Saturday, January 31, 2009


i have been waiting and waiting to be able to post about classixx. thus far, their songs have been held under the control of muscal legalese, but these few managed to slip through the white knuckle clutches of the majors. tapping into the whole kitsune sound, they reworked former riot in belgium member, beni, into a new single already favorited by djs like dj am, royal rumble, boom bip, steve aoki and beni himself.

beni - my love sees you (classixx remix)

next up is the boys' take on the latest track by fellow 'no culture' members, guns n bombs. gone are the helicopter blade buildups and in come the guitars, claps and the cosmic funk feel that is slowly forming into classixx signature sound.

guns n bombs - riddle of steel (classixx version)

as for what you may see in the future, there will new single coming out in the spring called "i'll get you" featuring jeppe of junior senior, as well as a few possible releases on a very familiar label.

here's a video of the guys in action at the weekly wednesday no culture party @ the echo in los angeles. read more!

Friday, January 30, 2009

moon unit.

some people think that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but every now and again an old dog will turn up walking on its hind legs, juggling fire torches while reciting the declaration of independence. this time, there's two dogs. paul mogg and xaver naudascher are previously known for their berlin-based super-chic super soul recordings, their mogg and naudascher musical side project and their most recent collaboration with dfa records. one might think that all of these musical ingenue's available outlets were in use. well, think again. discodust was fortunate enough to have their newest endeavor, moon unit, perform live at our tradeshow afterparty last weekend in frankfurt. there was something very real and substantial about their music. this isn't blog music. it won't disappear in two weeks to be forgotten on harddrives everywhere. i hope this is what 2009 sounds like.

moon unit - connections (ewan pearson slo nrg dub)

the ep is let loose into the musical jungle february 16th on super soul recordings and has another remix by ewan pearson balancing out the b side.. read more!


and continuing in the 'banger' streak for today, we got sent a track from la's own coldblank that we thought would be a little guilty pleasure to post. seems as though a few of their tracks seem to have a 'death' theme interwoven between notes. if the haunted mansion at disney land were to have a rave inside, this is probably what it would sound like.

coldblank - calaca

if you like what you hear, you can catch these two throwing the 'smash disco' events around the la area.
read more!

kid kaio.

i first heard this track in a friends set and it made me wrestle him down, put him in a headlock and make him tell me what the name of it was. turns out it was by rotterdam's kid kaio. it's got those increasingly popular tribal drums mixed with a beat that just won't quit. my friends and i find ourselves yelling 'we don't give a blrrrrrrah' at various times throughout the day. it's infectious, y'all. and it pretty much kills in every dj set that i've heard it in. can't hate on that.

his other track 'plain dots' may not be discodust material (i see you, haters), but it made it onto axwell's top 10 list.

kid kaio - we don't give a read more!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


home of glass candy and chromatics, the beloved italians do it better label finally lives up to it's name by releasing 'no static' by italian producer and disco elitist bottin. hear the track on his myspace, watch out for the vinyl and enjoy this mix with 40 minutes of elite disco mixed by bottin (in 192 kbps).

bottin - disco aesthetics (january 2009 mix) via megaupload
bottin - disco aesthetics (january 2009 mix) via zshare
bottin - disco aesthetics (january 2009 mix) via depositfiles

tracklist is after the jump. keep an eye on both bottin and italians do it better.

disco aesthetics - mixed by bottin in january 2009

01. bottin: no static (italians do it better 2009)
02. who's who: hypnodance (out 1980)
03. bottin & kotey: hot ring (deep freeze 2009)
04. amnésie: turas (proto 1983)
05. cheaps: moliendo café (memory records 1983)
06. cat pee: pole (1982, bottin's surgeon edit 2008)
07. egotrya: volcano (synthonic, 2008)
08. bottin: fondamente nove (eskimo, 2008)
09. angels program: morning in tokyo (polydor, 1985)
10. miss plug inn: chanson d'amour (bottin mix)
11. hypnotic samba: stop-watch (zyx, 1984)
12. bottin: undercover monkey (demo)
13. bottin & ropie: theme from st mark (beatport exclusive 2008)
14. zig zag: stop stop stop (pacha, 1977)
read more!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

treasure fingers.

we haven't had a treasure fingers post on here in a while, but it's not for a lack of love. he's a busy guy and if you take a look at his myspace schedule, it's choc full of tour dates and upcoming releases. maybe the only time he can squeeze in some production time is in airports and planes. 6 hour plane rides may not be so bad after all, haha.

apparently he just cranked this edit for diamond cut out on the plane the other day. hey, i'm not mad at filters to pump up the disco feel.

diamond cut - teardrops (treasure fingers filter disco edit)

next up, treasure fingers got his hands on a miike snow track and polished it up like a shiny new disco penny.

miike snow - animal (treasure fingers remix)

and last, we've got a brand new mix which gives us a preview to a couple unreleased tracks that he's been working on mixed in with some other ace tracks. feel free to download the mix and take it rollerskating or cruising down the highway in your convertible sportscar. oh wait, it's a winter mix - ok, then maybe you can use it to help defrost your windshields on those freezing mornings on your way to work.

treasure fingers - winter 2008 mix (via megaupload)
treasure fingers - winter 2008 mix (via zshare)

for those of you in the sacremento area this week, our good buddy shaun slaughter is bringing treasure fingers to his new party (flyer here) this thursday @ mix in downtown. tracklisting after the jump!

01. peacefire - sapphire (grum edit)
02. alex gopher - aurora (riot in belgium & knightlife remix)
03. symbolone - love juice (moulinex remix)
04. manyus & dario guida - stardust
05. sean biddle - times gets tough (matt soda remix)
06. the bucketheads - the bomb (john mazella bistro mix)
07. alex herrera - disco steppin
08. favretto feat. naan - whats your name (treasure fingers remix)
09. big gipp - hot (treasure fingers remix)
10. agent stereo - fast lane
11. d'stephanie - rock the disco
12. dj funkso - a disco kid song
13. the young punx - dance with someone else (phunk investigation remix)
14. empire of the sun - walking on a dream (treasure fingers remix)
15. disco rockets - highschool (treasure fingers edit)
16. alan parsons project - i wouldn't want to be like you (the twelves remix)
17. the presets - this boy's in love (lifelike remix)
18. munk - down in la (shazam remix)
19. demon - happy therapy (lifelike remix)
20. jr disco - what cha going to do
21. dj kittles - disco bones
22. the presets - talk like that (miami horror remix)
23. disco rockets - be my lady
24. matt hughes - can't talk now
25. alex metric - caller
26. treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (chromeo remix)
27. the american dream team feat. lily - my boo
28. mini viva - tokyo (treasure fingers remix)
29. kid sister - family reunion (treasure fingers southern fried mix)
30. plemo vs rampue feat jessica drosten - excess express (bastian heerhorst mellow mix)
31. kavinsky - 1986
32. sneaky sound system - when we were young (shazam remix)
33. chromeo - 100% (treasure fingers remix)
34. vega - all too vivid (kill the noise remix) read more!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


aleks is right. 2009 is off to a promising start. i predict that los angeles is going to redeem itself in a big way this year. i've heard some productions that are just getting the finishing touches before they are released into the musical wild and it's been a huge relief to hear tracks that aren't all crunchy distortion and eardrum breaking bangers.

phantoms threw a curveball my way with this track. there's no vocals in this one, but frankly it doesn't need any. the trevor loveys style horns carry it through to the end quite smoothly. simplicity is key, people. they compliment each other quite nicely like shrimp and a crisp white wine.

phantoms - shrimp and white wine read more!

Friday, January 16, 2009


the always amazing people from valerie keep bringing the good stuff, making me feel even more useless and slackerish, dragging me down even more because i don't get around to check for new music much these days. but fortunately i can always relate on soulmates like college to bring the heat, so here's cécile from italy delivering some serious disco techniques. i am not sure yet what i like better - the space synth epic 'andromeda' or the soulful laidback jam 'una domenica italiana' but i feel comfortable just leaving that choice up to you.

cécile - andromeda
cécile - una domenica italiana

you wouldn't believe it but cécile is currently in the studio with bob from the bloody beetroots working on a remix and right after that, he'll get busy finishing off his first ep! i can't wait! read more!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

b. rich.

we've been hearing alot about b. rich lately in ac slater posts here and palms out releases there. his chicago housey style mixed with the newer heavy bassline has been contributing to seeing his songs in pretty major dj sets all over. and with the launch of ac slaters new 'party like us' label, b. rich is gearing up to drop a heavy, heavy ep. to hold us over until that happens, he dropped this track on us like a whale doing a bellyflop.

knowlton walsh - animal (b. rich remix)

it'll be out on nosi music at the end of january on all the norm digital retailers! read more!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ac slater.

as we all start out the new year with new resolutions, and new ambitions, others of us are starting the new year off with new record labels. choosing to take music matters into his own hands, ac slater decided to launch his own label party like us records ('plur' for all you rave kids). 'party like us' is the first off the blocks and got a re-mastering as it's ready to hit the clubs.

just in case you forgot what ac slater likes, he reminds you over and over again in this track... bass! bass! bass!

ac slater - party like us

inspired by an old sample, udachi starts things off with enough energy to power a 'burning man' village for an entire week. he snagged those epic rave synths and injected some heavy bass for the perfect balance.

ac slater - party like us (udachi remix)

can't wait to see what comes out of the plur camp next. it's like the parents are out of town, the kids are home alone and there are no rules. houseparty! read more!


sure we all know mexicans are good at making chorizo tortas. we know they host a mean spring break vacation. maybe you didn't know that mexico is also cultivating a crazy dance music scene.

sqzmylmns (pronounced 'squeeze my lemons') are just one new example of mexicans making good music. saul q and kid wonder hail from my hometown of san diego, which tends to fly under the radar. so i'm excited to hear something exciting coming out of there. i love that the tracks aren't just distorted or just filtered or just heavily sampled....they mix it all up into a nice batch of freshly squeezed lemonade.......*sip*....AHHHHH.

sqzmylmns - oakland
sqzmylmns - run

this is their own remix of their newest track. determined to keep it fresh and change things up, they added real instruments over the top which is probably a good idea in preparation for the backlash against all the laptop producers.

sqzmylmns - thieves (kidwonder is disc-o remix)

so it's time for a little indulgence. now i've never quite been a fan of mashups, but i heard these two i couldn't resist posting. maybe it was the combination of the two songs in each track or the fact that i love both songs, no matter how played out they are.

crookers vs khia - my neck my knobb (sqzmylmns smashup)

don rimini vs terror squad - let me lean back up (sqzmylmns smashup) read more!


i can't keep up with ufo! these days. he's either composing music on the shores of costa rica, djing underground parties in nyc, or spreading his new music over the interweb. this little number was conjured up in a matter of hours in his bedroom inspired by many long-legged, soft skinned female species that brush by in the hustle and bustle of big city life.

unable to contain his creativity, he lets it manifest itself via numerous original tracks, djing around the big apple, or formulating a new band called 'almost human'. so if you're in the new york area, check him out djing here for his party 'easy tiger' or keeping your eye on his new band.

ufo! - now read more!

russ chimes.

discodust forever-ever (forever-ever!) favorite russ chimes just scored a great feature along with an interview in the first issue of the all new and shiny digital only esper. magazine (view it online now!). unlike me who has been bugging the british synthesizer master russ chimes for an exclusive mix for ages, the lovely esper. people actually managed to score an awesome 80 minutes set!

the mix features an exquisite selection ranging from playful synth epic masterpieces from the likes of shazam, lifelike and fred falke to more driving tracks by foamo, a-trak and jokers of the scene. but the star is of course russ chimes himself, dropping a couple of his original tracks and remixes - especially worth noting is that this set includes his '24 carat remix' of 'solid gold' by the golden filter. so go get it already, find the tracklist after the jump!

russ chimes - russ chimes esper. mix (on zshare)
russ chimes - russ chimes esper. mix (on megaupload)
russ chimes - russ chimes esper. mix (on rapidshare)

make sure to check out esper. magazine and needless to say, keep watching out for more from russ chimes, especially his the golden filter remix coming up on dummy in the uk on february 16th!


01. russ chimes - intro
02. alex metric - pins
03. a-trak - woah
04. cosmos - take me with you (aston shuffle bootleg)
05. chromeo - fancy footwork (russ chimes remix)
06. division kent - mon blue (keenhouse remix)
07. treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (lifelike remix)
08. roman salzger & lifelike - radio 84
09. dfa 1979 - black history month (fred falke & alan braxe remix)
10. thunderheist - jerk it (jokers of the scene remix)
11. russ chimes - she's got the heat
12. aston shuffle - stomp yo shoes (shazam remix)
13. russ chimes - mulsanne
14. shazam - pool party
15. the golden filter - solid gold (russ chimes' 24 carat remix)
16. louis la roche - peach (sidechains remix)
17. xinobi - valsa in new jersey
18. foamo - everything cool
19. lifelike - in my car
read more!

lies in disguise.

you might be aware that dylan of le castle vania just recently released his heavy remix of fukkk offf's dancefloor anthem 'rave is king' that i guess everyone's been really enjoying.

but could 2009 start any better than with a new tune by his side project and discodust favourites lies in disguise? dylan and his friend/moving units frontman blake miller teamed up again for some production, this time also including blake's vocals. the result is this gorgeous guitar rave banger. enjoy it while it's hot!

lies in disguise - meet your replacement

make sure to check out le castle vania's new website and also show those liars some well-deserved myspace love! read more!

Monday, January 05, 2009

the twelves + the juan maclean.

since i've been on a kindof harder music kick lately, i thought i'd appease all you critics and slow it down a bit with two people who do it best. the juan maclean (pictured above with nancy whang) polished up this track by the twelves and put the dfa shine on it. it's got the laidback bass, the tastefully offbeat percussion, and (with the exception of that random rap run) ethereal vocals. here's to beardo disco!

the twelves - be my crush (the juan maclean b-live rio mix) (via rcrd lbl)

and aleks also came across this remix while we were poking around rcrd lbl. haven't really seen it anywhere else, so enjoy!

n.a.s.a. - money (the count of monte cristal 'dungeon' remix) (via rcrd lbl) read more!

rewind 2.

the buffetlibre djs did it again and just released 'rewind 2', the second installment in their compilation featuring a ton of today's artists covering or remixing their favorite songs from back in the days. while i already heard from quite some bloggers that they have got mixed emotions about this release, i had a quick scan through the 89 tracks (!) and found some that you should definitely hear.

first up, on the more hard hitting side of things, we've got ac slater remixing the legendary 'everybody in the place' by the prodigy as well as super mal giving the early jungle classic 'some justice' by urban shakedown and micky finn a well needed update!

the prodigy - everybody in the place (ac slater remix)
urban shakedown & micky finn - some justice (super mal remix)

two of germany's finest, namely malente and knixx (the most talented vocalist from germany in years), are hooking up for a breaks-heavy cover of 'rock me amadeus' by falco (pictured above - rest in peace).

malente featuring knixx - rock me amadeus

and on the lighter and more melodic tip, discodust favorites electric youth get busy on level 42's 'lying still', diamond cut covers 'teardrops' by womack & womack and miami horror provides a fresh spin on 'relight my fire' by dan hartman.

electric youth - lying still
diamond cut - teardrops
miami horror vs. dan hartman - starmaker (relight my fire remix)

as you can tell by the total amount of 89 tracks on 'rewind 2', there's a lot more to discover if you are up for it, but these were the most interesting and well-done contributions to me. but feel free to head over to buffetlibre djs and pick your own favorites! read more!

scott cooper & andy george & jots.

hi kids! after some weeks of working day and night followed by an extended holiday break, i might be more or less back on track now. according to a steadily increasing amount of dumb ass hater comments on the blog lately, it seems like i've been missed too. right now, i am just halfway done with catching up on all the holiday season's stuff on everyone else's blogs and so far i don't feel like there was a lot worth posting recently.

anyway, there are always exceptions - just a day before christmas, ryan over at electric zoo scored some really nice tunes from jokers of the scene (pictured above), andy george and scott cooper that you must hear if you haven't picked them up elsewhere yet. especially the 'jump & twist' remix is straight fire!

scott cooper & andy george - jump & twist (jokers of the scene remix)
toddla t - manabadman (andy george re-fix)

andy george, scott cooper and jokers of the scene want to be your myspace friends! read more!

Friday, January 02, 2009

blatta & inesha.

i guess it's a good problem when i can't extract any tracks out of an artist because they've all been snatched up by labels. so let me introduce you to blatta & inesha. yes, they're italian but they're no crookers (although they do look like a slight blend of the crookers and the justice boys). they do take a little of that fidgety distortion and mix it with a bit of techno and slap some heavy bassline on the bottom. oh ya, i forgot the occasional italo vocal samples on top.

honestly, their best tracks are the ones they are officially releasing. you can hear them on their myspace, or a few are included on their mixtape.

blatta & inesha - punching

blatta & inesha - who killed blatta & inesha mixtape

go listen! go listen! go listen! seriously - go listen!

who killed blatta & inesha? tracklist:

01. intro - hand clapping song (b&i re-edit), cdr
02. ac slater - jack got jacked (jack beat rmx), palms out sounds
03. 3 is a crowd - take it back (heavy feet rmx), a new hope
04. wiesel & captain koma - die polypen (blatta & inesha rmx), pouder & louder
05. circuit freq - push button (stupid fresh rmx), circuit freq
06. blatta & inesha vs. eminem - without me, cdr
07. b rich - everyday hustle + jamie fanatic, dj rockid ft. dan stezo - move & mingle, we are all kidz
08. blatta & inesha switched on ramirez - el ritmo barbaro, hellyeah!
09. romanthony - never fuck (congorock rmx), ultra
10. blatta & inesha - revolution, cdr
11. drop the lime - hear me (buraka som sistema rmx), trouble & bass
12. bonde do role - divine gosa, domino
13. blatta & inesha switched on ramirez - orgasmico, hellyeah!
14. i giganti - una ragazza in due, rifi
read more!