Saturday, July 19, 2008

midnight juggernauts remixed.

our 'darling' naomi sent over some new remixes for the upcoming midnight juggernauts single 'into the galaxy' which will be out on 11th august on institubes and itunes, containing remixes by danger, architecture in helsinki, metronomy, shy child, french vintage electro lovers band chateau marmont and - gasp! - the legendary grandmaster flash (!!!).

we have got both the grandmaster flash and the chateau marmont remix up for you in high-q, so start downloading, shut your eyes and then you're off 'into the galaxy' (whoo cheezy!):

midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy (grandmaster flash remix)
midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy (chateau marmont remix)

bonus: well-known designers surface 2 air made a nice video for 'into the galaxy':

midnight juggernauts - into the galaxy (video on youtube)

tip of the day: head over to myspace and check out chateau marmont as i am sure these guys are blowing up soon and also don't forget about grandmaster flash and midnight juggernauts either!


Vinnie said...

I already had a good feeling about the original song, but the Chateau Marmont version is such a hit !!

Besides, i was a bit disappointed with the grandmaster flash as he didn't rap like in the good old days.

Lookin' forward for the 12" though

Unknown said...

Vinnie, Grandmaster Flash never rapped back in "the good old days" when you were like, oh hold on, you weren't born then... Mmmm...

Vinnie said...

i want me mom...