Tuesday, November 25, 2008


appaloosa are anne-laure keib who sounds a tiny bit like nico (without the 'hard to get into' part) and max krefeld, originally from munich, now residing in london, who is making some twisted yet in the best of all ways naive synth (almost chip) music. they have been touring with no one else but the world indie girl leader cat power and in some way, they also sound like a more danceable version of chan marshall. i think that's about the greatest thing one could say about a boy/girl band, so instead of talking any longer, here's one of their songs.

appaloosa - the day we fell in love

all credits for this find go to the very first mp3 blog ever, fluxblog. and yet, just like la roux, 'the day we fell in love' is also taken from the latest maison compilation on kitsuné. maybe i should feel bad for ripping them off twice on one day but then again, maybe they should feel proud because they're just too damn good? show appaloosa some myspace love!


Don Dazzle said...


They're a reference in good new music and classy clothing style !

Anonymous said...

!!!! Superduper!!! =)

Anonymous said...

look out for the ted & francis mix of this!!

Miss Toats said...

and look out for the acid girls remix of this....i cant stop listening to it. it might even be better than the orig......eeek!