Wednesday, January 21, 2009

treasure fingers.

we haven't had a treasure fingers post on here in a while, but it's not for a lack of love. he's a busy guy and if you take a look at his myspace schedule, it's choc full of tour dates and upcoming releases. maybe the only time he can squeeze in some production time is in airports and planes. 6 hour plane rides may not be so bad after all, haha.

apparently he just cranked this edit for diamond cut out on the plane the other day. hey, i'm not mad at filters to pump up the disco feel.

diamond cut - teardrops (treasure fingers filter disco edit)

next up, treasure fingers got his hands on a miike snow track and polished it up like a shiny new disco penny.

miike snow - animal (treasure fingers remix)

and last, we've got a brand new mix which gives us a preview to a couple unreleased tracks that he's been working on mixed in with some other ace tracks. feel free to download the mix and take it rollerskating or cruising down the highway in your convertible sportscar. oh wait, it's a winter mix - ok, then maybe you can use it to help defrost your windshields on those freezing mornings on your way to work.

treasure fingers - winter 2008 mix (via megaupload)
treasure fingers - winter 2008 mix (via zshare)

for those of you in the sacremento area this week, our good buddy shaun slaughter is bringing treasure fingers to his new party (flyer here) this thursday @ mix in downtown. tracklisting after the jump!

01. peacefire - sapphire (grum edit)
02. alex gopher - aurora (riot in belgium & knightlife remix)
03. symbolone - love juice (moulinex remix)
04. manyus & dario guida - stardust
05. sean biddle - times gets tough (matt soda remix)
06. the bucketheads - the bomb (john mazella bistro mix)
07. alex herrera - disco steppin
08. favretto feat. naan - whats your name (treasure fingers remix)
09. big gipp - hot (treasure fingers remix)
10. agent stereo - fast lane
11. d'stephanie - rock the disco
12. dj funkso - a disco kid song
13. the young punx - dance with someone else (phunk investigation remix)
14. empire of the sun - walking on a dream (treasure fingers remix)
15. disco rockets - highschool (treasure fingers edit)
16. alan parsons project - i wouldn't want to be like you (the twelves remix)
17. the presets - this boy's in love (lifelike remix)
18. munk - down in la (shazam remix)
19. demon - happy therapy (lifelike remix)
20. jr disco - what cha going to do
21. dj kittles - disco bones
22. the presets - talk like that (miami horror remix)
23. disco rockets - be my lady
24. matt hughes - can't talk now
25. alex metric - caller
26. treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (chromeo remix)
27. the american dream team feat. lily - my boo
28. mini viva - tokyo (treasure fingers remix)
29. kid sister - family reunion (treasure fingers southern fried mix)
30. plemo vs rampue feat jessica drosten - excess express (bastian heerhorst mellow mix)
31. kavinsky - 1986
32. sneaky sound system - when we were young (shazam remix)
33. chromeo - 100% (treasure fingers remix)
34. vega - all too vivid (kill the noise remix)


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Unknown said...

Couldn't figure out your trackback settings! I linked to this post on my blog:

Anonymous said...

holy shit! just looked at the tracklist and... wow! <3, I'm honored!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Treasure fingers always delivers.

pretty cool to be in the mix Disco Rockets!! :-)

N.A.S.A. said...


MUST HAS!!!!!!

Unknown said...

mini viva mix so sick

Unknown said...

been a fan for a while, Keep spinn'n sick kid. I would love to bring you and Klever to Chicago, Holla

Megan said...

Love this shit!! <3

Whitehouse said...

That was a pretty cool mix I have to say.

Most enjoyable for a Thursday morning in work.

More I say!

Anonymous said...

So good!

Sly said...

What's the name of that track at 1:09:38 - Express ?!?!

Anonymous said...

loved the winter mix!

saludos desde méxico, where it's kinda sunny today.

Anonymous said...

Where can I see the track list please???

Wicked mix!!! 10 thousand thank yous for DD

Anonymous said...

these are really enjoyable tracks.

Anonymous said...

Love the Diamond Cut remixes keep 'em coming :D

Anonymous said...

treasure fingers is being forgotten
blog music now

Anthony Oxx said...

Treasure is not being forgotten. Treasure you rock bro. Thanks for making your music available "por gratis" I'll definitely get to your show when you come nearby!!!