Wednesday, June 23, 2010

jump jump dance dance remixed.

after 'show me the night' was such a success on the blogs and beyond, los angeles electro-rockers jump jump dance dance are back with a new single called 'modern eyes'. watch the official video on youtube and enjoy the remixes by beni and bit funk right here!

the digital release drops on june 25th on etcetc and will also include a remix by everyone's favorite lifelike. read more!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


although i screwed up regarding featuring them on here before, i have always been a fan of salem and so should you. born and raised on the outstanding acephale label, the true forerunners of the 'drag' genre are going to release their album 'king night' on iamsound late this summer.

the album's title track has just crashlanded on the interwebs and shows a significantly higher influence of the uk's 'purple' sound along with the signature tr-808 drums, eerie synthesizer pads and (not-so) sacred choirs. don't miss this unexpected turn from salem, a very special kind of summer jam!

thanks for the heads up to grindin, stereogum and pitchfork. read more!