Friday, February 27, 2009

flamin' hotz + rcmp.

fellow grindin member casi runs one of the independent dance labels these days, going by the name of flamin' hotz and looking at their previous releases from the likes of cobra krames, bird peterson or a special kuduro sampler, you can tell that they are always delivering cutting edge material, long before the hipster masses turn their heads in that direction and still lasting when the hype is gone.

flamin' hotz combines multiple genres but is based on electro, baltimore club, house, heavy bass and ghettotech and they are offering a new subscription model for this year going by the name of "flamin' hotz record club". for just $10 a month, you can get the 10 records that they are putting out this year directly shipped to you. click here for more information on the flamin' hotz record club.

to give you an idea of the greatness of flamin' hotz, they hooked us up with a track off their second release this year, coming from the philly based outfit rcmp, consisting of dj apt one and relative q. and i really didn't see this coming but this track is a totally gorgeous disco-based (progressive) dancefloor killer which feels like a breeze of fresh air, sitting somewhere in between italo-disco and progressive house. make sure to check this out - big tune!

rcmp - the bird aka ignition (12" promo mix)

put rcmp way up high in your 2009 watch-list and if you are a serious music lover with a passion for vinyl fabricated with a lot of attention to detail, seriously consider subscribing to the flamin' hotz record club. or at least go and see the rad sleeve designs and picture discs! read more!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

hostage + la roux + nightshifters.

i was just starting to write a post on a bunch of new things coming in from nightshifters and how that label seems to be taking off for real now, putting out new smashers every couple of weeks. the same minute, a new track by my favorite nightshifter hostage came in, so that just proves how damn motivated these guys are to take over the clubs.

so let's start with that said track, just like me hostage was a big fan of the la roux remix by skream that we posted like a week ago but being ravers at heart and uk hardcore fans for life, it left us both longing for some more drive and real heavy bass. and that's exactly what hostage delivers with his version of 'in for the kill'. if this doesn't make the crowd freak out, you are probably playing to a bunch of undeads or the kinda guys who always leave those pointless hater comments on here (either way: losers).

la roux - in for the kill (hostage remix)

and in further nightshifters news, the man in charge dj donna summer sent over another hostage, the salsa-flavoured 'bring the music' as well as a proper villains remix of dillinja's drum & bass classic "twist 'em out".

hostage - bring the music
dillinja - twist 'em out (proper villains remix)

if that wasn't enough, dj donna summer hooked us up with a new promotion mix featuring all new and unreleased tracks by nightshifters artists like rob threezy and ac slater. this mix also includes an early version of a brandnew jokers of the scene remix!

dj donna summer - night mix february 2009 (via sharebee)

watch out for the new ac slater ep 'rock it out' on march 10th and much more to come from nightshifters. find the tracklist for the mix after the jump!


01. all i wanna do is shoot at an intro
02. ac slater - nightshift (preview)
03. rob threezy - dark knight (advance preview)
04. dope p - china bloxx (oliver$ remix)
05. dj p.o.l. style - vampire killah
06. mikix the cat - freeze (drop the lime remix)
07. mikix the cat - freeze
08. dj technics - cumm on
09. wiesel and captain koma - die polizei (blatta and inesha remix)
10. rob threezy - xplosion (advance preview)
11. nadastrom - handz
12. ac slater - rock it out (preview)
13. chase and status - eastern jam
14. a1 bassline - girl thing (pirate soundsystem remix)
15. ac slater - hello (preview)
16. jubilee - kick it (dj donna summer club-step mix) (advance preview)
17. dillinja - twist 'em out (proper villains remix)
18. rob threezy - jingle jams (advance preview)
19. jubilee & udatchi - paypur (super-advance preview)
20. douster & arcade - wasted
21. ac slater - no party for old men (preview)
22. rob threezy - the change up (jokers of the scene remix) (mega super advance preview)
read more!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


fakebeat is leon from dallas (previously toronto, new york, miami) and just turned 21. i mainly knew him from his blog french express where he always put up some classy french house selections. recently i heard some of his own productions and was really baffled as his music didn't actually sound that french at all but reminded me of the nineties in germany when house, trance-flavoured techno and goa was really really huge over here, with several big raves going down every weekend. although fakebeat told me he listened to a lot of that kind of stuff ever since 2000, he was also influenced by video game soundtracks and a heavy dose of motown music that his parents were playing to him before he was even born.

his track 'jellyfish' perfectly sums up the vibe from the good old days when techno was still exciting, the whole german youth was on drugs, mayday and the love parade were broadcasted live on a very young and promising german music channel and yeah well, everything was better. from what i can tell, people are nowadays calling this genre 'progressive house' and two of the biggest names in this scene, namely deadmau5 and nick warren from way out west already played fakebeat's 'jellyfish' out, making the kids go wild!

fakebeat - jellyfish

show fakebeat some love on myspace! and yes, i am aware that this is kind of a guilty pleasure. but if you don't feel this, you are either too young, too old or retarded. read more!

miike snow + vampire weekend.

vampire weekend were one of the most hyped indie bands last year. or was it the year before? at least it feels like ages ago since i first ignored them. lucky enough, due to gentle inbox terror i stumbled across this rework of "the kids don't stand a chance" by miike snow which somehow reminds me of long gone times when it was still a crazy thing to combine guitars and 'electronica'. was that phase actually named indietronics? i guess only the people at morr music could give us the official word on that. whatever, this track is pretty fucking sweet and yet stomping, so leech it already!

vampire weekend - the kids (miike snow remix) on rcrd lbl

and if i had to decide, i'd rather watch out for what's coming next from miike snow than what's coming next from vampire weekend but some of you fuckers just seem to love to disagree with me all the time anyway. read more!

feed me + rogues.

feed me has not been around for too long, but realizing he has already put out some well rough electro on deadmau5' label mau5trap should tell us he is no newbie at all. in fact some of you, especially those coming from a drum & bass background, might know him under his alias spor, as who he has been releasing tunes on labels like renegade hardware or subtitles.

being more up to electro at the moment he took on the new single 'not so pretty' by guitar pop five piece rogues from harrow. it is getting released on march 16th through 50 bones, the indie upstart label that has previously released debuts for bands like little boots, we have band or the virgins. so now check out feed me's combination of killer beats with those catchy and melodic guitar loops. finally a new indie electro banger really worth listening to!

rogues - not so pretty (feed me remix)

for some more feed me you may head over to beatport and his myspace and become friends! read more!

lioness remixed.

lioness is a new band from toronto consisting of jeff scheven and ronnie morris from controller.controller with vanessa fischer of soul-punk quartet no dynamics. and while they have just recently stepped on the scene, they have already supported acts like !!! and hercules and love affair.

what's even better for us disco addicts is that lioness got some remix love for their track "you're my heart" by pilotpriest (who provides a melodic synth epic turning into a distorted electro banger), ccenturiess (who give us pure disco noir beauty) and mansion (who are turning the tune into straight pumping electro house), all from toronto as well. choose your favorite flavour!

lioness - you're my heart (pilotpriest remix)
lioness - you're my heart (ccenturiess remix)
lioness - you're my heart (mansion remix)

lioness are definitely a band to watch out for this year, so show them some myspace love already! read more!

shining symbol.

shining symbol from france is one of those secret producers who have been around for a long time but just won't tell me their name. fine, so let the music do the talking instead then. this mysterious person provided us with two more than solid french house tracks that you kids just can't seem to get enough of - perfect for some pre-peaktime heat!

shining symbol - i want u
shining symbol - control

keep an eye on shining symbol. as in: add him on myspace, stalk him, follow him everywhere he goes and let's uncover all his secrets! read more!

Monday, February 23, 2009

n.a.s.a. remixed.

david byrne, m.i.a, santigold, lovefoxxx, amanda blank, spank rock, sizzla, chuck d, seu jorge, z-trip are all among the guests of the recently released n.a.s.a. (north america south america album 'the spirit of apollo' get remixed by villains, database and the count of monte cristal. all thanks to the work of n.a.s.a. (north america south america).

those remixes have been up elsewhere already (and we hinted at the 'money' one a while ago too) but i just didn't want anyone to miss out as lots of the heavier tunes these days are not even worth the time listening to them but all of these are very enjoyable and will definitely work on the floor.

n.a.s.a. - whatchadoin' (villains remix)
n.a.s.a. - a volta (database remix)
n.a.s.a. - money (the count of monte cristal 'dungeon' remix) read more!

Friday, February 20, 2009

curses! + holy ghost!

while i have been living under a rock recently and spent most of the time getting drunk and watching slasher movies and torture porn, there was one track that has been anticipated so much by my fellow grindin bloggers, that even i had no chance to miss it: the holy ghost! remix of 'the deep end' by curses! also known as drop the lime. although it doesn't get an official release until march, institubes obviously decided to throw it over to the blogs, making a huge step forward towards taking the lead in the competition for the most forward thinking and exciting french label of the year!

'the deep end' is turned into an epic eight minutes disco odyssey that keeps you wishing that it never ends. golden tickets to holy ghost! and big ups to luca, i really enjoyed meeting you in frankfurt - this will be your year, man!

curses! - the deep end (holy ghost! remix)

i picked this up over at the daily download and they also provided one of my favorite disco tracks from last year, the aeroplane remix of 'circuit' by david rubato - i wanted to post this since ages but didn't even dare to ask for permission for this masterpiece back then. if you haven't heard this yet, make sure to check this out too and experience another demonstration of institubes' pure excellence.

david rubato - circuit (aeroplane remix)

in related news, head over to our friend ryan at electric zoo for a new zombie disco squad track released on the institubes sublabel sound pellegrino. (we previously warned you they were coming!) read more!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

fare soldi.

just like me, you have probably never heard of italian disco lifesavers fare soldi before but trust me, everything you need to see is up there. and everything you need to hear is down here.

fare soldi - survivor
fare soldi - survivor (keenhouse remix)
fare soldi - survivor (saint pauli remix)

candy hearts to bigstereo for reminding me to check my inbox. read more!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

vv brown + style of eye.

the first time i heard this track, i thought it was the new acid girls. but after a little inquiring found out that it was the style of eye remix of the uk newcomer vv brown. two thumbs up to her management because now, thanks to their ace selection and a little techno touch from style of eye, she's definitely piqued my interest. this remix takes her vocals and makes them sound like they were tailored for this techno refix. if you like the sounds of this one, def check out the style of eye dub as well.

vv brown - leave! (style of eye vocal)

they also enlisted little boots to do her own version where she replaces the vocals with her own and put her own little pixie twist on it. the single is out on march 2nd and her lp 'travelling like the light' is released into wild in may. read more!

justin faust + russ chimes.

after we first posted about him back in september, bavarian french house magician justin faust has received tons of blog love and pretty much went through the roof. so he did what every smart (and handsome!) man would do and finished an ep which is up for sale at beatport now. in order to make you greedy kids want to pay for it, we're fueling the fire with 'the capri spinoff' from the ep alongside a shiny and brandnew russ chimes remix of the title track 'revenge'. beware braxe, falke and lifelike, these guys are out to get you!

justin faust - the capri spinoff
justin faust - revenge (russ chimes remix)

head over to disco workout for some more justin faust goodness. and fucking yes, some people are just that great, i need to post about them twice a day! (i could also have said: some bloggers are so lazy and don't give a fuck these days, so they are missing a few things happening on other blogs and don't even seem to get what their friends are doing!) read more!

the golden filter + russ chimes.

after recently remixing cut copy and empire of the sun, discodust darlings the golden filter have finally released their catchy disco stormer 'solid gold' on dummy, available as free download, high-quality downloads from beatport and limited edition 7-inch with exclusive b-side 'favourite things'. even if you already know the original tune and feel it's played out by now (which is nearly impossible), there is a stellar remix by russ chimes on the release and of course, he did the impossible and made the original even better with his trademark style!

the golden filter - solid gold (russ chimes remix) via

i had this remix since end of october and it is still the best disco-flavoured dance track around. while the blogs and myspace are crowded by french house wannabes and valerie copycats these days, russ motherfuckin' chimes stands out and shows the kids how it's done. buy this release. he and the golden filter deserve all the support they can get!

and to the armies of clones mentioned above: go and find your own new sound, you are boring us to death. all of us. read more!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


it's been a while since i've blogged about barcelona's sidechains. i wish it didn't have to be so long, and that he cranked out more housey tracks like this more often. well, sidechains, thanks for giving me another reason to be excited about music. it's got that old school bassline, diva vocals, piano riffs and 'woooooo's' all over it. it's going straight into my next 'handbag house' mix, haha.

sidechains - can't love you babe read more!

la roux + skream.

la roux already received a fair amount of praise on here in the recent past but this skream remix of her latest single 'in for the kill' might be my favorite thing i have ever heard of her. starting out with eerie pads, a devastating sub-bass and elly jackson's wonderful vocals with lots of echoes on top, this "let's get ravey" rework has everything that it takes to make the crowd go wild before the beat even drops in.

skream perfectly keeps up the suspense throughout the entire track until near the end where he can't help himself but finally put an amen break aside the whole thing. unfortunately, the song fades out soon after that and keeps me longing for an extended rave meltdown mayhem version but you get the idea. less is more. teasing is the new ecstasy. reduction is the new maximum. low is the new high.

la roux - in for the kill (skream's let's get ravey remix)

in other news: disabled comments are the new 'shut the fuck up'. "i don't care what you say" is the new 'fuck you'. everlasting love is the new ungrateful hate. read more!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

simian mobile disco.

i don't know what clicked in my brain when i watched this video, but i don't know why more artists don't make videos for their songs instead of giving away shitty bitrate mp3s for free. this video (directed by kate moross and the amazing alex sushon of lower end spasm fame) made me obsess about the new simian mobile disco track. i've probably repeated it 230,982,509 times, no thanks to the non-existant repeat/loop feature. win. read more!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

felix cartal.

for those of you who have been wondering 'what happened to felix cartal' we have some good news for you. i could tell you all about it, but sometimes it's just more fun to hear it from the horse's mouth.

"hey felix here, just wanted to send out my latest remix that came out on dim mak last week. it's called beyond god & elvis and is by the band from monuments to masses. i also wanted to give a heads up to those who are interested in what i have been up to of late. i have recently started a blog to document the making behind my music, most specifically, my forthcoming ep titled 'skeleton', you can read all about it here: - enjoy!


from monuments to masses - beyond god to elvis (felix cartal remix)

so don't forget to go to his new blog. you can ask him questions about anything from his production setup, to when his next release is, or what's on his ipod. he's gonna keep it stocked with videos, info, pics and new tracks!
read more!

Monday, February 02, 2009

sound pellegrino.

sound pellegrino's sonic identity is a paradox. it was birthed in the grey areas of music by teki latex and dj orgasmic, both of ttc fame. both found themselves consuming music too minimal for 'bangin electro' connoisseurs, too bangin' for minimal djs. the aim of this label is to purely release singles that fall through those genre cracks. perhaps viewed as the baby brother of institubes, sound pellegrino is out to form its own.... er, sound. the first two releases of zombie disco squad and douster totally embody the state of mind of embracing music that is creative and groovy, minimalistic but not too serious.

since they can't share champagne with all of you to commemorate the launching of the label, teki and dj orgasmic compiled some tracks to give you a hint of what their baby is going to sound like.

teki latex and orgasmic - sound pellegrino minimineral mix read more!