Monday, July 28, 2008

ll cool club: munich + berlin.

you can find me in da club. this weekend.

be there and get some ll coolness. read more!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

symbolone + dvas.

discodust favorites symbolone return with what is probably their best work ever, at least according to me. 'love juice' was awesome already but their remix of 'ambient room' by canada-based dvas is probably the best piece of 'french house' i have heard in a long time (and i always wonder if you'd really call it 'french house' when it doesn't even sound a lot like house but i guess that's what all we bloggers more or less agreed on).

they took the really lovely chords of the original, added some great c-64 style leads, a moroderesque bassline, put some more effects on the vocals and casted some of their trademark vintage magic and ended up with a true masterpiece! so if you have been a bit disappoined by the recent output of fred falke and lifelike, here come the leaders of the french house new school: symbolone.

dvas - ambient room (symbolone remix)

dvas also hooked us up with a few tracks that are definitely worth checking out as well as they have some really beautiful melodies and like i said earlier - really lovely chords in their tracks. the dance mix of 'watching you' is their latest work, 'forever' is a bit older and my favorite among their tracks and the original of 'ambient room' is up for grabs as well. keep an eye on dvas, they will be up there in no time, playing in front of drunk teens worldwide.

dvas - watching you (dvas dance mix)
dvas - forever
dvas - ambient room

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Saturday, July 26, 2008


discodust <3's jupiter. we both posted them after i happened to listen to them when they added me on myspace. lucky i did because i was a huge fan of their two little tracks. apparently so is the much buzzed about golden filter because they have jupiter in their top friends on myspace.

well, 'q' and 'a' didn't disappoint us with this track. oh its yummy dreamy synthy poppy nourishment for my ears. i might just start a jupiter fan club. listen to it. love it.

'c-h-i-p...that's all i want to be.'

warning: it may be 'stuck on repeat' for a while in your itunes!

jupiter - chip read more!

Friday, July 25, 2008

roman salzger.

in my efforts to diversify the flavors of music that discodust readers are exposed to, i thought i'd throw in a little treat from fellow german house/club/techno producer, roman salzger. well, i'm not german, but discodust is.

this track is a bit atypical for the normal club fare that roman puts out. it's unreleased and so far i've only seen a snippet of it on his myspace player. its a bit slower and more mellow. it may not work in a club at peaktime, but it may be the perfect song to listen to in ibiza as you stumble out of pacha to the beach for a margarita.

so grab those sunglasses, take off your shoes, throw this song on and nurse your hangover. and although his myspace player says this song is 'never to be released probably', discodust has got it in 320 kbps for you - magic!

roman salzger - alpha centauri

little known fact is that roman salzger did a collaboration with lifelike... read more!

nina sky + rick ross.

in order to confuse you even more, here is a great track by nina sky featuring rick ross that i've had on heavy rotation lately. and of course, the fact that this song is dealing with one of my favorite things ever, helped to get it up here as well.

nina sky featuring rick ross - curtain call

thanks to the fader for putting this up (i took this in exchange for that one). shouts to my man russ chimes and all other disco heads who can appreciate slow jams.

and to everyone who's about to give me shit because this track 'does not belong here' in their humble opinion, it is about time to embrace change. read more!

venom + damage.

the all-star blogger mailing list grindin is a great place to learn about new music and hear about what's really hot right now and thanks to bok bok and casi from flamin' hotz i finally had a fair chance of catching up the whole bassline/4x4 movement which incorporates a lot of influences from garage, booty, rap and fidget and clocks in at about 140 bpm.

i have really been sleeping on it for too long and well, so have a lot of other people and almost the entire traditional 'music media' world but as far as i go, i'll definitely spend a fair time of my holidays on catching up on it and other genres (like dubstep) while i have been focusing a lot on bangers and retro disco material in the past months. not sure if any of that will end up on the blog but i just noticed my music research has been a bit limited lately and i am sure you'll agree when i say i mustn't lose my edge.

bok bok shared the amazing 'frenzy' mixtape by venom & damage with the grindin crew and it contains a lot of heavy bass music, mainly bassline but some fidget tracks that we're used to hear on the blogs as well. listen to 40 minutes of new sounds and constantly pumping bass, bass and more bass:

venom & damage - frenzy (mixtape)

tracklist after the jump. additionally and as a great start for your growing collection of bassline tunes, here is a track off 'frenzy', also made by venom & damage, looking for some love in the club:

venom & damage - love in the club (frenzy mix)

head over to lower end spasm, curb crawlers and electric zoo who were all over the bass a lot earlier than me. and a shout to all the heavy bass producers and labels out there: send us your tunes!

1. chenelle featuring cham - i fell in love with the dj (t2 remix)
2. becky rhodes - angry 2008
3. apple - segalizer
4. venom and damage - paradise slugs vip
5. mr virgo – jack in the box
6. taio cruz - come on girl (delinquent remix)
7. ds1 - the lock off
8. witty boy - so happy
9. dj influence - vendetta
10. subzero ft.mnt sg - hmm yesss
11. starkey - just a friend
12. moves! - all skate
13. venom and damage - love in the club
14. crookers - big money comin
15. drop the lime - i love ny
16. lethal bizzle - selfridges girl not on myspace (boy 8 bit remix)
17. math head – turn the music up
18. sirens - club la la (dj q bassline remix)
19. 3rd face - canto della liberta (venom and damage remix)
20. n.e.r.d/douster - nosebreak (venom and damage remix)
21. disco d - what color is yo thong feat. dean & helluva
22. b. calloway - lola falana
23. venom and damage - a millie (1990s style at the boutique)
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Thursday, July 24, 2008


lovelock is steve from new york. and sometimes there's barbara helping steve out with vocals. but that's about all information we've got cause lovelock plans to keep things low profile for the moment. maybe that's what you wanna do when you put something on the market that might have been an after work bedroom classic back in the 80s. on the other hand 80s girls and bedrooms is what most of my peeps spend their time with. anyway.

lovelock - love reaction

enough theory! lovelock seems to be involved with valerie in some way, one of our favorite blogs/syndicates out there. he's exactly what the french west coasters are all about: porn, synths, energy. pure beauty. nothing more to say, but to strongly advise you to check out the two brilliant tunes.

lovelock - maybe tonight

further information can be found on lovelock's myspace. show that mysterious guy some good old 80s shoulder pad loving. big ups to loose shus for pointing us in the right direction. read more!


yeah, it's discodust favorites day today! after felix cartal here are some brandnew tracks by hostage who is making a lot of progress recently, getting airplay with his track 'mash up the speaker' (we posted it a few weeks ago) from annie mac on 'the mash up' and zane lowe. about time he is blowing up!

first up in this post is hostage's most recent track 'hoot', one of the best tracks he has ever done according to - me! 'hoot' combines the best of the golden rave times - rave signals, stabs, broken beats and a great piano breakdown part with the best of today - heavy bass and punching drums! this is the way to go, i wish more people out there would include some old school references but maybe the youngsters just never heard about kicks like a mule and the entire kniteforce catalogue. here's your chance to learn what rave is all about, enjoy another discodust first:

hostage - hoot

just a week or two older than 'hoot' is 'sorry' which is driven by breakbeats and a real nasty bassline and once again it makes me wonder why the industry is still letting hostage release so many tracks straight to the blogs, as this is nothing but pure energy. enjoy it in full 320 kbps for the first time:

hostage - sorry

make hostage your friend on myspace and help him blow up even more. and knowing him as the production addict he is, you should come back here to find more from hostage real soon! read more!

felix cartal.

it's about time we provide you with some new material of discodust favorite felix cartal again. he recently finished remixes for u-god (of wu-tang clan, you ignorants), mstrkrft and julien-k and is about to release 'montreal dreams' and 'drugs' on itunes, so you kids finally have a chance to get ahold of 'montreal dreams' which might be the best track felix cartal has delivered so far and is still as banging as on the first day i heard it.

besides that, he hooked us up with an unreleased tune that has been kind of a secret weapon until now, as it has not been uploaded to felix cartal's myspace player and thus does not circulate as a low-quality rip on one of those desperate blogs now but indeed gets his official premiere here on discodust tonight. and damn, if anyone ever said 'bangers are over', this will prove you wrong.

"l'amour" is hard to the bone and features breakdowns that will make you hold your breath - just as you've come to expect from felix cartal. and somehow it reminds me of vitalic and that whole time back then when distortion was still considered a good thing by nearly everyone while nowadays everyone seems to be a critic and acts like they know it all. but long story short, this kills everything that gets in it's way and i fucking love it - l'amour:

felix cartal - l'amour

and just in case you haven't heard it yet, here is the high quality version of felix cartal's remix for 'venganza' by lazaro casanova, a bit on the lighter side (as opposed to "l'amour") but definitely perfect for peak time as well.

lazaro casanova - venganza (felix cartal remix)
buy 'venganza' on itunes

keep watching out for an ep of all new material from felix cartal out before the end of the year and while you're impatiently waiting with me, show him some myspace love. read more!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

larry tee + killer on the dancefloor.

while most people (including me, until i heard these upcoming tracks) probably still think of the (still not completely dead) 'electroclash' monster first when they hear the name larry tee, the new york-based dj, producer and promoter has successfully moved on and his current material is absolutely cutting edge. also you should keep in mind that due to the way early choice of getting hervé busy on a remix of his princess superstar featuring single 'licky', larry tee put out a track over a year ago that is still getting played heavily in the clubs and discovered by upcoming bloggers.

larry tee got in touch with me the other day and if his whole upcoming album 'club badd' is as good as the material he sent over to me to prelisten (and i think it will be as good or better), it is going to be a really really great release. to get you in the mood for the big things to come, here is a remix of 'i love u' by brazilian newcomers killer on the dancefloor who deliver a stunning hybrid of fidget and baile-funk featuring one of the most dramatic breakdowns i have heard in a long time. straight fire in 320 kbps:

larry tee - i love u (killer on the dancefloor baile remix)

and just in case you missed it when it was up on the blogs earlier this year, here is the bart b more remix (another excellent choice for a remixer) of 'i love u' which is still on a lot of playlists out there as well:

larry tee - i love u (bart b more secured dub)

once again, congratulations to larry tee for moving on and staying on top of the game, i wish the club dj's over here in germany were the same.

watch out for more to come from larry tee on discodust in the near future, show him some myspace love and keep an eye out for his upcoming album 'club badd'. read more!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the phantom's revenge.

tony is just a regular french guy. he likes to post surveys on his myspace (remember those? what's your favorite ice cream?) he hates spiders and gets along with his parents. he's friends with louis la roche (pictured above). you know, a normal french kid. but he also makes some really good french touch.

first off, the phantom's revenge takes a stab at reworking a track for division kent. he kept the breathy, glass candy-esque vocals and chop chop chopped away at the beat. no, it's not your cd skipping.

division kent - offshore (the phantom's revenge remix)

like i said, it's not your cd skipping, keep listening.

the phantom's revenge - absolute ego riot

louis la roche is one worth keeping your eye on too. if you missed his ep 'the peach' then go back and get it! and if you like what you hear then keep your ears peeled and your rss readers tuned here because he has a new album coming out called 'i delete myself', the first new single, 'be brave' is already on his myspace player.

the phantom's revenge - absolute ego riot (louis la roche remix)

the phantom's revenge - i can't lose read more!

revolte + wonder.

today is gonna be a damn busy day here on discodust. and we start it off with something that has not even been on the posting schedule yet but that i have to get out immediately because it is so damn good.

the boys from revolte just sent over their latest and if this is not gonna get them to break through finally, i am completely losing my faith in the so-called 'a&r's out there. if nobody releases this, the music industry might as well shut down and die.

the stunning 'les mecs kleenex' is a banging yet very catchy song, featuring the talented and totally hot sounding wonder on the vocals while revolte are delivering what we've come to expect from them - meaning hard hitting drums as well as synths and samples dripping with funk. this is killing it! another discodust first in 320 kbps for you!

revolte - les mecs kleenex (featuring wonder)

show wonder and revolte some myspace love! more from them in the archives. read more!

diamond cut.

the ever so mysterious diamond cut is/are back once again. her/his/their rework of 'run for your life' by up and coming 'roctron' (yeah sure, why not, everyone can have their own genre these days) band heavy rotation is a melodic masterpiece that will give the ibiza house mafia a run for their money.

as one of our beloved readers recently said in the comments, diamond cut's sound is somewhere in between lifelike and anoraak and if i may say so, with some additional drive added. in a better world, sophisticated dj's would get off their high horses and play this out on the beach while the sun rises (aww, plur!). and while this is not exactly the same, you'll hopefully still enjoy another discodust first and get carried away:

heavy rotation - run for your life (diamond cut instrumental)

there's also a version with vocals available that you can check out on the diamond cut myspace but i was insisting on an instrumental version to post. and this is so good that you'll just have to show diamond cut some love! read more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

farley jackmaster funk remixed.

how do you make the self-proclaimed 'king of house music' relevant to all the blog masses? pull the old 'pr' media formula of getting some buzz-worthy remixers. farley jackmaster funk has some people working for him that know what they are doing... they got boys noize (one of the kings of the blog-o-sphere), production duo dolby anol (covering the UK indie rock crowd) and lifelike (purveyor of cosmic disco perhaps second only to fred falke at the moment) to each throw their signature sounds on this new track. darryl pandy's vocals are probably the only common thread on all three remixes and remind me of a soloist on gospel sundays.

this first remix by boys noize (and maybe my favorite of the bunch) sounds a bit like something out of the dfa camp with filtering buildups and crisp cymbols. its titled the 'boys noize started like this mix' which makes me wonder if this is how he sounded way back when...

farley jackmaster funk - love cant turn around (boys noize mix)

the second mix was touched by the king midas of cosmic neu-disco (um sorry, i just made that genre up). he covers the track with 80's throwback synths and house vocals. it may have been more aptly named 'lifelike 1992 mix', haha.

farley jackmaster funk - love cant turn around (lifelike 2008 mix)

the last one of the bunch was reworked by dolby anol. they take the song for a bit harder spin than the others, perhaps a style i would have expected from boys noize, but they make it work to round out the group.

farley jackmaster funk - love cant turn around (dolby anol remix) read more!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


breakdown are a dj and producers collective from california consisting of reid speed and the brothers josh david and matt david. in 2005 they started throwing the 'breakdown' parties together and over the years they have focused more and more on production which was a pretty good decision as they hooked me up with a lot of material and every single track is just so slamming that i just have to post them all. breakdown already received big support for their tracks from the likes of z-trip, twocker, bass kleph as well as discodust favorites guns n bombs and rico tubbs.

the breakdown sound is very bass heavy and mainly electro house based while always keeping a fidget vibe and being much more playful than the majority of any comparable tracks with huge drops and breakdowns (no pun intended) reminding me of well arranged drum & bass and jump up tunes. first up are two banging originals which you might have already seen posted somewhere else but for a proper introduction, they need to go first:

breakdown - feel this
breakdown - do what i want

and because all of them are just too good, here are some really well done remixes of the early breakbeat hymn 'on a ragga tip' by sl2, an unreleased dj kue track featuring vocals from the n.w.a. anthem 'dopeman' (eazy-e rest in peace) and the dj dan classic 'that zipper anthem', each of them are perfect crowdpleasers:

sl2 - on a ragga tip (breakdown remix)
dj kue - don't get high (breakdown remix)
dj dan - that zipper track (breakdown remix)

and i still can't stop now, as breakdown also hooked me up with the most recent dj remix of their very own reid speed who takes you on a constantly banging bass heavy ride with her brandnew summer mix. tracklisting after the jump.

reid speed - breakdown beats the heat summer mix

show breakdown some myspace love! and once again i have to send shoutouts to get weird turn pro for first bringing breakdown to my attention. it always seems to be the same blogs where i find good music recently, always get weird turn pro and discobelle. i am not sure if this means our tastes are alike and i need to become a little more diverse or if everyone else needs to step their game up (whoa, evil eh), up to you to decide.

tracklisting for 'breakdown beats the heat summer mix':

1. the gossip - yr mangled heart (guns & bombs remix)
2. sawtooth sucka- no ordinary girl (zodiac cartel remix)
3. ? - summer in the city (proper villains remix)
4. meat katie - cracks (madox remix) lot 49
5. dada life - cash in drop out (twocker remix)
* canto della liberta - vandalism remix
6. harley schoolkid - from paris with love (breakdown remix) dug
7. edwin starr - war (cox & pullen drunk mix)
* bmore dominator (rico tubbs remix)
8. hostage - blockhead
* three 6 mafia feat dj unk - id rather get some hey! (start the violence remix)
9. rossell feat emma - dancing with strangers (miles dyson mix)
* i wanna freak you (kurd maverick remix)
10. drop the lime - good inside
* beastie boys - super disco breakin (project cyborg remix)
11. will bailey & mikey hook - body flow (donald duck dooms night mix)
* rick ross - hustlin (b. rich remix)
12. sawtooth sucka - letting go
* ryan riback - boom
* minuit - a room full of cute (rico tubs mix)
13. ol' dirty bastard - i like it raw (rico tubbs remix)
14. awesome 3 - don't go (dirty freek remix)
15. robb g - heavy (breakdown remix)
* audio porno - choochoo (bloody beetroots instrumental)
16. hatiras & flipside - get blahsted
* dj kool - let me clear my throat (luvstuff's breadbin remix)
17. kelavra & drusif - ragga muffin
18. mpi project - here i am (twocker's sniper remix)
19. kc & kelavra - bring it back (jordan naumov remix)
20. dj deekline - i don't smoke the reefer (twocker's super skunk re-rub) rat
* maxxed - riddem and culture (aquasky remix)
21. dj kue - don't get high (breakdown takes you higher vip)
22. destroy disco - fly or bounce (bart b more remix)
* groove armada - get down (calvin harris remix)
23. does it offend you, yeah? - epic last song (jack beats remix)
24. murs- to protect & entertain (crookers remix)
25. mia- boyz (hot pink delorian rmx)
26. katy perry- i kissed a girl (kue's kissed a squirrel remix)
read more!


discodust favorite adeyhawke is back with 'gigavolt angel', another wonderful dreamy and ever so filmic soundscape in his trademark unique blend of styles somewhere in between idm and the most wonderful summer night drive (with a cool breeze!) you never experienced in the eighties. dear sleepy electronica labels, it is about time to prepare a contract for adeyhawke and secure the album. so good.

adeyhawke - gigavolt angel

don't forget to tell adeyhawke how much you love him. and in case you missed his previous tracks, his entire discography is available in our archives. read more!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

midnight juggernauts remixed.

our 'darling' naomi sent over some new remixes for the upcoming midnight juggernauts single 'into the galaxy' which will be out on 11th august on institubes and itunes, containing remixes by danger, architecture in helsinki, metronomy, shy child, french vintage electro lovers band chateau marmont and - gasp! - the legendary grandmaster flash (!!!).

we have got both the grandmaster flash and the chateau marmont remix up for you in high-q, so start downloading, shut your eyes and then you're off 'into the galaxy' (whoo cheezy!):

midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy (grandmaster flash remix)
midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy (chateau marmont remix)

bonus: well-known designers surface 2 air made a nice video for 'into the galaxy':

midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy (video on youtube)

tip of the day: head over to myspace and check out chateau marmont as i am sure these guys are blowing up soon and also don't forget about grandmaster flash and midnight juggernauts either! read more!

Friday, July 18, 2008

the twelves.

without a doubt, the twelves from brazil are one of the best production duos to emerge from the blogs, constantly improving and blowing up ever since their first remixes were passed around about one year ago. i have been trying to get ahold of some unreleased material of them for ages, probably even annoyed them with my regular messages on myspace but finally, today is the day where they sent a mail with some great new sounds my way and i am glad i can finally scratch them off my 'too cool for discodust' list.

previously the twelves were only known from their unsigned remixes for kylie minogue and yelle which were soon followed by official remixes for the likes of black kids, theatre of disco and zeigeist.

we are proud to premiere two original tracks by the twelves that they have been sending out to a few labels already and got pretty good feedback for. the vocals are all home-recorded so these versions might not be final, in case they are actually getting a release. i wouldn't know why not though, as both 'works for me' and 'when you talk' sound like excellent mixtures of vintage synth-fueled french house and really catchy and driving electro-influenced indie pop.

if i'd run a label i would tell them immediately not to send it out to anyone any more and take my turn to get rich but obviously those a&r's out there are sleeping again. enough talk, download and enjoy two songs by the twelves that are probably going to be my favorites for this weekend:

the twelves - when you talk
the twelves - works for me

now show the twelves all your myspace love, in order to let them know discodust readers have taste and are really passionate about music (cough), so that the twelves will be more than glad to hook us up with even more of their tracks in the future! read more!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


when i first heard "we're back" by heartbreak either on cbs or on some good mix a while ago, i did not even consider it blog material because i was pretty much sure that it must be an ancient italo classic. i didn't know it was an all new track by heartbreak, the duo consisting of ali renault on the keyboards and sebastian muravchix on the microphone who both already have quite a few solo releases out on uk underground strictly single-sided vinyl label dissident. so it was a pleasant surprise to hear it again over at the always great get weird turn pro.

heartbreak deliver italo disco at it's best and they even tricked me into thinking this is actually old. i was most likely drunk back then though but obviously they really succeeded at recreating the original italo vibe, vintage synths and drum machines as well as the trademark singing being somewhere on the edge between marvellous and ridiculous. "we're back" and more from heartbreak is about to drop on lex records in the near future. have a good time:

heartbreak - we're back

show heartbreak some myspace love as you want them to come back many more times, no?

UPDATE (aug 19th): "we're back" is now available legally digitally as their first single - signed to lex records worldwide. debut album coming out in september! read more!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the golden filter.

"we're super new. and somewhat secretive."

that's the only content in the mail i just received from the golden filter. and i had a special feeling about this before i even managed to download the track from the included zshare link. but as soon as i heard the punching drums, the driving disco bassline i was caught up and when the lovely chords and angelic girl vocals dropped in the only thing i could say was 'wow!'. listen to the best thing ever:

the golden filter - solid gold

i've tried to find out some more about the golden filter but did not manage to. their myspace is brand new and they were just smiling back at me when i sent them an all excited reply. at least i was told another track is about to come really soon, so it seems like they will really give little boots a hard time when it comes to the 'unsigned sensation of the year' title.

so so good! read more!

city reverb + trevor loveys.

one of my current favorite remixers, trevor loveys, got busy on the second single 'city of lights' from city reverb's upcoming album 'lost city folk'. it's a bit of a blend of his trademark fidget style and some laidback chilled out vibes that you would probably rather expect from röyksopp. there has been quite some talk about this on the blogs already and you can enjoy it here first. low quality only unfortunately but as it won't be released until september 8th, that's the best version around right now. enjoy:

city reverb - city of lights (trevor loveys vocal mix)

in related trevor loveys news, our friends over at discobelle just dropped his outstanding remix for evil nine today. i sent about three mails to marine parade about this as soon as i heard the remix a few weeks ago, asking for permission, but obviously they only had time to send it to others! whatever, this remix fucking kills, one of my favorite tracks in the past weeks. enjoy it in 192 kbps and go buy the 320 as soon as you can:

evil nine - they live (trevor loveys remix)

stay tuned for more later today and keep an eye on the city reverb myspace as some more remixes are said to pop up there for free download real soon! read more!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

kid gloves remixes.

the uk producer responsible for 'a stroke of genius' freelance hellraiser has teamed up with anu pillai of freeform five fame to form a production duo under the moniker of kid gloves. after scouring the internet, that's about all the information i could find on this remix team. no myspace. no links. only remixes. seems they are trying to remain incognito while getting hooked up with some higher-profile remixes.

i'm going to start off with my favorite kid gloves remix to date because i don't want you to get scared off by three remixes and instead of picking one to download, you opt to keep scrolling down instead. this one. get this one. whoever thought cowbells and distortion could be so happily married in a remix?

santogold - lights out (kid gloves remix)

next one is a remix of ladyhawke. the guys took the melodic vocals and chopped them up to make the song a bit minimal and not so sweet-sounding.

ladyhawke - paris is burning (kid gloves remix)

and don't forget das pop.

das pop - underground (kid gloves remix) read more!

malente re-edits.

after ranting so much about germany, on to one of the best djs and producers in our beloved country: malente. he joined the ranks of the berlin battery blog a while ago and ever since regularly posts re-edits he did mainly for his own sets. and while i usually run when i hear the word 'edit', his reworks always turn out to be about twice as good as the originals, perfectly spiced up for peaktime on the floors.

just today he posted his re-edit of 'the crow' by crookers and boy 8-bit which should keep all of us happy until turbo finally unleashes 'raven' by the proxy. party time:

crookers & boy 8-bit - the crow (malente re-edit)

because you must not miss them either and 'on a roll man' kind of fits my posting streak tonight, here are two more recent malente re-edits for machines don't care and hostage:

machines don't care - on a roll man (malente re-edit)
hostage - blockhead (malente re-edit)

and in related old news, if you haven't heard the boy 8-bit ep on mad decent yet, go check it out as it's one of the must-haves this year. here is the follow-up track to the ep's 'suspense is killing me' that was on the blogs to promote that ep and as so often, i just slept on it:

boy 8-bit - ghost house (suspense is killing me part ii)

now head over to berlin battery to find out that malente is not just a great dj and producer but also does much better write-ups than me. and afterwards, please come back because you love me anyway! yeah? read more!

Monday, July 14, 2008

the sound of arrows.

every month i am buying almost all music magazines that are coming out here in germany and spend a fair amount of time in bed reading them, ending up checking out tons of random music and usually being disappointed by almost everything because these guys obviously just seem to live in another world. this time it was a bit different though, as i read about the sound of arrows and that lead me to one of the catchiest pop style songs i came across in ages: 'danger!'.

their myspace page says they are from 'pop heaven' and judging by their sound, the go! team must be up there with them too, complete with a whole arsenal of flutes, bells, vintage breaks records, distortion pedals and every other piece of gear you can imagine. here's your ticket:

the sound of arrows - danger!

and if that wasn't good enough already, a person named mr. pedro got busy on a remix of 'danger!' that sounds like having pet shop boys on the percussions while anoraak and fred falke are hammering on the vintage synthesizers. so so good:

the sound of arrows - danger! (mr. pedro remix)

full disclosure: actually the sound of arrows are from sweden and you can buy their ep with 9 tracks of greatness straight from their label labrador, so go for it already!

(and oh, on a sidenote: after i was surprised to read about a good band in a german magazine, i noticed that the headline was 'good music from the blogs'. yeah, where else would they have found it?) read more!

dj kue.

dj kue (not pictured above) from san jose has already put out a few releases, got airplay on kissy sellout's radio show and also has a few records in the hype machine database. besides that he is responsible for "lover's break", one of my favorite tracks on the latest guns n bombs mixtape we just posted a few days ago.

so i hit him up for tracks and he came back at me with a huge collection of tracks he has done and it was tough choosing just three of them for this post as i am sure pretty much all of them do their job on the floor really well considering that dj kue manages to combine elements of fidget, french house and electro house into his very own production style. so check out "lover's break" first:

dj kue - lover's break

and then move on to 'low rider' which was played on kissy's show and just for the fun of it, listen to his remix of 'i kissed a girl' by katy perry (pictured above) as well.

dj kue - riding low
katy perry - i kissed a girl (kue's i kissed a squirrel remix)

now go add dj kue on myspace as you definitely don't want to miss out on his upcoming productions! (although i hope he will keep hooking me up with new tracks - hint!) read more!


after coming back from their australia tour, the futurecop! boys hit me up with a rather twisted mix featuring nothing but eighties hits and a few of their own tracks. they also told me to take down their tracks i put up about a year ago as they have got an actual release coming up soon! congratulations! let's celebrate with them, listening to their 'futurecop! we are future! mix'.

futurecop! - futurecop! we are future! mix

check the comments for the tracklist and watch out for the upcoming futurecop! release. (and never forget: we dream the same dream, we want the same thing!) read more!

Friday, July 11, 2008

goon & koyote.

what do two white guys from paris know about booty bass? apparently enough to make fans out of everyone that's heard their 'diamond grillz' mixtapes. goon & koyote just dropped their new ep 'wellness is wild' which is full of ass-shakin, p*ssy poppin bass beats.

while france is no stranger to rap, these guys are mixing it up a bit by bringing a ghettotech/detroit/miami bass sound more closely associated with guys like dj funk and dj assault. listening to these two tracks has brought me back to an entire world of songs over 130 bpm that i often neglect and forget how much i love.

this one seems like it deserves to be played right before cajmere's 'percolator'.

goon & koyote - pussy out

this mix was worked by uk club dress 2 sweat resident, dikulous. damn, makes me want to go hop on the soul train...

goon & koyote - wellness is wild (dikulous' zulu remix)

bonus: and in the spirit of makin that booty pop, here's an old school house track thanks to corporate bloggin'.

traxmen & eric martin - ride me baby (eric erky jerky mix)

and if you want to waste a few days of your life listening to some amazing music, watching some c-c-c-razy dance moves and learning some fashion tips... check here! read more!


redial is an upcoming producer from sydney. so some of you might think 'oh man, another newcomer from australia? this is getting boring!'. well, for those of you: it sure isn't, at least not this time, as redial brings us the heat with some real hot tracks! and if this hasn't sounded corny enough yet, how about i tell you he has already released his first ep 'ghost' on ajax' label sweat it out!? hot tracks, sweat it out, you know? err, well.

seriously now, we have got a few songs for you to check out before you head right over to beatport and pick them up to give redial some support. styles are varying between gloomy synths reminding of kavinsky and tracks that will simply blow you away when played out loud! just listen for yourself:

redial - 1985
redial - 45 overdrive
redial - starscream

for some more, you should head over to our friends at electrorash to check out the redial remix for eclier. and of course, show redial some myspace love! read more!

top billin.

our friends from top billin, one of the most cutting edge dj teams around, are about to put out a new ep named 'sexytime' containing some highly effective club joints for the ladies. this time the tracks are coming from bounce camp, deejay j-laini, dj anonymous, candyman & leatherface, eli escobar and top billin themselves. as all their releases, it will be available on junodownload soon.

to give you a taste of how good this ep is i decided to go for the really uplifting 'big dancin' by bounce camp and eli escobar's great remix of keyshia cole. sexytime right here:

bounce camp - big dancin
eli escobar - shoulda let you go

show top billin some myspace love and head over to outside broadcast for more from eli escobar. read more!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

guns n bombs.

i don't know if you remember a time not so long ago when a mixtape was a rare thing on music blogs. there were a few mixtapes that i would always download; one was miam les fruits put together by pharrell from the fluokids and the other was the mixtape series by guns n bombs. there were always new, unreleased tracks and old gems. they accompanied me on many a drive to and from work and helped me finish my homework.

it's time for the fourth installment from guns n bombs that was recorded live at the apollo theater. you can expect nothing less than wobbly bass, big names and unreleased tracks. great job guys. you're gonna have people scouring hype machine and bittorrents for weeks.

guns n bombs - mixtape 4

find the tracklist after the jump!


curses! - this is the way (drop the lime remix)
armand van helden - je t'aime (riva starr acid 80 mix)
destroy disco - fly or bounce
fake blood - fake blood theme (re-edit)
scottie b - niggaz fighting
outlander - the vamp
the teenagers - homecoming (gnb 1996 xtc rave remix)
klaxons - atlantis to interzone (destroy disco remix)
passions! - get hype
nic sarno - hot jack (congorock remix)
proxy - dance in the dark
dj kue - lovers break
the phantoms revenge - burn da red dog
congorock - exodus
jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boys
the loungin kollective - riddim come 4ward (herve's fire pon dem remix)
robyn - whos that girl (drop the lime remix)
plastikman - spastik
read more!

pnau + fred falke + miami horror.

in my dreams fred falke and miami horror are teaming up to remix tracks by pnau and ladyhawke. rush, before i wake up and it's all gone:

pnau - embrace (fred falke & miami horror remix)

who the bloody hell are they? and bigstereo were faster this time.

UPDATE (august 8th, 2008): i received a dmca takedown notice about this because the riaa doesn't understand shit and is too lazy to double check with labels, promotion agencies or artists. for the record: this was a 128 kbps mp3 which was first posted on the blog of jerry soer (who is managing miami horror) in order to promote the upcoming release. what the fuck? read more!

young monday.

as my flatmate uses to say: 'disco is over'. well, how could one be so wrong, as none of the hipster new rave stuff she and the rest of the wasted german youth likes so much delivers stories as this one: ian lanterman, a canadian whose name is taken from a 70s japanese porn magazine sits in his apartment making music that reminds one of bath robes and cheap aftershave, inspired by b-movies as "rolf, the last mercenary" or the soundtrack of "les 7 jours de janvier", a film written by javier bardem's uncle, juan antonio.

young monday - prls

to get back to the point nowadays disco is heavily fueled with citations that deliver something more valuable than neon glowsticks and stone-washed jeans. this is wimbledon. and that's exactly what young monday's tracks are: tight shorts and sweaty men with headbands. mark my words, this is as good as sexy vintage underwear. so, if any of the above mentioned caught your interest, check out young monday's tracks.

young monday - sat by the c

for more information check his myspace and show some good old fashioned loving. read more!

Monday, July 07, 2008

midnight juggernauts remixed.

we are all familiar with the whole 'australian movement' that swept the music and blog worlds a few years ago. well the aussies have prevented the hype from fizzling out by cranking out quality lp's and remixing each other back and forth like forrest gump playing ping pong with two paddles. two of the most well-known groups, cut copy and midnight juggernauts are at it again. really you cant lose with cosmic synth buildups, filtered vocals and sprinkled with australian magic. bet you can't listen to this track only once...

midnight juggernauts - dystopia (cut copy remix)

bonus: thanks to ohh! crapp... for this little gem that seemed to slip thru the promo cracks. shhh, dont tell anyone but it may outshine the cut copy remix.

midnight juggernauts - dystopia (turkish prison remix) read more!

martin solveig + tepr.

more and more major music industry executives are catching on quick to the popular formula of making their mainstream artists gain underground credibility: select some tastemakers to remix the new single. martin solveig's people did just that when they selected french percussionist for yelle, tepr, one of the swedish house mafia's most recently hyped members, laidback luke, and uk house/hip-hop producer mowgli to remix solveig's new single 'i want you'. check out tepr's remix right here:

martin solveig - i want you (tepr remix)

tepr seems to be on a roll lately as he has banged out remixes for kid sister, santogold and the teenagers in the past few months. go and add him on myspace. read more!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


discotexas - the label by discodust favorites moulinex and xinobi is finally up and running! they kick it off with their first release, 'day off' by xinobi - buy it now on beatport - and seriously, it couldn't be any better. 'day off' is a disco sample-based french house-flavoured track with a really driving bassline and a guaranteed floorfiller. check it out right here:

xinobi - day off

the release features another original track by xinobi, once again featuring a great sample that sounds very 80s and filmic. while i might be totally wrong guessing that, i am definitely right when i am saying it is a banger as the discotexas guys told me this track had yuksek running back to the dj booth after he was done with his set and asking which song is playing. but hear for yourself:

xinobi - losing sight

to make the release complete, xinobi got some sweet remixes from anoraak and gun n' rose, of course you can preview them here as well:

xinobi - day off (anoraak remix)
xinobi - day off (gun n' rose dirty dub)

all the mp3s in this post have been at 128 kbps and i ask you to support discodust and xinobi to head over to beatport and buy the release.

and as i missed it in my post about buffet libre and their 'rewind' project, here is xinobi's rework of the 80s classic 'do it' by roger troutman, this time in 320 kbps:

roger troutman - do it (xinobi remix)

so one last time: buy 'day off' on beatport and when you're done with that, show xinobi some myspace love! (plus special bonus: hear the work in progress 'discotexas theme' on the discotexas myspace.) read more!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

fukkk offf.

a lot has happened in fukkk offf's career since we first posted about him back then. his two singles have been released on coco machete and skjöldmusic and he has done tons of official remixes for the likes of maral salmassi, monosurround and sidechains.

his new ep 'rave is king' featuring three all killer and all new original tracks is out now on coco machete and available on beatport. he provided us with a special (shortened) discodust edit of the title track, the banging electro-house party anthem 'rave is king'. check it out right here and pay attention to the vocals:

fukkk offf - rave is king (discodust edit)

and as you want to hear more anyway, here is the fukkk offf remix of 'cocked, locked, ready to rock' by monosurround:

monosurround - cocked, locked, ready to rock (fukkk offf remix)

now if you still can't get enough (and i am pretty sure you can not) here is a new mix from the man himself, completely consisting of his own productions and remixes - pure quality:

fukkk offf - fukkk offf mixxx 2

so once again, head over to beatport and buy the 'rave is king' ep or watch out for the vinyl dropping on july 15th. then go and show fukkk offf and coco machete some myspace love! read more!


buffet libre strike again: their new project 'rewind' is all about 80s cover versions and remixes. for the first edition of 'rewind', they managed to get a stunning total of 57 contributions, a lot of them exclusively done for the project. among the participating artists are a couple of quite established acts like dragonette, south central and electric soft parade as well as a lot of discodust favorites such as frankmusik, keenhouse, cryptonites, overthrill or trash yourself.

out of all the contributions, i decided to post three of my favorites: first of all, the awesome sidechains remix of my favorite madonna track ever: 'into the groove'. then a beautiful moulinex (pictured above) cover version of disco classic 'come on closer' by pineapples and also really well done, joe & will ask? covering 'the things that dreams are made of' by the human league. enjoy all of them at 320 kbps right here:

madonna - into the groove (sidechains remix)
moulinex - come on closer
joe & will ask? - the things that dreams are made of

and i recommend you to head over to buffet libre to get the full thing, as most of the tracks turned out quite well! great job, guys, much love! read more!

rico tubbs.

finlands funkmaster number one rico tubbs is dropping his album 'knuckle sandwich' on menu music next monday, july 7th. the album will be full of banging club tracks featuring rico's trademark style famous for heavy uk garage influenced bass lines, hip hop samples, cracking snares and baltimore breaks. his recent tracks (mainly the killer tune 'gangsters') received huge support from all the major players in bass-heavy music and beyond like switch, sinden, drop the lime, deekline and crookers.

here is a brandnew cut from the album in a special edited (and shortened) version for discodust, so you have proof that the album won't be all wobble-bass:

rico tubbs - unbelievable (radio edit)

and in case you missed one of the largest slammers of the recent past, here is 'gangsters' in a special edit for our friends over at discobelle:

rico tubbs - gangsters (discobelle edit)

and i know you still can't get enough, as rico tubbs is simply one of the best sources for fresh tracks these days, so here is another track called 'i like it raw' where he has sampled, you've already guessed it, the legendary ol' dirty bastard (rest in peace, baby jesus!) and on top there is rico's recent mix-set for no love lost records:

rico tubbs - i like it raw
rico tubbs - exclusive nllr mix

many thanks to rico tubbs himself, discobelle, palms out sounds and no love lost records for the hookups. now go add rico tubbs on myspace and watch out for the album dropping on monday on beatport, track it down, itunes, you name it. read more!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

melee beats.

i've had melee beats on the radar since ages and loved his music ever since i first heard his track 'distraction' over at home taping (unfortunately this great blog has not been updated for a long time now) and recently just that track has been getting airplay on kissy sell out's radio show.

as i noticed no one really ever blogged about him although he has even got a good review over at pitchfork and the tracks still sound fresh, i decided to finally bring them up here! although being only 23 years old, nic bertino aka melee beats has already produced four full lengths with songs ranging from french house to r&b. he just released his first commercial album 'the limited', a collection of the best songs from his previous releases and is going to celebrate the release on july 10th at ruby skye in san francisco.

my two favorite melee beats tracks 'distraction' and 'girlhype' are both very smooth french house tunes with a bit melancholic yet driving vibe and catchy vocals by nic himself. both tracks must not remain unheard and should go really well earlier in your sets, so enjoy them in high quality right here:

melee beats - distraction
melee beats - girlhype

show melee beats some myspace love and watch out for more from him! read more!

thunderheist + jokers of the scene.

ever since i first heard 'suenos dulces' by toronto based duo thunderheist, i have been a huge fan as they easily outshined all the 'boy & girl' bands emerging at that time and i was always sure they would get huge one day. so i have tried to get ahold of something unreleased or good to blog from them for quite a while but it never worked out.

thunderheist are dropping their 'jerk it' ep on july 11th, along with remixes by nacho lovers, jokers of the scene, megasoid as well as nasty nav and jfk - the latter probably in return for featuring isis from thunderheist on the recent mstrkrft single 'bounce'.

and i guess it is about time to give up hopes for anything exclusive now, as the ever so good hianta over at fluokids just posted the jokers of the scene remix and damn, that track has a lot in store for us: besides sampling techno classic 'pullover' by speedy j it also provides us (the people who are too cool to listen to deadmau5, if i may remind you) with some gated trance pads and matching filter sweeps. in other words: jots be killing it:

thunderheist - jerk it (jokers of the scene remix)

and just so you know how my whole thunderheist obsession started, here is 'suenos dulces' which i already recommended to dozens of personal friends since and everyone loved it. sweet dreams are made of this:

thunderheist - suenos dulces

buy the ep when it drops and show thunderheist all your myspace love!

UPDATE: grahm from thunderheist heard me whine and provided some more top notch material for posting - the all new remastered final version of 'jerk it' as well as a remix of their track 'bubblegum' by wax romeo, enjoy!

thunderheist - jerk it

thunderheist - bubblegum (wax romeo mix)

UPDATE 2: the always fresh discobelle have got the nacho lovers remix up, go check it out! read more!