Thursday, October 30, 2008

diamond cut + professor groove.

seems like it's a good time for killer tracks right now. after college and russ chimes, our good friends and music connaisseurs diamond cut and professor groove got together and created a monster of a disco-flavoured epic synth track.

starting with a chopped up disco loop, the diamond cut remix of 'lose control' quickly turns into pure electro house dancefloor mayhem, just to finish off with some lovely french house including a roaring sidechained bassline and lovely synth action.

and as i've heard from a few people (who have got like zero taste anyway) that the professor's delivery and his ode to risky business might not be anyone's cup of tea, there's an instrumental version for you as well. but let me tell you, you're seriously missing out! about time you lose control before "this party's over like cheap gasoline".

professor groove - lose control (diamond cut reloss)
professor groove - lose control (diamond cut instrumental)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

muffy + bangladesh.

it took me a while to 'understand' what's so great about 'a milli' but eventually i 'got it' and ever since i am keeping an eye on everything that has the golden bangladesh touch. so when the guys over at the fader put up his production 'dope boi' for muffy the other day, i was curious and now that i've heard it, i am all excited!

i don't know a whole about muffy except that she looks great, has got a lot of style, is into really dirty stuff (considering her lyrics) and raps about one thousand times than that girl that has a very similar name. muffy, muffy, of course! boys pump up the bass, girls lift your skirts, let's get high!

muffy - dope boi

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munk + shazam.

two of our favorite artists, namely munk and shazam joined forces and now we've got this wonderful track called 'down in l.a.' that is just right on time to make you think of the last and the next upcoming summer season while everything out there is nothing but grey.

watch the awesome video above and head over to beatport buy the tracks in high quality! read more!

college + minitel rose.

'born in 1979, david grellier aka college (pictured above, next to russ chimes) revisits the culture and the soundtracks of american tv shows and movies of the 80's. his music is minimalist and sweet, intended as an echo of the cinematic themes of his childhood. in 2007, he created valerie, along with his friends the outrunners, maethelvin, anoraak, minitel rose and russ chimes. a blog and a collective whose aim is to value and share the musical and artistic resources of it's members. after several gigs in numerous european capitals this year, he will release his debut album "secret diary" on futur this winter.'

so goes the press release for 'secret diary', the debut album by college, out on november 28th. while i was talking to my friend russ chimes and we were both saying how much we love the first single 'the energy story' featuring minitel rose on the vocals, he said just what i thought when i heard the track for the first time: 'genius through simplicity'.

college reminds us all of how simple (in the best of all ways) great songs can be. if this album doesn't finally get valerie the huge hype they deserve, i'll just give up on everyone out there who claims to be a music journalist.

not sure if there's any way one can post 'the best song ever' twice on just one day but i think i just did it.

college featuring minitel rose - the energy story

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van she.

one of my favorite bands (besides interpol and mogwai but last time i checked they didn't really fit in here), the amazing van she recently released their album 'v' and are coming to europe to play some shows early to mid november, check their myspace for tour dates!

in order to stir up some more hype for that or just because the original was so damn good, there are some new remixes of the van she classic out now, coming from lifelike, breakbot, m83 and shinichi osawa. and now guess who made miracles happen and managed to clear his two favorite remixes for posting? exactly.

rumour has it that a few other blogs posted these already but we've got the final mastered versions in 320 kbps. so why settle for less? enjoy!

van she - kelly (lifelike remix)
van she - kelly (breakbot remix)

check out the van she tour dates, go to their shows, buy their shirts, throw your underwear on stage and then go home and make love while listening to 'kelly'. (at least that's what the girl in my dreams always do!) read more!

russ chimes + the outrunners.

upcoming label us two music from the netherlands obviously know where the heat is at these days and hooked up with our favorite frenchmen from valerie in order to release 'these girls are dressed to kill' by the outrunners. and to make it even better, they got discodust all-time super-favorite russ chimes (pictured above) to do a remix. and oh! my! god!

too bad i am not regularly using, otherwise i could back up how much i love this remix with some actual statistics but you'll just have to believe me when i say i listened to this a couple of hundred times already to brighten up my day. and i just don't know what else to do but quote one of my favorite readers, professor groove: 'russ motherfucking chimes!!!'. this track has got it all: the best chords ever, the best synth leads ever, the best vocoders ever.

hands down my favorite 'dreamy french house' track of the year. (unless russ chimes has got another one up his sleeve that we haven't heard yet.)

the outrunners - these girls are dressed to kill (russ chimes remix)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


although you might think otherwise considering this blog's name, i was never too much into the whole 'nu disco' thing. most tracks seem to long-winded and boring for me. but ever since i first heard aeroplane, i have been in love with everything they touch.

the production duo from belgium always has the sweetest melodies, the loveliest sounds and an overall very classy vibe. they recently gave away two one-way tickets to a better world - lean back in your seat, au revoir simone (pictured above) and grace jones are serving the drinks tonight, next stop is paris.

friendly fires - paris (aeroplane remix featuring au revoir simone)
grace jones - williams blood (aeroplane remix)

on a sidenote: the grace jones remix was rejected but i guess that's just her. always unpredictable. cheer aeroplane up and show them some myspace love! shouts to my boy jared over at fuck you on friday and marc hogan from the pitchfork forkcast for those. read more!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

g.l.o.v.e.s + sneaky sound system.

to finish the 'backfilling' after my slacking (or rather: overly busy work) period this week, here's one more track that has been on rotation in my player this week. g.l.o.v.e.s is back with a new remix for sneaky sound system (pictured above) which sees him go further down the french house road, keeping things all mellow.

this remix is taken from the new sneaky sound system single which has about half a dozen other remixes that are probably great as well but as i didn't receive any promo material (hint), i can't really say much about it. but for now, enjoy the g.l.o.v.e.s remix!

sneaky sound system - when we were young (g.l.o.v.e.s remix)

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lets get invisible.

presumably by now you've heard of lets get invisible, the synth pop girl/boy duo from providence, rhode island featuring katie pawluk and lance lemon. but at the risk of veering into repostville, i'm taking a 'better late than never stance' and posting this anyways, as jem and the holograms inspired bands need as much coverage as humanly possible!

with katie's candy sweet vocals and thick tightly produced bass lines, lets get invisible's dance club vibe is inescapable. maybe it has something to do with my mother being a fitness instructor when i was younger, but their 80's aerobic beat sound awakens something fierce in my dna. now, if only we all could find those awesome mini-exercise trampolines, i think we could start a killer dance craze to go along with 'the jump back'. alert youtube!

never have i heard such creatively colorful euphemisms for male genitalia as 'the spices of love chesty' dishes out. look for new tracks, remix compilations and collaborations with fellow 80's redux enthusiasts, futurecop!, in the works for these kids.

lets get invisible - viewers like you
lets get invisible - the spices of love chesty (namedrop remix)
lets get invisible - the jump back

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circuit freq.

after their successful first single 'black chrome', circuit freq from california are back with their follow-up track which is going by the name of 'push button reject'. this straight-forward electro house banger aims straight for the floor again and is a sure shot for peaktime! play it loud!

circuit freq - push button reject (vox mix)

the complete single is available on beatport, also featuring remixes by dopamine, stupid fresh and dj krassy. if you like what you hear, throw some cash their way or at least show circuit freq some myspace love! read more!

foamo + mystery jets.

discodust favorite foamo, recently been called 'the new switch' by our good friends the bloody beetroots (miss you, bob & tea!), destroys again with his remix for mystery jets that unfortunately missed the deadline. well, better for us, so we can hook you up with the 320 right here!

mystery jets - half in love with elizabeth (foamo remix)

high five to team palms out for dropping this first! head over there to pick up the all new october mixtape by foamo as well! read more!

bang gang + the presets.

the bang gang squad strikes back with an overdriven acid-flavoured edit for 'kicking and screaming' by the award-winning the presets (sorry that we didn't really get to hang out in frankfurt, guys, blame my drinking habits). this track is taken from 'd is for disco, e is for dancing', the latest double-mix-cd by the bang gang, out today on the ever so great modular.

the presets - kicking and screaming (bang gang's e is for edit)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

jean nipon.

i have no idea how jean nipon's latest release slipped past my institubes radar, but it did. i actually stumbled on it via the hilarious music video below that nipon made for the track 'lost in music'. apparently he got lost in a rap video. have you ever seen any other djs make a video featuring himself like this? well, it's the perfect intro for his ep 'wild at heart'.

this is my pick off the new ep. it's stabby and choppy and everything we've come to know and love institubes releases for. don't make the mistake of thinking that the whole 'french sound' is waning. they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. don't make me start naming names of french producers that are holding their own because i've got an arsenal.

jean nipon - 4wd

actually, i may prefer 'lost in music' but you can listen to it in the video. don't forget to swoop up the rest on beatport. read more!

lazaro casanova interview.

this week los angeles was lucky enough to have lazaro casanova make a stop for a night to play his distinct blend of minimal/techno/house at an amazing warehouse party. i snatched up the opportunity to sit down with him and pick his brain about the state of electronic music in america, why things are the way they are at the moment, and what hope we have of progressing past blog-haus music.

you get to hear feist's sealion turn into some sort of seamonster that's fit for a nightmare... hmm, coincidence? don't think so. just when you think that you're waking up to feist's sweet soothing voice, the music grabs you by the ear and drags you back down into the darkness of the music called technooooooo...

lazaro casanova - hell cab (nitemares feisty mix)

the original instrumental version of 'hell cab' will be hitting beatport before halloween on "idiot house." it will be included on the horror themed ep with music from boy bit 8 and acid jacks as well.

so have you ever been to europe? i don't recall you ever trekking over there.

no not yet. i was supposed to do a uk tour about a year ago. this was before my sound evolved into what it is now so i'm actually glad i didn't go then. at this point, i feel like i'm a lot more ready to take on europe and play some solid sets then i was a year ago.

that seems like the first place you should've gone considering your musical tastes and influences are way more european based.

funny cause a lot of my friends involved in this music scene say 'you just need to get over to europe'. it's a free for all and you can play whatever you want. europe is a beast. like berlin has its rich history in electronic music and the people are so open to all strains of music. it's something i've set my sights for and i think the way i'm gonna get there is thru my new production which is specifically catered for that audience.

why do you think the states are so far behind everyone when it comes to being receptive to electronic music and progressing their musical tastes. it's been taking the general american public about a year to catch on (and i'm judging this by attendance numbers at shows/parties/events) to the new influx of electronic producers happening in europe. it makes those artists have to work alot harder on their press/marketing over here.

i really blame it on the people that are the faces of these main cities. they aren't pushing the envelope and educating their consumers while being complacent with the way things are right now. they're not really thinking longterm and thinking about cashing in on the trends right now. like in miami you have mega clubs that are starting to book better acts, but it's not the right environment for them. the artists are looking for the deeper darker clubs that they feel more comfortable unleashing on as opposed to the bottle service crowd. there's no inbetween. i can't go with the big clubs because they want a certain sort of music…but now there's clubs like mansion that are booking steve lawler, nic fanciulli that are giving me a little glimmer of hope.

and why do you speculate that the music that we think is progressive is popular with the bottle service/shiny shirt crowd and not with blog readers or your average hipster party crowd? that seems backwards to me when the blog readers are supposed to be way ahead of the trends.

i think in the states there's a lot of things blurring into each other. you have franki chan playing with axwell and dj mehdi at the avalon. the vanguard in los angeles has been mixing genres, too. i don't know if they want to do the best of both worlds but it seems like they're trying to cash in on everything at once resulting in a clusterfuck of different types of people. it's sortof like an open format that's not always successful because there's no consistency helping to adapt their audience.

why is there not a fabric-esque type of club in los angeles or even anywhere in america? it's not for a lack of talent passing through, but it just seems that no one has capitalized on the opportunity and thrown down a monopoly on bringing quality music to the people.

well, on beatportal there was an article on how the techno scene is coming up in los angeles. damien lazarus is moving across the pond to be a resident at avalon. there's also the droidbehavior guys thorowing those types of real underground parties. as far as the states go, los angeles is progressing the most out of all the cities. it may not be happening fast, but it's finally happening.

i guess the hipster crowd isn't used to pure electronic/house/techno music here, i guess. and blog-haus is serving to be the baby formula getting them used to the solid food of electronic music.

blog-haus has become extremely trendy to the point where its becoming a household name with 14 and 15 year olds. these kids eventually grow up and evolve into other sorts of music. it could be seen as an introduction to get their feet wet, but it takes a while for their tastes to grow. and i'm not saying that what i'm doing is good taste or better than any other. that's all subjective. it is an introduction and a lot of people have moved on from electro to like fidget, dubstep, techno and it's all branching out.

so knowing that blog-haus and electro/distortion-y music has a pretty short shelf life left, where do you see the trend pendulum is swinging next in the states?

the deal with techno music in the past is that it had lost it's appeal and was so uniform. now, a lot of producers are putting the fun back in and paying attention to detail. it's about suspense throughout a track and becoming a thrill-ride for listeners. so maybe some form of techno is going to have a resurgeance.

oh god, i hope. it's more about appreciating buildups and really developing a track to tell a story instead of just banging out people's eardrums...

it all needs to be done with taste and never overdone. if you had track after track with buildups it would probably get boring, too. i really appreciate djs like nic fanciulli because of his wide range of music. fanciulli is respected by the techno and house heads equally. as a dj you want to move people like a rollercoaster ride and don't have to stick to one genre.

then how are people reacting to your sets when they come in expecting a mstrkrft set. you're on a whole different level and probably catch alot of people off guard.

the past few sets have been accepted well. i've started out with harder techno and faster/darker bpms, but its translated well. it's a different sound and that results in 20% of people just not getting it and leaving. but i've had so many people come up and ask me about tracks. they're learning about new music and genres. and that 20% lost is getting replaced by new people discovering new music. so there's a pretty good circle of fans regenerating themselves.

so i read previously that you're trying to do more of a live show? is that still something you think you want to work towards?

as far as my dj sets go, i'm always wanting to take things a little bit further. when i was playing on 2 cdj's i was getting a little bored. it was something i'd done for so long and it became routine. so i'm working up for four cdjs to be hands-on thru the whole set. i just don't want to be staring up at the crowd with 2 minutes to burn between tracks and playing with the equilizers to kill time.

so your live set will be more about more equipment and not so much into live instruments?

well, you have to think practically. you don't want to make your life more difficult especially when youre traveling a lot. honestly, i'm over serato right now for the fact that i still need to set up a box here and there. i'd like to use cds all the time if i can. maybe go to traktor which complements the four-input setup really well.

oh ya i saw that richie hawtin utilizes the traktor setup for all the midi controllers...

ya, you saw the youtube video. richie was getting some shit over it because he 'had it on sync' but he becomes a different performer on a setup like that. in his own right, he's not preoccupied with beatmatching and chooses to work on effects instead.

people get so stuck on the technical mixing and forget that it's only 1/3 of the equation.

it's the whole package. you can ride four minute mixes if you wanted to, but if your track selection isn't there, it doesn't count. if you're not vibing on the crowd you could be playing the best set ever but it's not there because you're not transferring the energy to the crowd. a good dj set is more than only technical abilities or only song selection.

your influences for your newest project lately have been old horror movies. and your dirty bird remix was covered with animal noises. where do you see your sound developing?

i feel for the first time in my music career that i'm coming into my own. i have a sense of whats going on around me in the music world. i want to do what i do and be known for that. under my own name i'm gonna touch back into the roots of my heritage and got old salsa records from my mom. i love yoruba drums from africa. i've worked so much with synthesizers and distorted basslines in the past that i want the drums to do the talking for the change... pure drums. the darker nightmare stuff will be geared towards a 5 am drug crowd. i'm sampling shit off of old horror films. i'm actually beginning to distinguish between trends of eras of horror films. my third project is with jay you (the project is called animales) and is going to incorporate animal noises and tropical influences. i respect the dirtybird guys.

so given your distinct taste, whats your ideal label that you feel you fit best with to put out your future releases?

my personal stuff i'd love to have with ricardo villalobos and luciano at cadenza records. they do that spanish sound well because theyre chileans. for the other stuff, dirtybird would be great... there's not many good label in the states, though. one thing i'd love to do would be to start my own label. it's how you pioneer your own sound and build a fanbase.

that's why i wonder if you are barking up the wrong tree? being with mstrkrft is not a bad thing at all, but it's a different crowd expecting a specific sound.

the way i see that if you look at the dubsided crew you have switch, herve and jesse rose. jesse doesn't play dubsided stuff and is a bit more simple/minimal. in my opinion, mstrkrft were one of the first few people to notice what i was doing. i slowly weaned myself off of electro and went in my own direction. we're family at the end of the day, but i would love to be known as someone who does his own thing and still an integral part of this family that adds to the diversity. a lot of people in the techno world feel that you shouldn't be recognized unless you've paid your dues. dubfire from deep dish changed his sound and got shit for it. just the fact that he was in deep dish was dues enough, in my opinion. but he switched and has become a highlight of the techno scene. that's why i've been focusing so much on my productions.
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Monday, October 20, 2008


so people don't really buy cd's anymore. everyone has music downloading software. huge labels are going out of business. is the music industry doomed? not doomed, per se, but people are definitely having to change business models and marketing tactics to adapt and evolve.

some would say that this is the worst time to try to start a music label, but our good friend dj donna summer would have to disagree. there's so much quality music still being made and he snatched up the opportunity to showcase some of the newest talent from around the world. the new label now gives ac slater (nyc), hostage (edinburgh), rob threezy (chicago), proper villains (nyc), rampage (chicago) and the label head himself dj donna summer (berlin) a place to call home. so world, let me introduce you to nightshifters.

chicago is really stepping up their game and bringing music back to their house roots. rampage is first up to bat and hits it right out of the park. don't be thrown off by the 'mortal kombat' moment in the middle of the song, this heavy hitter does a great job of mixing old house inspirations with new fresh influences.

rampage - reactivate

rob threezy blew onto the scene earlier this year with his choppy, stabbing, piano-infused track 'the chase'. it caused so much of a stir that diplo's label mad decent snatched it up and turned it into a proper release. well, he's back with more heat, this time with gunshots and police sirens.

rob threezy - you bad

so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more nightshifters releases - they aren't about to let up! read more!

designer drugs.

after keeping the dancefloors (and blogs) busy with countless stunning remixes, new york based producers and dj's designer drugs are finally dropping a new original track, taken from their debut single out on iheartcomix! next tuesday, october 28th.

'zombies!' is an eerie halloween-themed electro house/fidget hybrid that bangs hard as hell, making it that kind of song that jason (of 'friday the 13th' fame) has on repeat while prepartyin' and getting in the mood for some teen slashing action. time to get your freak on, pumpkinheads!

designer drugs - zombies!

keep an eye out for the designer drugs debut single featuring both 'zombies!' and the masterpiece 'back up in this' on the flip. and while we're at it, check out the line-up to the iheartcomix! cmj party, this saturday in brooklyn, new york, flyer and details over here. read more!

shazam + dizzee rascal.

i'm not too sure if you all listened to me the last time i said that you better keep your eyes on shazam. well, here's another reason why... this viral track will infect your computer/ipod/itouch/iphone and every cell in your body making it practically impossible to sit still.

not only does it have dizzee rascal, calvin harris and chrome, but then shazam comes in and speeds up the tempo to make the song appropriate for everything from driving down the california coast freeway with the windows down and the speakers up, to the dancefloors, to completely changing your gloomy mood on your tube ride to work on a rainy london monday morning.

thanks shazam. you've brought a little more sunshine and dancing into our lives. we should give you some sort of medal of honor or something.

dizzee rascal featuring calvin harris - dance wiv me (shazam remix)

out soon on hussle recordings and ministry of sound australia, purchase it via beatport. read more!


after recently releasing a killer album, club sound master tittsworth just leaked his remix of the drum & bass classic 'x-ray' by sub focus which has been a favorite of mine ever since i first heard it on his latest mixtape. on top of that, he also gave away the nadastrom fidget house remix of his single 'wtf?' featuring kid sister and pase rock. some people are just too nice to us bloggers, right? let's start the mayhem!

sub focus - x-ray (tittsworth remix)
tittsworth - wtf (nadastrom on drugs remix)

and yeah, i am aware of the fact that this place is slowly turning into a discobelle repost fanclub but we have a lot of all new unheard tunes for you and as i had both these tracks on my two recent mixes that you should be able to pick up from's show archive real soon, there was no way i could let this slip by. show tittsworth some myspace love! read more!

bag raiders.

more talented australians as we proceed with the bag raiders who just dropped their third ep on bang gang 12 inches. the title track 'turbo love' gives us exactly what we've come to expect from them, their trademark sound of punching drums, arcade style synths and yeah, vocoders! discobelle once again were the lucky ones to get clearance straight from bag raiders but that's just even more proof that this is a real sick track, 'instant hit and guaranteed floorfiller', as martin puts it.

bag raiders - turbo love

make sure to check out the whole ep, as my favorite track is the flipside 'shooting stars' featuring rhys from ted and francis (yeah, they are everywhere) on the vocals with one of the loveliest chorus parts i have heard all year. congratulations for another big release, bag raiders!

UPDATE: while i tried to contact bang gang 12 inches and got down on my knees to beg for at least a low-q version of 'shooting stars' but never heard back from them, ohh! crapp... keeps on giving me a hard time with some serious competition and obviously got permission to post the track, straight from the bag raiders, so they say. so while i am feeling a bit bad about giving this away to all you leechers, i can't resist. the part from 02:41 on is probably the most beautiful thing i've heard all year.

bag raiders - shooting stars

so once again: share your love with bag raiders, ted and francis, bang gang 12 inches and buy the ep on beatport, buy the ep on beatport, buy the ep on beatport. read more!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

harvard bass.

harvard bass didn't go to harvard. you can actually find him at various taco shops or tucked away in his bedroom studio in the south part of san diego. he's been crankin' away ('choppin onions' as some mexicans would say) workin' on tracks. heavily influenced by old chicago and filter house, he has been coming up with some jams!

he sent over 'caked' which is his latest finished product. it's got the bass, the synthed-out filters, the choppy vocal sample - throw in a hot doug's hot dog and you'd have a chicago certified export.

harvard bass - caked

a while ago he also completed this amazing edit of rotterdam's rejected. lots of pianos, lots of chords, and he added even more chords to the mix to make it even more delicious.

rejected - let's go juno (harvard bass more chords edit)

expect to hear alot more from this guy very soon. he's got more tracks in the pipeline and maybe even a few labels are starting to sniff around... read more!

just a band.

discodust favorites just a band, the bordelaise electro duo consisting of tom deluxx and stella definitely knows how to name their releases. when they first introduced themselves through their ep 'we are', we got quite a nice impression on what these up-and-comers are able to produce.

and i can't say calling their second ep 'burn it out' is exaggerated or anything -the freshness and energy here is so uplifting that the heavy rotation this is resulting in might indeed burn out my decks very soon. it also kinda makes me feel that it is what i've been missing these days. thanks for letting me notice by the way! so taste the little medley they mixed for you while it's hot and head over to beatport and grab that ep!

just a band - burn it out ep medley

but of course we have got some more for you. just a band kindly provided us with two of their hot and most recent remixes as well!

cicada - falling rockets (just a band remix)
alex gopher - belmondo (just a band remix)

and last but not least at all, a brand new remix by tom deluxx for dilemn.

dilemn - cosmica (tom deluxx remix)

if you like what you hear we strongly recommend showing just a band, tom deluxx, stella and also homework records your myspace love. they will show it back to you by keeping you very up to date about new stuff through regular bulletins! read more!

windsurf + moscow + woolfy + more.

this is going to be some kind of rocketing device for all of you balearic, laid back disco lovers. this post pays respect to all the little gems that are floating around this big fishernet, that's supposed to be on some bearded dj's skin, while he's pushing a crowd of ecstatic or somewhat drugged berlin-mitte geezers. anyhow, here we go.

first track is some two-dimensional slowfox presented by the loveley swedish people of pallers, which were called sarah and jenny before, a name that suits these soft guys as lush colours and arms without muscles come to mind, when you're listening to 'humdrum'. androgynity galore. it's a brilliant track.

pallers - humdrum

the second track is powerful nydisco-esque slowfox - nydisco as in lcd soundsystem - that has shown up on ohh! crapp... the other day, a blog that is killing it lately! much love. anyhow, the track, a remix of foals track 'olympic airways' by moscow, is more dfa than james murphy will ever be, which feeds the thought that you are dealing with james murphy here. seriously, i'm clueless.

foals - olympic airways (moscow remix)

woolfy versus projections is best described as dreamy slowfox. it's like 'going all the right places' and 'doing all the right things'. that's basically it, elysian goodness. thanks to 20jazzfunkgreats.

woolfy vs projections - nevee

windsurf are sorcerer and hatchback teaming up for some san francisco slowfox. they like the weather in their city and are deep into that cosmic kinda stuff. at least that's what i found out. besides, their music is something to fall for. prins thomas did obviously as he signed them on internasjonal and an album is coming real soon. and as it's his right, he's got the last word here too. some sweet and lovely edit of james yuill's track 'sweet love'.

windsurf - pocket check
james yuill - this sweet love (prins thomas sneaky edit)

more to love can be found and shown on the websites of pallers, moscow, woolfy vs. projections, windsurf and prins thomas. read more!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

joe and will ask.

joe and will ask are buzzing, buzzing, working, working. you may not be familiar with them just yet, but give them a few remixes to embed themselves in your music repertoire.

starting off with the mystery jets is a pretty good way to burst onto the scene. having to get permission directly from the godfather erol alkan to post a track is serious business. give it a listen and you'll see why... that bass! oh, that bass! this is the '11 pm' version of this track, as opposed to the '3 am' version which i can only imagine is deeper and heavier for that intoxicated state of mind.

mystery jets - elizabeth (joe and will ask 11 pm remix)

this is a track off of their new ep entitled 'hell hawk'. it's an exercise of sounds taking a basic set of chords, tweaking them, layering effects all over them and then stripping them down to their pure form. buckle up for an 8 minute ride.

joe and will ask - single vip

division kent get the treatment next. the vocals flow seamlessly over the electronic groaning and tweaking making it sound like a nordic masterpiece touched by erlend øye or röyksopp.

division kent - gravity (joe and will ask remix)

this unofficial remix is filled with all the 'bleeps' and 'blips' characteristic of deeper techno that might give you a flashback of a german afterhours club filled with smoke at 8 am. one layer of kick snares is covered by a synth line which disappears leaving the skeleton of the track.

ellen allien - do not break (joe and will ask remix)

for those of you that are really liking this sound, but don't know much about it you should definitely listen to their october mix. this is like a cheat sheet of artists that you should research and check out on beatport or myspace. there's some classics and some newbies in the tracklisting... now get to diggin! (tracklist after the jump.)

joe and will ask - october mix (on zshare)

p.s.: hey acid girls! i found you some friends to join you in your yet-unnamed genre of electronic music!

october mix tracklist:

01. marc houle - selection 12
02. giash & til yali - my little lady birds (remix)
03. style of eye - ona
04. paul ritch - aquarel
05. dominik eulberg - es klebt noch morgentau in deinem haar
06. paul kalkbrenner - absynthe
07. laurent garnier - panoramix
08. mathew jonson - decompression
09. patrice baumel - roar
10. format b - edding
11. wtf? - chicken
12. oliver giacomotto - eat what you kill (kiko remix)
13. peter dundov - oasis
read more!

in flagranti.

they're back! in flagranti and my disco goosebumps. the brooklyn disco duo are poised and ready to release a new 12" vinyl entitled "sexx piss tool" on codek records in november. they enlisted first-time vocalist, natalie smith, to drive the single 'brush my beat'.

she brings it right back to the track 'reputation or notoriety' on their first lp 'wronger than anyone else' ("got down on my knees..."). and for those of you not too familiar with in flagranti hunt down that album!!

while i can't give away the whole thing too early before the actual release, here is an edit made especially for us because i begged them to let us post this...

in flagranti - brush my beat (edit)

so show them a little thank you and go check it on read more!

act yo age + shir khan.

act yo age are about to drop their 'the hott this ep' on sweat it out!, along with remixes from edu k, shir khan, dre skull, rico tubbs, in flagranti, harris robotis and ash le rouge.

we have got their original classic techno inspired tune 'the flash' for you as well as germany's finest dj shir khan's 'powerhouse dub' rework of the same track and i really have a hard time deciding which one is the better party starter. you tell me!

act yo age - the flash
act yo age - the flash (shir khan powerhouse dub)

now go and add act yo age on myspace or you will seriously miss out!

UPDATE: find some more on discobelle and bigstereo. read more!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


publicist is the solo project of sebastian thomson, also a member of trans am, dead kids and weird war. his shows involve him playing drums in the middle of the dancefloor, not on stage, as his bio says 'he is of the people and for the people'. originally started two years ago while he was staying in london, he had to put publicist on hiatus when trans am started getting busy again but as he has time again now, it's finally time to get serious!

while i was trying to find words to describe the publicist sound, i think i should just quote some of the comments from his myspace, where people are like 'your funk is from another planet', 'cosmic sensation' and 'full on instant dance party' and that sums it up better than i ever could. sebastian was kind enough to share two tracks called 'chain gang' and 'the system' with all of us, both featuring weird war vocalist ian svenonius on the mic. about time for some space funk and putting the 'disco' back into 'discodust' after all!

publicist - chain gang
publicist - the system

sebastian thomson is open for all kind of collaborations, remixes included but most importantly he is looking for more vocalists to work with, excited to get a single out and start playing shows again!

i'd love to see publicist on a lot of other blogs and sites as well, as this is some of the freshest music i've found in ages. and the least you should do is go and add publicist on myspace! read more!

les gillettes + le corps.

cajsa from the unstoppable new judas camp's very own les gillettes sent over her latest remix for the upcoming le corps mince de françoise (pictured above) release, appropriately sub-titled 'no shame remix' as it features some of those currently en vogue trance synths that were still regarded 'embarrassing' like a year ago. see, that's how times change! along with le corps' raunchy vocals, this is sure to set the floor on fire!

le corps mince de françoise - ray-ban glasses (les gillettes remix)

and to give you some more insight on the current new judas releases, here's the ac slater remix for 'rough ruffin' by pets on prozac, low-q only i am afraid, so you'll have to go and buy the high-q at the usual spots!

pets on prozac - rough ruffin (ac slater remix)

show les gillettes and new judas some support on myspace! read more!

vega + kill the noise.

i am sure most of you will remember 'all too vivid' by ex-ghosthustler alan palomo's new project vega but just in case you've missed out: head over here for the post from a couple of weeks ago.

the single is going to drop real soon on alan's very own vogue college label and alan hooked us up with the all new kill the noise remix of 'all too vivid' as well as a lo-fi radio feel teaser for the upcoming single release containing four original tracks along with remixes. enjoy and stay tuned for the release!

vega - all too vivid (kill the noise remix)
vega - single release teaser

and guess what, vega can never get enough of your myspace love! shouts to waves at night for getting the remix out first! read more!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

annie + skatebaard.

annie's version of 'two of hearts' recently made it's way to the blogs, god knows why it didn't make it to the actual (pushed back) album. and while her cover got a lot of love on the blogs (travis even put up a whole compilation of 'two of hearts' covers over at bigstereo), the skatebård remix only showed up on iheartcomix! so far.

as the remix is really great (#1 on annie's top 10 autumn favorites) and i really appreciate cute girls singing to me about always staying together, i thought i need to bring it to your attention. high energy in the night!

annie - two of hearts (skatebård remix)

show the wonderful annie and the magnificent skatebård some myspace love! (and hey annie, let's go for a drink the next time i am in berlin, yes? come on, say yes!) read more!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

hey champ.

having just recently re-watched 'better off dead', i find myself understanding the appeal of the hot, bitchy, rich girl even with the rejection that looms. but that rejection ultimately leads to sweet payback. i get that satisified revenge vibe from chicago electro trio hey champ. take the lyrics "you're just a cold dust girl". damn, i'm not even quite sure what that means, but i know it's harsh.

i'm not in the habit of using the word 'dreamy' very often - honestly, it's a bit of a descriptive deterrent for me when it comes to a track - but there just isn't a better way to describe lead vocalist saam hagshenas' melodic pipes, at times reminding me of peter heppner.

inspired by the legends of rockford-rooted 80's bands before them (cheap trick), hagshenas and jonathan marks started building a sound in their early teens. pete dougherty, a fellow self-proclaimed princeton outsider, joined a year ago to play keys, adding a delicious synth depth to the music. enter the creation of a style part electro-pop, part good italo disco.

there is something definitely indie about the hey champ feel, but i wouldn't dare call it indie-dance rock. it's more complex than that. local djs on the side, the electric trio knows what magical music combinations make the kids dance and have definitely harnessed that element in their live sound.

schooled in matters of under the radar pop culture (i.e. 'where in the world is carmen sandiego?' is listed as one of their influences), the guys from hey champ seem genuinely interesting and playfully cool. also, since it has been commented on before, don't let their 50's dad endearment of a moniker scare you off.

enjoy two of my new favs and a remix of a track by hey champ electro-rock comrades, prairie cartel in 320 kbps!

hey champ - cold dust girl
hey champ - face control
prairie cartel - cracktown (hey champ remix)

don't be the last to add these guys on myspace (how embarrassing). and be on the look out for more. they're not signed yet, but it won't be long! props to creamteam for spotting the talent of these boys first. read more!

justin faust + electric youth.

forget internet dating sites, stick to music blogs, because your real match is your musical soul mate. discodust favorites electric youth and german house producer justin faust (pictured above) recently found their 'love' connection creating an ever so sexy remix of the electric youth track 'replay'.

i really didn't think this track could get any catchier. boy, was i wrong. exactly one minute into this track and you'll understand. faust's energy adds a valerie dimension that you might think would clash with the innocence of the original electric youth sound, but far from it. it only gains danceability. and i have to say those drums and synth bits at the end are to die for.

electric youth - replay (justin faust remix) read more!

Friday, October 10, 2008


whenever i get new songs that i like, i throw them on my 'whistle while you work' playlist. that way whenever something catches my ear, i'll try to remember who made it. well this track totally threw me for a loop because i had bought a bunch of stuff on beatport and couldn't remember who made this track. hatiras? lory d? hugo moya?

when my brain was ransacked out of options, i ran over to my computer to discover that it was mansion. they're back with the synthy chords, the clapping hi hats and the filtering buildups. ps: i love how they decided to forgo the typical diva vocals for the power male vocals.

mansion - body read more!


look what we've got here! new hotness delivered from rob aka redial from sydney, australia! several of you might remember our earlier post about him that made quite a noise in the blogosphere... but don’t worry, this time i'm not gonna compare him to anyone. i wouldn't even need to. the progress he made is so obviously hearable that even some of the last time haters should be getting retuned by those heroical melodies. can't deny these are bangers!

his next ep will be available on beatport soon. and in case you missed the first one you can still get that one right there as well. but watch out for even more to come since he has many more tracks up his sleeve. he's also planning a little european tour for early next year and i'm definitely looking forward to seeing this guy live!

redial - revolver
redial - valve

and if you haven't yet, spend some time on his myspace and impart your sympathy by adding him! read more!

le castle vania.

le castle vania is a regular guest around here and his collaboration track 'messiah' with computer club is definitely one of the hardest hitters this year - the only problem to me was that it is so heavy that i always had problems coming up with a suitable tune following it in the mix. now le castle vania himself provided a solution!

according to dylan, he never had so many people message him about a track before and he has now finally decided to release 'zero machine', his hard rocking smashing pumpkins sampling monster tune. don't mistake this for a remix though, aside from the sample it contains all own programmed synths, beats and all that.

i can literally see how the kids go crazy after the breakdown. le castle vania just secured another ranking in the top ten bangers for this year! so, wanna go for a wild ride? enjoy another discodust premiere!

le castle vania - zero machine

bloggers: re-post this like hell and everyone else go and show le castle vania some myspace love and stay tuned for upcoming releases on his very own imprint always never as well as on so sweet. read more!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

jokers of the scene + vitaminsforyou.

hot off the tails of their scion sampler release of 'baggy bottom boys' remix, jokers of the scene are keeping the heat comin' with another remix. this time, they manhandled fellow canadians vitaminsforyou. this version is a bit atypical for the guys as they don't usually deal with, but they bring the synthy build-ups, their signature kick drum and glitchy effects.

vitaminsforyou - b4u (jokers of the scene remix)

and good news for the states! the guys finally got their work visas so you know what that means... the jokers are invading on an official tour in the near future! read more!


ain't no stopping grum. ever since he first showed up on the scene, he has been dropping top notch tracks and although some people still think they need to act all weird as soon as they hear 'distortion', his tracks always get a lot of love and to me he is simply the best provider of 'bangers' these days.

his latest effort 'woah' is no exception. hard punching drums, lovely chords, eighties flavoured vocal cuts and a lot of synth action, as we are used to from grum. our friends from finger on the pulse are hosting a remix contest for this track, head over to their site to download the parts. i wonder if anyone will actually manage to come up with something better than grum but i bet some of you guys will be up for the challenge! everyone else, go crazy to the original!

grum - woah (updated version, 128kbps)

show the man some love on his myspace where you can also pick up a mix and interview that was aired on radio 1. and if you're in switzerland this weekend, catch grum live!

UPDATE: grum just did another mixdown of the track with some more boost on the high-end, i have replaced the file, everyone who downloaded it already, go get it again!

UPDATE 2: had to replace the mp3 again, this time with a 128 kbps version. as the feedback on this has been so great, 'woah' is getting an official release, thanks for the love, everyone! and if you downloaded it before: lucky you and please keep it to yourself, support grum when the release drops! read more!

designer drugs + iamx.

designer drugs obviously try to release a new remix every week now or something - but as long as they're keeping the high quality level up, that's fine with me! this time they hit us with a remix for 'spit it out' by iamx which is chris corner, most likely known to you as the lead singer of sneaker pimps.

i always liked their songs with kelli ali (formerly known as kelli dayton) as lead singer a lot better than the newer chris corner ones but that does not really matter right now - just wanted to say this aloud in public once! now get high on the latest designer drugs creation!

iamx - spit it out (designer drugs remix)

show designer drugs some myspace love and look out for their debut original release 'zombies' with 'back up in this' on the flipside, two big tracks coming up on iheartcomix! at the end of the month! read more!

ac slater.

the wait is finally over for the much anticipated 'jack got jacked' by ac slater lovingly supplied to the masses via palms out (it's not just a blog that you love for its remix sundays, people). true to his heavy bass brooklyn roots, this one's a whopper. sampling chuck robert's vocals off of whats arguably one of the most recognized house acapella's ever, the fingers inc. classic 'can you feel it (jack had a groove)'.

maybe this is his social commentary on the perversion of house music or perhaps his thoughts that the modern producers of today are putting classic house music to shame (doubtful) or maybe he's lamenting that no one seems to 'jack' on the dancefloor anymore. it doesn't matter, just listen!

ac slater - jack got jacked

we couldn't leave out this one by jack beats where he brings more of a 90's/miami bass feel mixed with some heavy wobbly basslines. you may want to turn your speakers and sub up as loud as they'll go. it's worth blowing them out for...

ac slater - jack got jacked (jack beats remix)

the original track is currently #1 on juno, so you can click on this junodownload link to keep up the winning streak... or you can go to your favorite digital distributor (like beatport, itunes, turntable lab, or wherever you have your credit card linked up to) and snatch up the other amazing remixes by udachi and b. rich! read more!

the requesters.

the requesters hail from barcelona, spain and if that seems all suspicious to you and makes you think of sidechains, you're right, he is involved as well. they have got an ep in the works that should be out before the end of the year and we were lucky enough to get ahold of one of their tracks already.

'strong love' by the requesters is one of those classic techno/house flavoured tracks that we can't get enough of right now, complete with piano chord stabs, diva vocals and 'aciiiiid' screams. speaking of, this gives me the chance to clear up a common fallacy: the kids never wanted techno, they always wanted acid! bust out your old school acid house smiley tees and pump up the volume!

the requesters - strong love

and better late than never, here is my favorite sidechains track ever, 'turn your body on' featuring phased chords, vibrato synths, a driving groove and of course, vocoders! not suitable for those grey days outside at all and that's what makes it even better.

sidechains - turn your body on

move on the the requesters myspace page to check out the tracks from their upcoming ep. much love to buffetlibre djs who featured 'strong love' on their latest mixtape 'verbana no. 5' first, head over to the buffetlibre djs myspace to pick it up for more exclusive tracks you don't want to miss out on! read more!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

fool's gold + scion.

scion did it again - after hooking up with iheartcomix! a few months ago, they are now releasing a new two-disc set featuring unreleased remixes and a mix from one of the freshest labels around, fool's gold. i hope this will be the final extra amount of hype that these guys need until they really go all through the roof.

also on the sampler are two of the most anticipated club tracks of this year, namely 'baggy bottom boys' by jokers of the scene and the surkin remix of 'acid life' by nacho lovers, both clearly indicating that it was all about going back to the original techno/rave roots and becoming more melodic this year. get those gems right now:

jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boys (jokers of the scene remix)
nacho lovers - acid life (surkin remix)

'cross the dancefloor' by treasure fingers has been in sets and dj charts constantly ever since it first showed up on the blogs like a year ago. and just when you thought it is probably a bit played out by now, chromeo come along and give it a rework that, after all the chromeo remixes in the past months, reminds you why these guys are just so good when they are on their own, doing their eighties disco-funk thing.

treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (chromeo remix)

and my last pick from the sampler is this remix by boys noize' very own shadow dancer for trackademicks, obviously a new signing on fool's gold.

trackademicks - enjoy what you do (shadow dancer remix)

check out scion av, fool's gold and if you're in miami, atlanta, philly or baltimore later this month, rsvp over here for the "fool's gold remixed tour". read more!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

dope fiend + metronomy + css.

excuses for the lack of posts from my side recently, there's way too much going on right now, in both rather good and really really bad ways, so i need even more off-time than usual. found some time to check a few random mails from my inbox and check my favorite blogs and came across two tracks you definitely should not miss.

so the track that got me back from premature hibernation comes from my friends over at get weird turn pro (who have recently been ditched from the hype machine for, i don't know, being too awesome or something) once again and seems to be one more 'secret side project from someone famous', going by the name of 'dope fiend'. i didn't even find a myspace profile and according to the get-weirdos, everyone has been strongly discouraged to call out any names.

but what are names anyway, this track, which is called 'dope fiend' as well, is a highly energetic (and addictive, duh) piece of banging electro-rock with semi-rap style vocals dealing with getting high and being on drugs, just what you're up to all the time. and for some reason it reminds me of the days when we first heard all this new exciting music on the blogs. enough, 'dope fiend' is one of those party smashing tracks that will definitely kill it in the clubs and hell, even in the streets! (and i can't believe this is posted like almost nowhere yet.)

dope fiend - dope fiend

and on top, here is a yet unheard metronomy (pictured above) remix for 'move' by css which is still my favorite song from their album but as i never really got along with metronomy too well and i was hoping for someone to add even more catchyness to the original, i can't really tell if it's any good. but i know a lot of you are suckers for everything by these guys and no one else is getting it done, so here you go. and as all the anonymous commenters on here always prove, like half of you don't agree with my opinions anyway! (but attention, while i am writing this and it keeps playing on repeat, i might be getting into it!)

css - move (metronomy remix)

show them some love and well, as every night, i hope i'll be back to normal soon! read more!