Wednesday, November 28, 2007

discodust after midnight.

after our very successful first party, we are back with the second installment this friday, november 30th, once again at the atelier in frankfurt. 'discodust after midnight' features alaskas finest curtis vodka and turntable wizard j-bounce who provided us with one of our favorite mixes ever back then. they will be supported by our very own discodust djs and local legends creathief and teasy as well as special guest popase. come party with us and expect a well-balanced mixture of all kind of disco sounds ranging from mellow retro italo to heavy banging electro.

to get you in the mood for some after midnight disco action, here is an exclusive mix by curtis vodka, full of retro disco vibes and vocoders (yes!), recorded on reel tape for that original disco feeling:

curtis vodka - disco after midnight (on yousendit)
curtis vodka - disco after midnight (on megaupload)

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before i totally get lost in hibernation, i'd like to introduce you to symbolone. rumour has it they are two identical twins from croatia and ireland who just found each other six months ago and decided to team up to write music together. obviously this was a great decision, as their anthemic slow motion retro disco hymn 'love juice' is said to be featured on an upcoming fabric mix by no one else but justice. fans of alan braxe and everything valerie will love them.

they are currently working on their first ep which will contain two originals as well as two remixes and will be available as a limited edition. discodust favorite moulinex is working on a remix as well, we will keep you posted. enjoy two originals from symbolone right here and stay tuned for the ep:

symbolone - love juice
symbolone - everything louder then everything else read more!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

hot pink delorean.

hot pink delorean are an experienced production team from boston that has recently decided to get busy on banging electro and their first couple of tracks are nothing but stunning. originally they only wanted to hook me up with one track but as they have received so many requests for their tunes on myspace, they decided to leak three of them, enjoy these exclusive firsts on discodust!

first one is 'played out', a co-operation with their friend fantastadon which reminds me of mstrkrft, meaning it is a perfect peak time banger:

hot pink delorean - played out (featuring fantastadon)

next up is another original tune, here is 'badonkadonk' which combines disco flavour, chromeo style vocals and a chainsaw synth that could be right out of a bloody beetroots track:

hot pink delorean - badonkadonk

and last one for this time which you shouldn't miss either is a hot pink delorean remix of hit single 'boyz' by m.i.a. which turns the original into a perfect tune for any rave set:

m.i.a. - boyz (hot pink delorean remix)

stay tuned as there will definitely be more from hot pink delorean and fantastadonn on discodust (and all over the blogs) very soon! read more!


parallels is the solo project of cam findlay from toronto who is also the live drummer for crystal castles. his tracks sound a lot like the best moments on cybernetic broadcasting system and remind me of the less darker productions from legowelt, meaning they are filled up with italo disco/old school electro retro synthesizers, vocoders and rather epic melodies.

enjoy two tracks from parallels as exclusive firsts on discodust:

parallels - ultralight (demo)
parallels - ghost machines

i really hope one of you labels out there will take the chance and sign parallels really soon, he has got a lot more great songs in the works and up on his myspace player. read more!


time for some more distortion, dramatic build-ups and nonstop banging. whitenoise is an upcoming producer from australia and has been on top of my post wish list ever since i first heard his remix for bag raiders months ago, unfortunately the labels he worked with didn't want to give any of his tracks out by the numerous times i asked for them.

earlier this week his remix of 'oh i like' by like woah showed up my friends over at discobelle, kudos martin for once again being one step ahead. just in case you missed it, grab it right here:

like woah - oh i like (whitenoise remix)

and while it has also been on the blogs before, here is a killer original track by whitenoise, that you probably have not heard yet either:

whitenoise - it's what we do

whitenoise is currently finishing off a remix for moving units, keep an eye on that and also watch out for the official release of his outstanding remix for bag raiders.

UPDATE: just in via my friends over at iheartcomix is some more material related to like woah. here is another remix of 'oh i like' by my favorite australian knightlife:

like woah - oh i like (knightlife remix) read more!

Friday, November 09, 2007

discodust party.

while some non-believers out there still try and combine banging electro, post-dancepunk, indie-influenced floorfillers, new french touch, fidget and retro-disco sounds in zeitgeist-terms like 'new rave' or 'blog house' and call it dead or over, it is without a doubt the sound that works best on the dancefloor, new promising producers show up daily and the scene is still going strong. so is discodust and after about a year of blogging, it is about time to take it to the next level.

the discodust editors (well, that's currently just me) and our designers from the zonders invite you to the first discodust party this saturday, november 10th at the atelier frankfurt featuring discodust favorite felix cartal from canada who is actually the first artist who ever hooked us up with an exclusive tune ('moss vs. tree') and nowadays gets massive support from top acts like mstrkrft. another dj-set at the party will be played by moulinex from portugal whose tracks got some of the best feedback on here ever.

support comes from les gillettes from finland as well as our very own discodust djs and local legends creathief and teasy.

be there and watch out for more discodust events soon - artists, clubs, bookers, hit us up on read more!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

the bloody beetroots got funk.

finally everything is working out great for the bloody beetroots. they are going on italian tour with justice in december, jfk from mstrkrft called bob from the beetroots his 'favorite producer right now' and their remix for 'funk' by etienne de crecy is featured on the soundtrack of the french movie hit 99 francs. besides that, it is also featured right here on discodust:

etienne de crecy - funk (the bloody beetroots remix)

needless to say that the bloody beetroots have lots more coming up very soon, you should know that by now. still, watch out! read more!

lies in disguise.

lies in disguise is a new project featuring dylan from le castle vania and blake miller from moving units. obviously their productions can't be anything but straight fire and their first release is a real banging remix of 'penis vs. vagina' by uk newcomers partyshank, out soon on so sweet records. get it right now:

partyshank - penis vs. vagina (lies in disguise remix)

dylan told me they have got original material and more remixes coming up very soon and you will definitely hear about them on discodust! while we are all longing for more, go add lies in disguise on myspace! read more!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

new judas.

new judas is a collective of artists based in helsinki, finland that is recently reaching out to berlin and the rest of the world. the new judas sound is probably best described as really twisted electro somewhere in between lo-fi glitch sounds, 8-bit arpeggios, rock and roll, banging electro and even gabber, artists involved include huoratron, pets on prozac, obi blanche as well as the lovely (but rough sounding) girl dj duo les gillettes.

so everyone who has been missing some harder tunes on discodust recently, here you go with two tunes from new judas' very own huoratron, let's see if you're really hard enough:

huoratron - dollar dollar troopers
huoratron - hoedown

also up for you is the latest mix by les gillettes, check out the comments for the track list.

les gillettes - new judas mixtape october 07 (megaupload)
les gillettes - new judas mixtape october 07 (yousendit)

for more, watch one, two, three, four videos of new judas destroying tape club berlin and show new judas some myspace love. read more!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


moulinex + xinobi = discotexas.

a lot of you loved our moulinex post back then, so here is some more from portugal's finest along with his partner in crime xinobi. as the artwork already suggests, discotexas are all about pineapples and chainsaws. i couldn't describe it any better, get your daily dose of distorted disco tunes right here, exclusive on discodust of course:

xinobi - bmx (moulinex remix)
moulinex - break chops (xinobi's pork chops remix)

and i can't let you go without one more tune, moulinex remixing denmark's when saints go machine:

when saints go machine - you should be someone else (moulinex remix)

hold out for more from xinobi and moulinex (in a place near you) very soon! read more!

Friday, November 02, 2007

top billin + entre tes cuisses.

my favorite scandinavian dj-team top billin is back with a new mix-set full of banging b-more, booming miami bass and broken beats. this time it is a very special one as it is a megamix completely consisting of their own productions. i have seen them live a while ago (actually it has been too long, nenis!) and this set captures their uplifting and very club-oriented sound really well. get ready for top billin volume 8, 'tales from top billin' and remember top billin stay in the club, live in the club, die in the club, never leave the motherfucking club!

top billin vol. 8 - tales from top billin - the megamix (yousendit)
top billin vol. 8 - tales from top billin - the megamix (megaupload)

check the comments for a detailed tracklist, get more from top billin over at the top billin mp3 shop and as a bonus, get one of my favorite tracks in the mix right here:

sir nenis & dj pushups - gaybar starlite

and while we are in the b-more area, here are two fresh b-more tracks with a twist by entre tes cuisses from paris who has already got a lot of love from tastemakers like tomboy, crookers, kazey and debonair samir. so get it on already:

entre tes cuisses - the bowling anthem
juvelen - they don't love you (entre tes cuisses remix)

watch out for more from both entre tes cuisses and top billin. read more!