Thursday, May 29, 2008

tepr + kid sister.

the second best female rapper (well sorry, i am in love with amanda blank) in blog music world, kid sister, gets remixed by number one côte ouest representer tepr who succeeds at breathing some new life into (what should have been a worldwide mega hit) 'pro nails'.

kid sister - pro nails (tepr remix)

in related tepr and kid sister news (or rather old news to some of you), also make sure to pick up his latest remixes for santogold (my favorite but unfortunately i am not allowed to post it) and rafale and her getting the bag raiders treatment:

rafale - rock it (tepr remix)

kid sister - pro nails (bag raiders remix) on

thanks to alicia at iheartcomix and greg at panda toes for hooking up, watch out for much more later today, i am on fire!


Unknown said...

Any day that starts with Tepr is pretty much destined to be awesome.


aozora said...

I LOVE THIS. I have been collecting Kid Sister - Pro Nails remixes. TEPR. omfg.

L. said...

Is that real?!
Tepr is damn the man!!

Anonymous said...

she's da queen!

what about kid sister + a-trak in ·control·? total draw!

more recently, the guys from the hood introduce their chicago mix with pro nails vs walter meego.


just uploaded some cisco kid tracks, hope you like 'em.


Anonymous said...

Man oh man! Aren't delivering some crazy good shit today!?

Anonymous said...

DiscoDust isn't dead, but PinkPony is (so so sad).
Will there be some DiscoDust-Parties in FFM soon?

aleks said...

anonymous: watch this space.

Fabian said...

Allright, I will!

ER2 said...

hi there

we love your blog so we've put you in our blogroll

your blog is a source to our playlist ;)


The Beach said...

rafale - rock it (tepr remix) sounds like Daft Punk's - Music Sound Better With You. same notes. like a revival. niiice!!

Anonymous said...

I think Kid Sister is competing with Estelle to be the most remixed artist this year! Amazing.

Love the site guys. Have put up a link up to it on my blog - MIXD UPT.

Check out a new live set from K.I.M. from the Presets plus listen to sets from Crookers, Ajax & Cajuan at MIXD UPT.