Sunday, June 29, 2008

ooh ee.

ooh ee is a dj and producer from melbourne and has previously done remixes for gameboy/gamegirl, riot in belgium and bumblebeez (and has been touring with them as their drummer).

i hit him up for tracks a while ago and he just came through with a really great classic dreamy french house tune called 'traveller' which reminds me of fellow australian and discodust favorite knightlife - seems like australia is the new france, these guys down there definitely have got a lot of love for some good uplifting italo style disco vibes. enjoy it in all it's 320 kbps glory right here:

ooh ee - traveller

on top of that, ooh ee also hooked me up with a remix he did of 'les artistes' by everyone's favorite singer of the moment santogold. it's in a similar vibe as 'traveller', so you will love it as well:

santogold - les artistes (ooh ee remix)

i'll try my best to keep you posted on upcoming ooh ee productions, in the meantime you should get on myspace and show him some love! read more!

playdoe + dj lapse.

we have previously featured playdoe, the new project by spoek and sibot. after their original track "it's that beat" and the toxic avenger remix (both posted over here), we recently received a rework by dj lapse from capetown which is clearly my favorite version of the track, putting everything in a kind of updated freestyle/old school electro context. this has previously been posted elsewhere but i've got the 320 kbps for you, enjoy:

playdoe - it's that beat (dj lapse remix)

show dj lapse and playdoe some love on myspace! read more!

the emergency + shazam.

i promised you that we would keep track of shazam after we posted his original track 'pool party' and his remix for muscles on discodust back then. and now he is back with another great mellow french house remix for fellow down unders the emergency who are going to drop a twelve-inch on ny-based label metal postcard very soon, featuring their originals 'forever' and 'too much' along with remixes by c.l.a.w.s. and shazam. go check out the remix right here:

the emergency - too much (shazam remix)

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munk + ed banger allstars.

after the great success of the first single 'live fast die old' from munk's new album 'cloudbuster', featuring asia argento, gomma kick out some more remixes.

'live fast die old' gets the remix treatment by france's finest busy p & dsl aka ed banger allstars (who should need no introduction and deliver an all new style with this remix!), baile-funk legend the amazing clay from brazil (20+ years in the business!) and scandinavian cowbell-discoteers whomadewho!

gomma knows where it's at, how to properly promote a release and hooked me up with two of the remixes, so check them out right here:

munk - live fast die old (ed banger allstars remix)
munk - live fast die old (the amazing clay remix)

check out the official 'live fast die old' videos here (original) and here (ed banger all stars remix). and if you like what you hear, buy the release over at beatport or on junodownload. now go and show munk some myspace love! read more!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sinden + we make it good.

speaking of - we make it good just dropped a brandnew mix by sinden full of unreleased material by hervé, fake blood, detboi, mujava and himself. here's what sinden has to say:

"its a fair representation of some of the jams i’m playing in my club sets right now. and the mix is very 'right now'. as i write this, none of the tracks have been released yet. not that i just play dubs, mind. i draw loads of old and familiar tunes, too, because that would be dumb and who cares how exclusive you are anyhow. i really wanted the mix to be a kinda preview to a whole bunch of stuff to get excited about in the forthcoming months. it was a good place to air some new productions fresh out the hd (machines don't care, the count and sinden) and big up a few new cats too (rude kid, detboi, mujava). enjoy!" - there's nothing more to say, grab it while it's hot:

sinden - we make it good mix

much love to we make it good and sinden for making my day! and don't forget: 'sinden knows who fake blood is'. read more!

dj rob 3.

my man dj donna summer from birthday party berlin recently sent over a track named 'the chase' from chicago's dj rob 3 aka rob threezy (pictured above, on the left: sinden) claiming that it totally killed it at each of his recent sets. at first i didn't get it at all but after a couple of plays i was totally sold on it. i still can't really explain why it's so huge to me as the track really only consists of rave stabs, old school breaks, sirens and basic drum patterns but it just ends up being a true banger.

redhotcar over at fluokids and alicia from iheartcomix obviously think alike, so you see it's not just me and that american lost in berlin dude being weird. check it out and get addicted like us right now:

dj rob 3 - the chase (96 kbps)

now go and show rob threezy some myspace love and if i got it right, he is definitely open for remix, label and dj offers.

UPDATE: dj rob 3 just sent over another track that's good to blog. enjoy his rework of 'they':

dj rob 3 - they

UPDATE 2: 'the chase' has been signed and the label just asked me nicely to replace the 320 kbps version with a 96 kbps version. this hurts but of course i did it. expect the official release in mid september. congratulations, dj rob 3. read more!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

erol alkan presents disco 3000.

this amazing 80 minutes mix of finest disco (yes, actual disco!) by erol alkan just showed up on our radar, coming straight from the source and once again proves that he is one of the best dj's alive. this is what the master himself has to say about 'disco 3000':

"i've put together a 80 minute mix of some disco vibes which are lighting up my stratosphere. i began mixing it up just for my own selfish ipod needs during a day off i had at christmas and only recently got round to finishing due to album commitments. most of the tracks are re-edited in some form or over, and i splashed some moody synth drizzle over some of the beats. i got another hour of this mix sitting about, dunno, i maybe save it for another edition. would love to play club sets more like this, who knows, maybe i will... anyone wanna do a party?".

and i hear you, i would love to have some actual disco parties and i hear that from a lot of others too but for some reason no one gets the fuck up and just does it. maybe i should get busy on that right now. whatever, get the mix right now, as it is the best disco mix you will be able to grab until erol alkan decides to finish the next edition. and there is no tracklist as he wants to 'keep it old school and let the beauty of discovery triumph over convenience'. way to go. disco just wouldn't feel the same if it wasn't such hard work to dig for the diamonds.

erol alkan - erol alkan presents disco 3000 (on megaupload)
erol alkan - erol alkan presents disco 3000 (on divshare)

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hail social + diamond cut.

hail social continue to get remixes by some of the best out there. the most recent remix for their track was done by the mysterious diamond cut and is my favorite so far. in our first post about them back then some people claimed diamond cut are not actually girls but why would anyone lie to me? but you know, i am the kind of guy who still believes fake blood is a guy called sang because that's what he told me. anyway, watch out for the breakdown in the diamond cut remix and get carried away by those lovely synthesizers with a vintage disco/french house vibe:

hail social - no paradise (diamond cut rebuff)

and if you haven't picked it up elsewhere yet, also definitely worth hearing is the remix by adeyhawke who takes you on another wonderful dreamy journey:

hail social - no paradise (adeyhawke remix)

show diamond cut, adeyhawke and hail social some myspace love! read more!

busy p + crookers.

busy p featuring murs getting the crookers remix treatment. finally in high quality, here is that track everyone has been talking about recently and that's kind of putting ed banger records back on the map for me after i have been really disappointed by all their recent releases.

this is from 'pedrophilia', the upcoming busy p ep. so, hundreds of other blogs have posted this before me but you will probably once again experience that i am the only one who gets asked to take it down. but in the meantime, enjoy some first class entertainment:

busy p - to protect and entertain (crookers remix)

much love to hot biscuits for getting this out first and as all of you have added busy p on myspace already anyway, there's nothing left to do for you but start saving some cash for the moment the actual release drops! read more!

Monday, June 23, 2008

machines don't care.

just in is another treat from the upcoming album by machines don't care, the supergroup consisting of detboi, drop the lime, fake blood, hervé, trevor loveys, sinden, toddla t and affie yusuf, meaning: basically everyone who is pushing things forward in 'house music' right now. the tracks i've heard so far seem to be heavily influenced by oldschool rave, the best days of uk happy hardcore, jungle and even acid. that's what i really love about fidget house - they just do what they want to.

although 'on a roll man' by hervé, trevor loveys and affie yusuf is only at 128kbps and has some vocal interruptions, it definitely makes me even more keen on the upcoming album. i am even considering buying the actual vinyl (unless someone at the label/agency wants to hook me up with it, hint) as i think this will be an absolute classic. preview 'on a roll man' here:

machines don't care - on a roll man

in case you missed the first mention of machines don't care on discodust, you should grab this as well:

machines don't care - 12 minute mini mix

make sure to pick up the album out on 9th july and head over to for more sneak previews! read more!

Monday, June 16, 2008


rayflash (formerly known as drinking beer cat!) comes all the way from japan and is equipped with his very own trademark style of driving drums, playful distorted synth stabs, lovely chords and some of the best vocoder work i've heard in a long time. i had rayflash on my list for quite a while now (sorry again, ray) and always wanted to wait for the perfect moment to give him maximum exposure on discodust and even though my inbox is currently stuffed with tracks, i just don't want to wait any longer now.

'flash dancer' has got everything to become a huge anthem, it's acid-style bassline showing rayflash's love for old school rave music while the song as a whole kind of reminds me of 'discovery' era daft punk, maybe mainly because the whole song makes me see bright colors and flashing lights as in interstella 5555 - then again the bassline distortion sounds more like 'human after all', so let's just say that rayflash provided the missing link right here. whatever, no more talk needed, this will tear up any dancefloor, so drag and drop this right into your setlists:

rayflash - flash dancer

additionally rayflash hooked me up with a great dj mix featuring a couple of unreleased tracks straight out of his studio, tracklist is in the comments:

rayflash - dj mix 01 (on mediafire)
rayflash - dj mix 01 (on megaupload)

rayflash is looking for a label and remix offers, so feel free to hit him up while you're showing him some love on his myspace. i will keep you posted as japan keeps rising!

UPDATE: rayflash just sent me a slightly remastered version of 'flash dancer', the file has been replaced. read more!


shook (pictured on the left) was born in 1986 and ever since he put those fancy shades on that he found deep in the woods, he is surrounded by a mysterious glow, feeling invincible. the catch is that a growling beast (lurking on the right) keeps haunting him now and obviously the only way for them to get along is to have crazy slow motion distortion disco jam sessions all the time.

if that seems all weird to you, i am with you. nevertheless, shook's music feels like a breath of fresh air to me and while he names danger as an influence, he puts a lot of own style into his tunes and is definitely going towards a yet unexplored direction. shook was kind enough to hook me up with three of his tracks that go surprisingly well with the twisted story above as they are named '1986', 'beast' and 'the glow'. you'd better enjoy them as much as i do!

shook - 1986
shook - beast
shook - the glow

now go and show shook some myspace love, this kid (and oh yeah, his beast) definitely deserves to be huge! and stay tuned for more from shook on discodust, the story continues! read more!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

computer club remixes.

discodust favorite computer club, member of drum & bass crew evol intent and previously featured here, dropped a mixtape for no love lost records. in case you missed it when it was up on the blogs about two weeks ago, grab it right here and check the comments for the tracklist:

computer club - exclusive nllr mix (on mediafire)
computer club - exclusive nllr mix (on megaupload)

i was pretty impressed by the freshness of his selection and also the custom remixes and edits he made especially for the mix, so i hit him up about the full tracks and here we go, computer club casting some drum & bass-flavoured electro house magic on nine inch nails (!) and les rhythmes digitales. 320 kbps goodness for you:

nine inch nails - that's what i get (computer club remix)
les rhythmes digitales - sometimes (computer club edit)

watch out for much more from computer club on discodust, i'll watch his every move! read more!

steed lord.

steed lord are finally back from the hospital after a serious car crash! they just let me know that they are all better now and will be back in the studio next month to finish the album, so new tracks should be dropping real soon. as for now, they hooked us up with a massive remix they did during their stay in the hospital, 'peep this':

dj sam young ft. aphletik - peep this (steed lord hospital remix)

show steed lord some myspace love and hold out for them coming back better than ever! read more!

fantastadon + hot pink delorean.

after we had fantastadon remixing hot pink delorean about two weeks ago, these guys obviously never sleep and now it's the other way round - hot pink delorean get busy on 'anesthesiologist' by fantastadon and it's even more of a banger now:

fantastadon - anesthesiologist (hot pink delorean remix)

and while you might have seen that track on other blogs already, here is a new unreleased track by fantastadon which redefines the term 'heavy bass' and lives up to its name - 'microwave' is the heat:

fantastadon - microwave

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Friday, June 13, 2008

russ chimes + sam sparro.

russ chimes is finally blowing up and making serious progress outside the blogs. he just came back from a successful australian tour and recently finished official remixes for chromeo and australia's freshest sam sparro and is working on some new material in order to drop a first official release this summer.

the russ chimes remix of hit single 'black and gold' by sam sparro has constantly been on repeat since i've first heard it like two months ago. instantly i've been trying to get official permission to post this but out of the three or four record or promo people (all listed on the sam sparro myspace) i've mailed about it, no one seemed to care to reply.

so as my friends over at electrorash just decided to unleash this monster, i thought it's finally time to put it up here as well. let's see if the industry people mind some hype and are faster at sending out takedown notices than replying to free promotion offers. i usually don't do this but this is just too good to remain unheard and think the majors owe us one for introducing them to russ chimes anyway, get it while it's up and become addicted like me - 320 kbps version for you right here:

sam sparro - black and gold (russ chimes remix)

show russ chimes some myspace love and be on the lookout for more from these great artists!

UPDATE: track removed by request from modus vivendi music. read more!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sparks + jbag.

the legendary pop/rock music shaping sparks get the remix treatment by jbag (jerry bouthier of former boombox fame and his studio partner andrea gorgerino) who turn 'good morning' into a straight banger that has already received massive support from the likes of soulwax, gildas & masaya from kitsuné, lifelike and bang gang djs. enjoy it in 320 kbps, first on discodust:

sparks - good morning (jbag remix)

show jbag some myspace love! read more!


more rave from discodust regular hostage:

hostage - blockhead (EXCLUSIVE)
hostage - mash up the speaker

hostage - latest dj mix (on zshare)

tracklist in the comments. show hostage some myspace love! read more!

mystery jets remixed.

mystery jets really deserve to be huge this year. after the killing switch remix of their last single 'hideaway', they once again made some perfect choices for the remixes of their new single 'two doors down', having duke dumont and pilooski on the job, both providing killer tunes that are quite different from what you'd expect from them, especially the duke's remix which sounds like it could be a huge ibiza anthem (in the best of all possible ways, that is) and should remain one of my favorite tracks for the whole summer. excellent work, duke dumont! much love to discobelle and fluokids for providing the goods!

mystery jets - two doors down (duke dumont remix)
mystery jets - two doors down (pilooski remix)

go add mystery jets, duke dumont and pilooski on myspace and stay tuned for even less talk and even more music today, i've got quite some catching up to do! read more!

Friday, June 06, 2008

grum + anoraak.

neither anoraak (pictured above) nor grum should need an introduction to regular readers of discodust and to everyone else, the only fact you need to know for now is that i am a fan of both of them! so, back in february, i had a post up about anoraak featuring his track 'nightdrive with you' and just a day later discodust introduced grum to the world.

in the meantime they obviously got in touch and grum has just sent over an awesome remix of 'nightdrive with you' by anoraak. it's a little bit different to his usual output, not as hard and banging as usual. it starts out with a more mellow classic 'french house' vibe leading to a real beautiful dreamy breakdown halfway into the song and then grum finally busts out (a rather harmless version) one of his signature chainsaw leads. well done! enjoy another discodust premiere:

anoraak - nightdrive with you (grum's new wave remix)

as a bonus, here is another 'nightdrive with you' remix, done by the fabulous adeyhawke (more on him in our archives). and if you still can't get enough, i have also uploaded the two mixes anoraak and grum have done for the no love lost records exclusive mixtape series, must-haves as well!

anoraak - nightdrive with you (adeyhawke remix)

anoraak - exclusive nllr mix (on
grum - exclusive nllr mix (on

check the comments for the tracklists and go add grum, anoraak and adeyhawke on myspace!

UPDATE: adeyhawke remix replaced with a 224 kbps mp3 (used to be 160 kbps). read more!

designer drugs + jupiter one.

designer drugs are back with another top-notch remix, this time their victims are jupiter one and it might be their best work to date, this time sounding a bit like mstrkrft and van she tech teaming up for the best remix that never happened. does that make sense? whatever, here you go, the 320 kbps extended version remix:

jupiter one - countdown (designer drugs remix)

and before anyone gets all 'this is so 2007' on me, fuck you, those were the days! now go and show designer drugs and jupiter one some myspace love! read more!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

romeo erotic.

i was recently told that this blog should not be called 'discodust' as it has nothing to do with disco at all. besides the fact that this is just wrong as there are tons of disco-influenced music on here and most of nowadays music wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for 'disco' back then, it definitely made me want to feature much more 'original' disco material. luckily, i received a friend request from romeo erotic the other day and they definitely make some of the most wonderful disco remixes (some might call them 'edits') around.

los angeles-based romeo erotic are sean k who has been a dj for 12 years and tony adams who has been in and out of bands all his life. they are heavily into disco, boogie, funk, cholas, lowriders, c-walking, ghostriders, so basically all the kind of cool stuff we average guys don't know shit about. they hooked me up with their 3 latest disco remixes where they get busy on material by starpoint, gary low and the bar-kays. do you know the feeling when you listen to music that leaves you speechless and all of a sudden, every other kind of music feels so insignificant and meaningless to you? that's what i felt like when i heard the starpoint remix. join in right here, all tracks are in 320 kbps:

starpoint - wanting you (romeo erotic remix)
gary low - you are a danger (romeo erotic remix)
the bar-kays - do it (romeo erotic remix)

for more of their remixes, visit our friends from missingtoof. romeo erotic are also working on a mix featuring strictly disco material with top-notch mixing as well as improvised parts by themselves on the mpc 3000, electribe, kaospad, juno 60 and a bunch of vintage analog gear. you'll hear it first on discodust and i just can't wait for it.

show romeo erotic some well-deserved myspace love and watch out for discodust diving deeper into vintage disco sounds in the near future. read more!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

circuit freq.

i keep hearing and saying myself that 'bangers are over'. but no matter who is saying that, there are always exceptions, i mean just look how desperate everyone out there is to get ahold of those new proxy tracks. another exception (with a similar vibe) is the l.a. based duo circuit freq. their bio wants to trick us into believing 'circuit' and 'freq' are some kind of human-machine-music synthesis experiments who developed their own sense of self-awareness, singularity of mind and acquired a taste for global domination by utilizing raw and filthy beats but in fact both members of circuit freq have been in the music business for a long time, already sold millions of records and felt like doing something different. (now have fun trying to figure it out!)

their track 'black chrome' already devastated dancefloors around the world and received massive support from nearly everyone across all scenes ranging from felix da housecat and mr miyagi to elite force, riva starr and play paul.

idj magazine calls it 'a crazed electro-techno barnstormer that sucks you into a demented vortex of juddering, machine gun rhythms, tweakin' acid fx, warped, stammering bass and not a lot else' and claims 'it's impossible to ignore, even more difficult not to dance to'. i couldn't describe it any better (especially after i just spent 12+ hours at my day job) and the main point is that this track will let you forget the whole 'bangers are over' discussions right away and instead will instantly achieve what it is all about: make you dance! get the debut track by circuit freq in full 320 kbps right here:

circuit freq - black chrome

'black chrome' will be out on all major digital outlets this month with remixes from electrixx, vandal, charlie fanclub and acid jacks. now head over to myspace and add circuit freq and show them some love! (and no worries, discodust will still hook you up with bangers whenever it feels right!) read more!


regular discodust readers should know revolte from previous posts or from the 'boombox' compilation on kitsuné, are back with two new tracks in which they let us follow them on their quest for new sounds. listening to 'guess what' and 'blackout' remembers me of the days when ed banger records had their peaktime - when everyone held their breath for new releases and they constantly kept surprising everyone.

i am not sure if that's what revolte were going for but i think they wanted to push things forward while still remembering all the good moments we loved throughout the initial phase of what used to be 'the new sound'. anyway, judge for yourself but i am sure i will hear those tracks played out in the near future:

revolte - guess what
revolte - blackout

show revolte some myspace love! read more!

cryptonites remixed.

discodust favorites cryptonites recently held a remix competition for their track "can't give you up" and today they dropped the top 5 remixes in my inbox. i was not surprised to find both fantastadon and kill the noise in the highest ranks. both being floorfillers, it's hard to pick which one is better, but i'll just let you decide:

cryptonites - can't give you up (kill the noise remix)
cryptonites - can't give you up (fantastadon remix)

in related news, cryptonites' 'hands of god ep' is finally out, so support one of our favorite acts, buy the ep on itunes or one of the other stores listed on their myspace! and by the way, remember who first brought you cryptonites and an earlier version of 'hands of god' like a year ago? yeah right! read more!

lies in disguise + shinichi osawa.

dj dj dylan aka le castle vania hooks me up with banging remixes faster than i can post them. after his remix for grum that i have just posted a week ago, he is now back with his partner in crime blake miller and together they are better known as lies in disguise! their latest remix is a take on 'electro411' by shinichi osawa who is well-known for his remixes for the likes of digitalism, boys noize and kap10kurt.

the lies in disguise remix of 'electro411' is packed with dominator-like rave leads, chainsaw synths and driving drums and the right amount of build-ups and breakdowns at the right time, so it will definitely cause mayhem on any dancefloor out there. it is going to be released on dylan's upcoming label always never which is partnering with so sweet and has releases coming up from party shank, a1 bassline, computer club, rrrump and of course le castle vania and lies in disguise. yet, you can get the track in all it's 320 kbps glory right here, another discodust premiere:

shinichi osawa - electro411 (lies in disguise remix)

now go add lies in disguise and always never on myspace to stay updated on upcoming releases! read more!

Monday, June 02, 2008

sidechains + the amplid.

the new barcelona-based label tracy recordings (team tracy pictured above) which is planning to release 'eclectic music made for the party' ranging from electro, house and techno to booty bass and baile funk, gets ready to kick off with their initial release, a compilation called 'music for bitches'. it features a lot of promising, upcoming acts like sidechains, the amplid and dj beware.

here are two tracks to get you all hot for the release of 'music for bitches', i decided to go straight for the amplid and sidechains. both deliver great uplifting tracks - 'dance while you can' by sidechains sounds like a tribute to golden rave (piano chords) times perfectly adapted for todays dancefloors and 'bernadette' by the amplid is classic french house featuring filtered disco loops, vocoders and banging drums, yet maintaining a mellow vibe. go get them:

sidechains - dance while you can
the amplid - bernadette

along with those two tracks, we also got a 'music for bitches minimix' done by radiocontrol which features all tracks from the compilation, check the comments for the tracklist:

radiocontrol - music for bitches minimix

the promos have already been sent, so the compilation should be out real soon. show tracy recordings, sidechains, the amplid and radiocontrol some myspace love and stay tuned! read more!


jupiter are 'q. & a.' (boy and girl!) from paris and are currently working on new tracks in london and their debut couldn't be any more awesome. right on time for summer, jupiter deliver vintage-flavoured lazer-disco songs that would be on heavy rotation on every radio station in a better world.

the official bio goes like this: they met at a screening of the 1985 cult classic 'ninja terminator' and because the screening room was empty except for the two of them, they started talking about how great the film was (quoting 'a.': "it was my 34th time, but i thought i'd keep that to myself"). the morning after, all they can remember is that they had some music uploaded on myspace and were called jupiter.

i have no doubt at all this is how it went down, just as i have no doubt that you will enjoy the two tracks i got ahold of (via alicia from iheartcomix - thanks love!). 'starlighter' is an original by jupiter and 'i love america' is of course a cover of the patrick juvet classic. and if you can't help but think of annie when listening to the sweet voice of 'a.', i definitely agree with you. that just makes it even better though, so get both tracks right here:

jupiter - starlighter
jupiter - i love america

i hope there will be much more from 'q. & a.' in the future, now go and show jupiter some well deserved myspace love! read more!