - la mer (hot pink delorean remix)

hot pink delorean are also working on their first full length album and recently remixed designer drugs and (gasp!) q-tip, so there's lots more to come! read more!

heads we dance + sidechains.

heads we dance from leeds keep on moving forward. after they got a lot of love for 'you are never alone with model 21', they are soon dropping their new single 'the human touch' and were nice enough to send us the sidechains remix for an exclusive post. as i slept on it, it's not that exclusive any more but we all love it anyway, right? right!

heads we dance - the human touch (sidechains remix)

keep an eye out for the heads we dance single coming out on extremely limited vinyl and as a digital download through the heads we dance myspace. read more!

your dirty habit + computer club.

good electro bangers have been really rare recently - but they still exist, so here is one of the real good ones, courtesy of your dirty habit from north carolina, released on 1031 recordings and coming with a real evil remix from discodust favorite computer club. play it louder!

your dirty habit - your dirty habit (computer club remix)
your dirty habit - your dirty habit (original mix)

head over to beatport to get yourself some 320s and check the other remixes! read more!

paper route gangstaz.

mad decent playmaker diplo hooked up with dj benzi and a whole lot of fresh rap talents to put out the 'fear and loathing in hunts vegas' by paper route gangstaz. and just like you would expect, this is some of the freshest rap ever heard, featuring a lot of careless and obscure sampling from old techno, house and 80s tunes along with tight and on point flows.

even better though, mad decent decided to go for a really interesting business model for the digital sales, buy it straight from mad decent - $0-$4.99 gets you the 192kbps version, fully tracked and $5.00 and over gets you the 320kbps version, fully tracked with additional bonus songs not on the physical release or the cheaper download! i am heading there to get the full thing for $10 and so should you after hearing those two tracks off the tape:

paper route gangstaz - bama gettin' money (diplo remix)
big p.o.p.e. featuring wale - don't go (diplo remix)

in case you didn't get it when i said it first: buy this mixtape. buy this mixtape. buy this mixtape. buy this mixtape. buy this mixtape. read more!

Monday, November 17, 2008

le le + mercury.

former audioporno mastermind mel, also known as the terry lynn producing wildlife!, has remixed one of the biggest tracks this year, 'breakfast' by le le which is one of the music projects by rockwell designer parra. and oh yeah, his new alias for this remix is mercury. confused yet? just listen, the message of 'breakfast' is much easier to get!

le le - breakfast (mercury remix)

show mercury and le le some love, admire the work of parra and wear rockwell. read more!

miami horror.

well, guess who's back? in contrast to some rumours going around and weird dreams from our readers' comments, i have not passed away or been in a car accident or what not. i've just been busy, working six or seven days a week, overtime about every single day. and to make up for that, i had to spend my spare time getting drunk and acting retarded in random places out there. experiencing some personal letdowns and random takedowns from google and clueless industry searchbots didn't really help to get me motivated either but tonight i am finally picking up the slack, as a lot of good music is seriously piling up in my inbox, so here we go, starting with some rather obvious choices that you might have already seen elsewhere, moving on to some damn good exclusive tracks!

so let's start with miami horror who should need no introduction on this site and finally released his ep 'bravado' featuring a total of five amazing tracks, each of them being worth to be played out loud! his classic "don't be on with her" (which we posted as an exclusive first back in february 2007) is also on there along with new vocals - you can watch the accompanying video by moop jaw above and get it a low-quality preview version here before you go and buy the ep!

miami horror - don't be on with her

head over to the miami horror myspace, buy 'bravado' and show him some love! read more!

holy ghost! interview.

life is always throwing curveballs. i hadn't realized that alex from holy ghost! was going to be playing a party that i was going to until i was already at the party. i asked him if he wanted to sit down and just chat. he agreed as long as i didn't ask him what his favorite record was or favorite color or what holy ghost! is up to. um, ok let's just have some drunk fodder instead.

so how you been? are you in town for anything else besides this show?

just to dj this. and tomorrow i get to play at rhonda. i'm about to go to europe to tour for a few months starting oct 31- jan 31. in two months we'll travel through moscow, st petersberg, paris, london, berlin, frankfurt, munich, sweden, spain and ireland.

and you're bringing your super heavy duty winter coat there?

the promoter asked if we wanted to play in berlin or play somewhere warm. i picked berlin so i'm prepared for the cold.

you're a glutton for punishment, huh? then i'm sure you're going to hit up all the berlin nightlife like panorama bar and picknick, or is that not really your scene?

ya not really our scene but maybe if we go we'll get to meet rich swedish person. i guess it could be a man or a woman as long as they're rich so they can take me somewhere warm. i mean it wouldn't be a sexual thing, we just wanna hang out and have them take us somewhere warm. and he or she better have nice art because that's when you know they are for real.

cause you can't buy good taste.

that's the truth. that's all theorhetical.

drink of choice?

beer. whiskey makes me kinda 'not cool' and vodka seems too much like water and makes me feel fat and lethargic. it makes me wanna go to bed.

ya but in russia you're going to have crazy flavored vodkas like pear and pomegranite and pepper. how can you pass up a delicacy like that? the ultimate struggle is trying to live in the day and the night while on tour. party, dj at night, and see the sights during the day.

you mean go out and see the sights? i don't even attempt to climb that mountain when i'm on tour. i stick to the nighttime even when i'm at home. ya i mean you can go see something for 30 minutes. you can ride to the top of a building, monument or mountain all bleary-eyed. that's the thing coming from new york is that nowhere can compare. you keep going places hoping for it to trump new york, but nothing trumps new york.

not even night clubs?

oh the clubs destroy new york. and the people who dance do. people want to have fun.

what do you plan on playing while you're over there?

well i've never really done that many euro dates to be honest i just bring the records that i like to play at the time. 75% vinyl and 25% cds for rare songs and stuff we've done and remixes we just did (edits) or cds of vinyl that are too precious to bring with me. we're playing a mix of old and new disco. stuff between 115 and 125 bpm and with production values that we try to adhere to in our stuff. it's warm and emotional, soulful stuff.

so what do you think when you hear progressive and minimal techno music that's so prevalent in europe? does it just sound souless to you? is it too repetitive?

i guess i don't really pay that much attention to that stuff. i definitely admire some of the sounds, but it doesn't really do that much for me.

what i love about old house and disco is that it's very blended. old house can sound like new stuff. you can have old diva vocals on a new track.

ya i'll go all the way up to 'finally' by cece pennington (early/mid 90's) no problem.

actually bart b more just remixed that song. i don't know if you'd like it, but it's pretty european. i found that going to europe really broadens your perspective on music and what you can play/blend together.

ya, that's what all the djs that come back from europe tell me.

what do you think about los angeles compared to nyc? i'd love to hear that.

i really love the hotel i'm at.

yes but have you been here for longer than two weeks at a time?

i've never done it for longer. i don't necessarily say that i like the attitude of people. i'm a little bit of a people hater. i feel like they're a little too healthy for me maybe, but i love the weather. i like a little more grit and sloppiness. the sushi and mexican food is awesome though. the people that i've met here know a lot about good music and i've got a lot of good music from people sending me stuff.

that's the best place to find music. ichat swapping. there's other trading forums, but i think you get better stuff with one-on-one trading.

ya i get a lot of stuff from people who's taste i trust. anything they send me i listen to. i can say that i want new jack house from 91-95 and they send me three zip folders.

as his personal assistant, what's the craziest thing that moby asked you to do?

i think that's a bit off record, haha. i can't comment on mr. m. but the time that i spent working for him was really good. i gave my notice two days ago. i don't have enough time to continue helping him out.

i'm sure he's disappointed.

ya we hugged it out.

i wanna know future plans for holy ghost! because i've been a fan for a long time and have loved watching you two coming into your own sound and making your own name.

we just had a remix came out for in flagranti on kitsuné.

whattt!?! that's like a triple threat for me. holy ghost! + in flagranti + kitsuné = magic.

we did it as a cover live with a full band and it sounds fucking awesome, i'm not gonna lie to you. i'm really psyched. that's already out. the moby remix is already out, another one for 'they came from the stars, i saw them' and now we have a b side for mgmt (b side for the next single in uk) and drop the lime/curses! 'the deep end' on institubes (next single off of his album). we've got the lp halfway done and will be mixing that with james (murphy) in november. next year we'll perform live and the album hopefully will be released by june of next year. then we'll be a normal live band with a normal record.

so new york really sticks together. like in flagranti, drop the lime, mgmt and all.

i've known luca since he was 10 years old. we all went to art elementary day school on the upper west side together when it was full of weird therapists, artists and writers. it's only natural that we find some way to work together.

what do you think of dfa being anti-blog? i think they're smart because people want what they cant have and it creates hype as opposed to instant gratification.

that label fights instant gratification with its entire might. the running theme is to wait. wait to mix it, wait to submit it, and wait till you can stand behind it and be fully satisfied with what you've created.

is it positive or has it been negative at all?

positive psychologically. we put out our first single a year ago but haven't done anything since then and it hasn't seemed to have hurt us. we have stuff that we can put out, but it takes a long time when you don't create your music on a lap top.

we were talking about that today how juan maclean has taken so long between records and live albums. for some reason it hasn't seemed to have hurt his career. it seems to be a successful formula for dfa.

we're all friends and share music with each other every day in an internal forum. we critique each other and help technically correct each other. we say 'hey these frequencies are missing. the tambourines are too loud'. whatever. we're a tight knit group of people caring about each other putting out material that's quality. no one's working on a laptop. i told my little brother don't rush into things or start a myspace until you're 20. there's no rush. you're not gonna make any money anyway.

that's the thing, you can. between laptops and the internet you can create a hypemachine in a matter of minutes. then things just compound from there.

sure you can make a song and next day you put it up and people check it out for instant exposure. on the other hand in terms of longevity, you want to listen to your stuff a year later and think 'damn i was good' instead of trying to take down your old shitty mix. that's definitely more our style. we're like a bunch of ugly disco dudes. there's nothing to see. there's quality, well-thought out music, but there's no beautiful people behind this music.

it's the kind of music that music appreciators like.

hopefully like music collectors who think 'oh that drum sound reminds me of that dillo record and that gino soccio record'. it's totally like music nerds appreciating music.

that's what i'm saying. my friends nerd out to music all the time and throw out obscure references to original samples. i didn't say nerd was ugly or stupid, but they really study music. they love it, they're very well-versed in music.

yes, dfa is that passion is mixed with a love for michael jackson. there's something academic about it but at the end of the day there's something very body oriented about it, recognizing something soulful and physical.

that's the heart of los angeles that i love. not the 'oh i read it on this blog and heard it in this club'. it's the people that think 'i love this song because it reminds me of this old song and this genre'. so thank you for making that music.

it's nice that some people like it. it's nice to keep doing it and quit our day jobs.

what's you're favorite record place to ransack when you're out here? are you allowed to say?

it's a small place called discogs.

fair enough. i suppose that's like asking a pirate where he's hidden his treasure.

panthers - goblin city (holy ghost! disco dub)
read more!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sneaky sound system + shazam.

as shazam's unofficial biggest fan, i had my radar set to the highest sensitivity for when his sneaky soundsystem remix was clear to share. i've probably listened to it at least five times a day since i got it a few weeks ago. well, he gave me clearance to post it and now it can be on repeat in your heads for days on end.

it's so synthy and yummy, i could eat it for dessert...

sneaky soundsystem - when we were young (shazam remix)

and some bonus shazam greatness from our friends from gomma.

munk - down in la (shazam remix instrumental) read more!

andy george + lord skywave.

so it turns out that the black ghosts are just full of surprises and side projects. not only is it alleged that dj touché, half of the ghosts, doubles as fake blood, but now vocalist simon lord, ex simian member, has sliced off his own side project and is dubbing himself lord skywave. combine his production skills with potty mouth's andy george's fresh take on new music and you come up with 'something'. you got the housey piano chords, choppy vocals and the wobbly bassline.

lord skywave - something (andy george re-fix)

keep your eye on george. he throws the notorious party 'moda' with partner in crime jaymo. these two also have a bbc 1 radio show once a month and work on music on the side. the uk is making some waves and george is one of the main culprits to blame. keep doin what your doin, andy, we hope your musical tsunami reaches the states asap! read more!