Thursday, November 27, 2008

twisted wires.

the good people over at as restless as we are consistantly post some of the greatest in both classic and new disco. about two weeks ago they posted a rough mix of 'one day at the raw deal' by twisted wires, a track soon to be released on italians do it better. i don't know anything about this formation besides the fact that a certain kim systems (who might be pictured above, at least i stole the picture from his myspace) is their frontman, for some more information consult the restless. however, this is one more of those great disco noir-vibe tunes that we all love, so get it already and enjoy!

twisted wires - one night at the raw deal

watch out for the actual release on italians do it better.


Anonymous said...

Is it meant to be just part of the song? Or did it not download the whole thing? I only got 1:52 of the song?

Sounding good though - thanks for sharing! :-)

aleks said...

no, it's the whole track. try again maybe?

Anonymous said...

wow! this song is so cool! i love the way the synths and the gitar play together!


Anonymous said...