Monday, March 31, 2008

foamo + primary 1.

fidget youngster foamo from the uk is back with a new remix. his original track "movin' it over here" (hear it on his myspace) has already got massive support by a lot of major fidget djs as well as kissy sell out who already played it more than once on his radio show.

so here is another killer from foamo, a (fidget) remix of 'hold me down' by primary 1 that will really get the crowd going:

primary 1 - hold me down (foamo remix)

it seems like "movin' it over here" is finally coming out soon, keep your eyes open for that, it's definitely close to being my favorite fidget style track ever. show foamo some myspace love. read more!

Friday, March 28, 2008

grum + revolte.

friday night, good times as discodust favorite grum is back with a new killer remix for 'ironical sexism' by revolte. and to me this is definitely one of the best banging tracks i have heard in a long time, i love how it is both hard-hitting and really funked up. so, no more talk, go enjoy this masterpiece already:

revolte - ironical sexism (grum remix)

and in case you missed it when it was around the blogs, here is another remix for 'ironical sexism' by up and coming french producers going by the obscure name of we are terrorists:

revolte - ironical sexism (we are terrorists remix)

that should be enough for friday. don't forget to check today's other posts and show grum, revolte and we are terrorists some myspace love! read more!

munk + maral salmassi.

gomma label owner munk also known as 'the german dfa' is back again with some more cutting edge material. this time it's a remix of 'live fast! die young!' by cologne scene stars maral salmassi and zero cash from television rocks. they add some banging drums and squeaking disco synths to the classic house piano and vocals by asia argento (pictured with munk above) both taken from the original.

'live fast! die old!' is the first single of the upcoming munk album 'cloudbuster' which will be out on gomma in summer 2008. the single will be out in may featuring remixes by headman and the juan maclean and well, of course maral salmassi and zero cash. get this remix right here in all its 320 kbps glory, thanks to gomma for hooking me up, way to go!

munk - live fast! die old! (maral salmassi & zero cash remix)

keep an eye out for the single release which will be available at your favorite recordstore as well as on beatport and junodownload. and watch out for more from maral salmassi on here very soon! read more!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

just a band + tom deluxx.

my friends from just a band just hit me up with some good news: i've got permission to put up their remix for 'curse words' by tom deluxx, released on boxon records. go pick it up at beatport and also check for the just a band ep which used to be in the pole position of the beatport electro charts! but now get the ace remix here:

tom deluxx - curse words (just a band remix)

watch out for the upcoming second ep from just a band and show boxon records, tom deluxx and just a band some myspace love!

STATUS: dreamhost still did not manage to fix their problems. oh well, it's only been like a week of ups and downs. no hurry, time for a coffee break, eh? so if images and files are not working, you know why. read more!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


david rocchi is french, from paris and if he's not working as an acoustic engineer he's daroc, valerie's newest discovery. when it comes to producing the 30-year-old uses an old mac and some synths to get things the way he wants them to be. not an easy task if your main goal is to produce something touching and you're not willing to work on something that you just like. daroc's got some high standards and an easy trigger erase button.

daroc - moogeux (featuring ayenash)

as far as inspiration goes, his biggest idols are morricone and moroder, two artists always obsessed with moody, cinematic music. other than that he spent his childhood being exposed to acts like stevie wonder, queen, depeche mode or french artists like gainsbourg, balavoine or polnareff. and although he likes newer stuff like portishead, daft punk or radiohead he points out that the old masters are unreachable when it comes to songwriting and production - he might not be on his own with this opinion.

daroc - hypnotic

for the near future daroc hopes to get a record deal in order to spend more time on making music, which is until now just a side project. and sure money would be nice but for the moment love will do, show him some on his myspace and head over to knicken for more daroc goodness! read more!

remix wednesdays.

no, this is not the start of a new series on discodust. due to excessive slacking throughout the easter weekend and dreamhost having some problems they obviously don't want to reveal yet causing slowness and actual downtimes on my file server, i've missed quite a few posts. and as i am not really in the mood to make twenty-five dedicated posts right now, prepare for an exception to the 'focus on one artist per post' rule, here's a bunch of [HIGHLY REC'D] remixes that i have almost missed out on.

so here we go with some new remixes by hot pink delorean, le castle vania and flosstradamus, reworks of songs by hail social, kill the noise and heartsrevolution (pictured above). get them all right now:

hail social - no paradise (hot pink delorean remix)
kill the noise - hey you (le castle vania remix)
heartsrevolution - cyoa (flosstradamus remix)

and as i am busy with 'backfilling' anyway, here are some of the most recent remixes by discodust favorites miami horror, moulinex and symbolone. they have been on the blogs for a while but every single one of them is awesome:

datarock - fafafa (miami horror remix)
symbolone - love juice (moulinex remix)
nid & sancy - m.u.s.i.c. (symbolone remix)

enjoy these tracks if you didn't pick them up somewhere else and let's just hope my server stays up and finally lets me do my job again - on with some freshness! read more!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

panda bear + xxxchange.

panda bear of animal collective remixed by xxxchange of spank rock:

panda bear - comfy in nautica (xxxchange remix) read more!

shir khan.

once again, i managed to get ahold of some tracks by shir khan who is still by far germany's best dj to me. this time it's two unreleased remixes for audioporno vs. purple crush and princess superstar. the remixes have got the vibe of a compressed shir khan dj set, with influences ranging from electro, b-more, fidget to hip hop and baile funk and will definitely both work well on the floor. grab them right here:

audioporno vs. purple crush - the disco itch (shir khan remix)
princess superstar - bad babysitter (shir khan remix)

shir khan has more remixes in the pipeline for gameboy/gamegirl, monosurround, the current purple crush single and discodust favorite ben mono. since 2008, shir khan also hosts a great weekly radio show on berlin's radio fritz, every tuesday 20:00-22:00 (german time), click here for more info and also watch out for upcoming releases on his very own label exploited. read more!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


adeyhawke comes from dublin, ireland and his tracks have been on constant repeat everywhere i go in the last few days and i don't see it stopping any time soon - actually i can't remember the last time i have heard any music that is as beautiful as his. his sound is best described as retro synthesizers and 80s night drive coolness meeting very dreamy ambient/idm elements, so think of valerie meeting boards of canada, a band that adeyhawke admires and is inspired by which explains the slightly aged, filtered feel of his tracks.

anoraak is already a fan and is patiently waiting for adeyhawke to come up with his remix of 'nightdrive with you'. so am i. and so is crls. and so will you after listening to the two tracks he gave me for this feature:

adeyhawke - adeyhawke theme
adeyhawke - skyscraped

adeyhawke is currently working on more tracks and will then consider a release, so it might be a good time for you labels out there to hit him up right now. show him some myspace love and i will try my best to keep you posted on his upcoming tracks. read more!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

top billin + les gillettes.

my friends nenis from top billin and cajsa from les gillettes hooked me up with some hot tracks from the upcoming 'top billin vs. new judas' ep which will be available for sale at turntablelab and juno in about a month.

first off are two new tracks from top billin who seem to be stepping a bit away from their trademark b-more sound towards electro house and fidget (and i can't deny that's good news to me), somehow their basslines even remind me of fake blood but that can only mean it's great. my personal favorite 'my girl wants to' is based on the greatest hit song of a certain beverly hills cop but i bet you heads will figure that out yourselves anyway.

top billin - my girl wants to
top billin - hoes & house

and then we move on to the first tune ever released by my favorite girl dj-team les gillettes from new judas which is a real banging electro house stomper and definitely a perfect debut, i bet you will be huge, cajsa! get it right here:

les gillettes - send in the clowns

show les gillettes, top billin and new judas some myspace love and like i've mentioned before, keep an eye on turntablelab and juno for the official release. also, if you are in berlin around april 19th, go to the release party at villa! read more!

glass candy.

i was about to go to sleep but this just came falling down from the sky (or rather: was just sent to me on aim), enjoy some brand new glass candy brilliance:

glass candy - nite nurses (rough)

go see them on their upcoming australia tour, if you get the chance. i am off to bed now (hoping for nite nurses). read more!

lies in disguise + the toxic avenger.

lies in disguise are still dylan from le castle vania and blake miller from moving units, in case you missed them the first time on discodust when they just got started and dropped their remix for 'penis vs. vagina' by partyshank.

now they are back with a remix for the toxic avenger that was one of the (many) outstanding tracks on the franki chan mixtape that we have got over here - get it in case you have missed it, it's a must-have. back to topic though, lies in disguise totally murdered 'poker face' and whatever i have said about electro bangers being out of fashion in the past weeks, when i listen to tracks like this i take it all back. 'straight fire', 'pure mayhem', 'total meltdown' or 'another killing on the dancefloor', whatever you want to call it, lies in disguise make it happen!

and while blake & dylan wanted this to be a first on discodust, some evil people have already leaked it but well, i guess that's what i get for always playing by the rules and not sharing it in early january when i first got ahold of it. i still love it though and so should you:

the toxic avenger - poker face (lies in disguise remix)

speaking of the toxic avenger, here is a remix of 'escape' by la riots that has been released to the blogs just after i finished my post on the franki chan mixtape, so this is a good chance to feature it now. according to the iheartcomix blog this won't ever see a release due to sampling issues but unreleased tracks are more fun anyway.

the toxic avenger - escape (la riots remix)

and as i am in the mood for even more backlinks, last summer was the first time 'escape' showed up on discodust, back then remixed by the bloody beetroots. in the meantime their remix was used in need for speed: prostreet and thanks to zshare, the file is still up, so if this is not in your archives yet, go get it:

the toxic avenger - escape (bloody beetroots remix)

watch out for more from le castle vania and la riots on here soon! read more!

Monday, March 17, 2008

plemo + the dance inc.

our friends from hamburg, audiolith hooked us up with some tracks from their current releases by plemo and the dance inc. which are pretty damn great once again.

'exzess express' by plemo (pictured above) vs. rampue features jessica drosten from das bierbeben on the vocals and could very well become a real party anthem. the 'mellow mix' by bastian heerhorst is my favorite tune in this post and reminds me of golden 80s disco acts like inner city and s'express while the rampue version is quite a hard hitter. check both of them out:

plemo vs. rampue - excess express (bastian heerhorst mellow mix)
plemo vs. rampue - excess express (rampue version)

buy this release on beatport / buy this release on finetunes

also worth checking out is the frittenbude remix for the latest single 'matador' by hamburg rockers the dance inc. which is a very solid example of an indie track pumped up with banging drums and squealing synths.

the dance inc. - matador (frittenbude remix)

buy this release on beatport / buy this release on finetunes

show the artists and especially audiolith records some myspace love. and sorry for keeping it a bit short right now, i am busy as hell today. there is more to come later, watch out! read more!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the bloody beetroots + crookers.

once again i am a bit late on this but no one should miss these, so here are two new killer productions by discodust favorites the bloody beetroots (who are finally officially signed to dim mak now) and crookers.

enjoy the bloody beetroots' take on an absolute all-time classic by rondò veneziano called 'we are from venice (la serenissima)' and "day'n'nite" by rap saviour kid cudi remixed by crookers, provided by fool's gold. both tracks are hosted on, so i will play nice and just point you to their download pages.

the bloody beetroots - we are from venice (la serenissima) on
kid cudi - day'n'nite (crookers remix) on read more!

Friday, March 14, 2008

the bell remixed.

the bell are an indie pop/rock band from sweden signed on badman recording and they've got some damn catchy songs up their sleeves. their latest track 'i am history' just got the remix treatment from australian demolition man whitenoise and uk electro house glitch duo joe and will ask?. both reworks will work perfectly on the floor when dropped at the right time, so check them out:

the bell - i am history (whitenoise remix)
the bell - i am history (joe and will ask? remix)

and if you don't want to miss out, listen to the great original as well:

the bell - i am history

show the bell, joe and will ask? and whitenoise some myspace love and watch out for a dedicated feature of joe and will ask? on discodust real soon! read more!

chewy chocolate cookies.

i have to admit i was wondering if a band named chewy chocolate cookies does actually come up with some good music but damn yes, they do. those guys from london and paris have some serious banger sound going on, already got their first ep out on ekleroshock as well as an official remix for cazals on kitsuné.

now they have finished a mixtape for our friends at no love lost records consisting of purely their own tracks and remixes and it's amazing how many good tracks they've got done already. get the tape right here and check the comments for the tracklist:

chewy chocolate cookies - exclusive nllr mix (direct link)

as a bonus, here is a teaser of their ep release and another recent remix by chewy chocolate cookies, out on the latest plastic operator single fine day records.

chewy chocolate cookies - pepites ep teaser
plastic operator - home 0207 (chewy chocolate cookies)

run over to beatport, junodownload or djdownload to buy the releases and watch out for more sweetness from chewy chocolate cookies! read more!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

jaimie fanatic.

fidget/jack house pioneer jaimie fanatic just dropped some new heat in our inbox. inspired by the latest album 'ghettoblaster' by house grandwizard armand van helden and meant as a promotion for an event with the master himself on the decks in rotterdam, here is a remix of the theme to the classic hip hop movie 'krush groove' featuring old school rap legends kurtis blow, run dmc and sheila e.

it is safe to say that jaimie fanatic produced a real sure shot for the dancefloor, gracefully transporting the 'krush groove' theme into an up-to-date breakbeat-driven club track that ends up being very catchy without slipping into 'handbag house' territories at all. grab it right here:

jaimie fanatic & partysquad - krush groove

head over to krush groove for more infos on the upcoming party if you are anywhere near rotterdam and also watch this exclusive armand van helden commercial for that night. and check out the recent palms out remix sunday for more from jaimie fanatic. read more!

dream disco + suicide booth.

recently i have spent quite some time exploring 'new' sounds on cybernetic broadcasting system, the internet radio station managed by retro electro mastermind i-f ('space invaders are smoking grass') and dedicated to keeping the vintage electro and disco vibe alive with both classics and new productions. two of my favorite acts featured on cybernetic broadcasting system and also ranked high in their top 100 for 2007 are dream disco and suicide booth, both releasing on das drehmoment.

das drehmoment is a berlin-based record label and record store influenced by old school/new school electro, italo disco, robodisco, new wave and the like. and as i couldn't describe it any better, here is a quote from their official website: '(das drehmoment) invites you to join the cosmos of magenta-red, cyan-blue, retro-future, full of cow bells, glamour, neonlight and lipstick, perfumed with moroder and morricone, carpenter and blade runner, roland 808, korg ms 20 and, of course, lots of moog'.

buy das drehmoment releases on junodownload

on to the music. dream disco is a project by dj overdose from the netherlands, well-known as one half of the hasbeens together with alden tyrell, e.g. one of the most well-known and best retro-style electro acts these days. i am glad to feature one track off their second release out on das drehmoment. 'take me home' is a driving italo-vibe disco track featuring the proven concept of traditional macho male and sexy female vocals. she says: "you're going home with me tonight", he says: "can't get enough of your body". and you definitely want to hear that, listen already! (and keep in mind that the actual release features another original track 'in your eyes' as well as two remixes.)

dream disco - take me home
buy dream disco releases on junodownload

suicide booth are stefan fenzel and spif anderson from munich and the 'aura ep' on das drehmoment is their first release ever. their sound is described by the label as 'robotic space disco' and has that 'midnight movies' (as in 'sci-fi/horror b-movies') vibe. the ep received a lot of love from reviewers all over, being called the best release of 2007 within that genre - and i can only agree. 'raumpilot' is one of 5 tracks on the ep and seriously, all of them are outstanding if you are into synth pop and feature different vocalists. get your fix right here:

suicide booth - raumpilot
buy suicide booth releases on junodownload

make sure to show dream disco, suicide booth and das drehmoment some myspace love and if you like what you hear, follow the junodownload links and give a label that's going its on way, lightyears ahead of the mainstream, some well-deserved support! read more!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the teenagers + tepr.

wonderful (and raunchy!) synth pop band the teenagers should need no introduction. although i haven't been featuring them here before because i am such a slacker, every other online magazine in the world has written about them by now. and everyone knows they are great. and everyone knows their album 'reality check' exceeded the expectations by far and is actually very good.

out of nowhere, this brandnew remix by supreme french beatmaker tepr showed up, once again sporting his trademark style with oldschool rave influences, broken beats while maintaining a banging electro vibe. so don't miss out, download right here - and as far as i can see right now, this should be another first on discodust:

the teenagers - love no (tepr remix)

and if you haven't already, run over to the teenagers myspace and show one of the biggest bands in 2008 some love!

update: now even better, with correct file and trackname! and as additional bonus, here are two more recent remixes for the teenagers, by delorean from spain and discodust favorite cfcf:

the teenagers - love no (delorean remix)
the teenagers - sunset beach (cfcf remix)

and head over to knicken, the most underrated super-awesome blog in the world for a great interview with the teens. read more!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ghostface killah remixed.

it seems scion can't stop to deliver the good stuff. alicia over at iheartcomix just posted a couple of remixes for ghostface killah, including reworks by guns'n'bombs and yuksek. what a crazy combination!

as you would expect, both remixes are nothing but banging and i really like the fact that guns'n'bombs continue on their mission to bring acid lines back to the center of attention. this is straight fire for the floor, pick those remixes up right here and listen to ghostface bringing tha ruckus like never before!

ghostface killah - charlie brown (guns'n'bombs remix)
ghostface killah - charlie brown (yuksek remix)

now head over to iheartcomix to pick up the remixes by dj mehdi and orgasmic. read more!

Monday, March 10, 2008

fred falke + the whitest boy alive.

what happens when my dreams come true? two of my absolutely favorite artists team up! fred falke just dropped a new remix for the whitest boy alive, the band of everyone's most beloved singer erlend øye. his take on 'golden cage' is pretty damn great and a perfect spring-time soundtrack, so don't hesitate and pick it up right here:

the whitest boy alive - golden cage (fred falke remix)

unfortunately modular seems to love pitchfork a lot more than us, so i had no choice but to steal the mp3 from them. the 'golden cage' single is out on march 17th. help fred falke and the whitest boy alive to get rich and go buy it! read more!

franki chan + iheartcomix mixtape.

the wait is finally over. the most talked about and most anticipated mixtape is finally out - franki chan drops his masterpiece for the scion remix series. it has been in the works since august and features all new tracks and exclusive remixes from the iheartcomix records all stars like ocelot, the toxic avenger, matt & kim and heartsrevolution as well as remixes by some of the hottest artists around right now: miami horror, designer drugs, mano and hollywood holt, lies in disguise, la riots, radiotclit and flosstradamus.

a lot of those tracks will be available on the blogs soon as well but for now, enjoy this killer mixtape that proves that iheartcomix deserves to be nothing but huge in 2008 and even more than that: bangers are still in fashion!

scion/iheartcomix mixtape by franki chan (mediafire)
scion/iheartcomix mixtape by franki chan (megaupload)
scion/iheartcomix mixtape by franki chan (zshare)

download it now and make sure to pick up one of the 500,000 (sick!) physical copies that will be available for free all across the states all summer long, also available at the upcoming sxsw and wmc. check the comments for the tracklist! read more!

Friday, March 07, 2008


usually i just skip all the random 'dj mixes' that end up in my inbox as the selection already tells me that they will just be dead boring and contain like absolutely no surprises but only consist of tracks featured on various blogs several weeks before. as if there was no music but the stuff on blogs and as if dj's weren't supposed to dig for hot tracks on their own. but anyway, that's how it usually is. but this time it was completely different.

playgroundkidz are a young up and coming dj crew from switzerland and i was lucky enough to receive the 'demo.lition promo mix' by dj dead cool and kid bizzy featuring an excellent selection of what we like to call 'rave rap' - yeah, blame us if this term will spread all over just like 'new rave'.

besides premiering the brandnew unreleased steed lord anthem 'take my hand' featuring crookers that makes this mix a must-have already, there are a lot of real fresh tracks from the likes of thunderheist, yo majesty and lmfao mixed with banging beats and funked up disco tunes from discodust favorites miami horror, fake blood and klever.

following the tradition of rap mixtapes, 'demo.lition' also features shoutouts by miss dade county, chew fu phat and steed lord. get that mix right here and now because this is what 2008 will sound like. period.

playgroundkidz - demo.lition promo mix (on
playgroundkidz - demo.lition promo mix (direct download)

check the comments for the tracklist and make sure to head over to the playgroundkidz myspace, show them some love and listen to more of their mixes and their podcast series! and one last note to all you bedroom djs: this is how it should be done! read more!

avalon + pacific!.

avalon are a japanese four piece band, all members (aged 20 to 25) playing synthesizers and keyboards. their press info describes their music as 'melodious romantic synthesizer neo-pop' and that definitely gives you a good idea of what they sound like. but when i hear their tracks like "avalonian's shrine" it makes me think of a smoked-up club where a crazy jazz band took over justice' live equipment and started an insane neo tokyo live jam session.

avalon also mention hot chip and metronomy as their influences - but stop imagining what that would sound like and start listening already:

avalon - avalonian's shrine
avalon - exodus testament

those two originals have been floating around on quality blogs like bibabidi, knicken and electrorash before. but as we are like so cool, we managed to get ahold of avalon's new remix for 'sunset blvd' by pacific! as well and this one has not been on the blogs yet. and that remix just provides more reasons why avalon are definitely here to stay:

pacific! - sunset blvd (avalon remix)

now go and show avalon some myspace love! read more!

boys noize + gonzales.

(no, this is not gonzales on the left.) it's a grey (or even gray) friday morning over here and i just got around to check some tracks that other blogs put up earlier this week. so if you don't rely on discodust as your only blog source for fresh stuff, you have probably heard this ages ago (measured in hipster time). here is a boys noize remix of a new gonzales track called 'working together' and it just brightened up my day, maybe it can do the same for you! speaking of 'working together', this has previously been posted by my darling alicia over at iheartcomix and my favorite swedish blogger martin at discobelle. aww, did you ever expect that boys noize puts me into a 'i love everyone' mood? whatever, let's spread the love:

gonzales - working together (boys noize vox mix)

even more ancient (once again measured in hipster time) but still worth hearing and perfectly fitting in this post is a remix for boys noize single '&down' by siriusmo (recently featured by my lovely co-editor jasper right here). this track is the opener of the upcoming boys noize remix album 'oi oi oi remixed' and i blatantly stole the mp3 from travis at bigstereo but of course i tried to remove all traces of that by editing the id3 tags, just like all those short-lived music blogs out there do when they steal my tracks. hell, some even leave my tags in there and still don't even care to mention discodust - that's not how blogging and networks are supposed to work, kids! but oh well, enough bitching and elitist behaviour (or 'behavior', in case your friday morning is 'gray'), here is the track:

boys noize - &down (siriusmo vs. boys noize remix)

also check out the stellar remix epic boys noize did for apparat and stay tuned for some more fresh stuff, and probably some more backfilling (as well as odd write-ups) on here soon. read more!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ben mono + yo majesty.

luis from moulinex recommended his good friend producer, remixer and in demand dj ben mono from munich to me and damn, i am glad i have found him! while most of the german producers spent the last couple of years to try hard to breathe life into the dying minimal monster again (eww, you necrophiliacs! what's the superlative of 'so last summer' again?), ben mono is always reaching out for new sounds, labelling his own style 'bit-hop' which is somewhere in between hip hop and electro, just like hip house (for the elders among us), ghettotech, grime or the recently reborn (cough) 'new rave' (cough) culture.

the people over at legendary german label compost records (look at their discography!) were kind enough to let us share the lorenz rhode remix of 'hit the bit', the title track of the recent ben mono album, also featuring miami bass queens and hipster favorites yo majesty keeping it regal. starting off with an old school electro beat and king, well, queen style raps this quickly evolves into the best remix alan braxe never made - a bouncing floorfiller full of wonderful chords along with a funky bassline and enriched with playful retro synth-solos.

don't miss this and go pick up one of the nicest tunes so far this year right here:

ben mono & yo majesty - hit the bit (lorenz rhode remix)

buy the whole release on beatport now (also featuring remixes by the loose cannons as well as dibaba) and make sure to show ben mono, lorenz rhode and compost records some myspace love! stay tuned for more! read more!

letter g.

letter g says he's been heavily influenced by 80s and 90s hardcore bands like minor threat, bad religion, sepultura or system of a down. he also claims he's taken some good look at acts like richie hawtin, t.raumschmiere or jeff mills. and he likes skateboarding. got the picture yet? maybe naming the two guys he worked with for his track 'it's gone' gets the view cleared, but maybe even that won't help.

first of all there's kieran hebden aka four tet and second of all alexis taylor from hot chip, both well-respected by producers and fans all over. got the picture now? well, it's somewhere in between all of that. and somehow this monotonic monster makes you wanna hear it on big speakers, right that moment you get dizzy in a club whatever reason for. there once was an album named 'music for collapsing people' by some cheesy chillout-act, not quite fitting but the phrase pretty much sums it up.

anyway here it is in its sheer brilliance, check it out and see for yourselves:

letter g, kieran hebden & alexis taylor - it's gone (julien briffaz 12" mix)

for more information check out the letter g's myspace and show that old character some good old christian passion. read more!

Monday, March 03, 2008


this post is brought to you by jasper from our friends at knicken.

he's from berlin, he's a builder, he makes a living from graffitis and he might be one of the freshest electro acts that evolved from the city in quite some time. we're talking about moritz friedrich aka siriusmo, who started his project as a punkband at age 16. you might wanna say that it became something different by now. you may also want to thank god for that.

anyway, siriusmo, who grew up with modeselektor musically and may have gained your attention for the songs he did with his friend dana when you're from berlin and got some more fame when he remixed simian mobile disco a while ago. his work is unorthodox and beautiful, while it is still modern and state of the art. a fact that got him a big list of admirers - pedro winter, erol alkan or 2manydjs just to name a few. now he's dropping an ep called 'diskoding' on boys noize records, that features some fresh material and a remix by boys noize himself for the classic 'mein neues fahrrad', originally released in 2006 on the ep 'minirock'.

discodust brings you 'simple' from the current siriusmo ep 'diskoding' and 'lizi' from the 'minirock' ep:

siriusmo - simple
siriusmo - lizi

make sure to point your browsers over to beatport and check out the 'diskoding' ep, it's all good, promised. for more information check siriusmo's myspace and show that guy some freaking love. he deserves it. word. read more!