Monday, June 02, 2008


jupiter are 'q. & a.' (boy and girl!) from paris and are currently working on new tracks in london and their debut couldn't be any more awesome. right on time for summer, jupiter deliver vintage-flavoured lazer-disco songs that would be on heavy rotation on every radio station in a better world.

the official bio goes like this: they met at a screening of the 1985 cult classic 'ninja terminator' and because the screening room was empty except for the two of them, they started talking about how great the film was (quoting 'a.': "it was my 34th time, but i thought i'd keep that to myself"). the morning after, all they can remember is that they had some music uploaded on myspace and were called jupiter.

i have no doubt at all this is how it went down, just as i have no doubt that you will enjoy the two tracks i got ahold of (via alicia from iheartcomix - thanks love!). 'starlighter' is an original by jupiter and 'i love america' is of course a cover of the patrick juvet classic. and if you can't help but think of annie when listening to the sweet voice of 'a.', i definitely agree with you. that just makes it even better though, so get both tracks right here:

jupiter - starlighter
jupiter - i love america

i hope there will be much more from 'q. & a.' in the future, now go and show jupiter some well deserved myspace love!


seandonson said...

Lovin this... Jupiter rules!

Unknown said...

usually writing on (mostly on fridays), i'm so happy that we both wrote about these new guys on the scene. And more happy because discodust is almost my actual bible and i give a lot of credit about what you write about.

They deserve the best.

e-325 (from pink elephants on parade)