Thursday, November 08, 2007

lies in disguise.

lies in disguise is a new project featuring dylan from le castle vania and blake miller from moving units. obviously their productions can't be anything but straight fire and their first release is a real banging remix of 'penis vs. vagina' by uk newcomers partyshank, out soon on so sweet records. get it right now:

partyshank - penis vs. vagina (lies in disguise remix)

dylan told me they have got original material and more remixes coming up very soon and you will definitely hear about them on discodust! while we are all longing for more, go add lies in disguise on myspace!

1 comment:

Disco Punxx said...

no doubt in my mind these guys are the next big thing. le castle vania already has a good thing going on dancefloors in LA.

What im wondering is if blake miller was just Le Castle's producer and said "fuck this im not going to just stand on the sidelines anymore" and created Lies in Disguise.

I mean look at that tourlist! its huuuuge!

besides, this wouldnt be the first ex-producer/bandmate group out...(mstrkrft).