Friday, March 28, 2008

grum + revolte.

friday night, good times as discodust favorite grum is back with a new killer remix for 'ironical sexism' by revolte. and to me this is definitely one of the best banging tracks i have heard in a long time, i love how it is both hard-hitting and really funked up. so, no more talk, go enjoy this masterpiece already:

revolte - ironical sexism (grum remix)

and in case you missed it when it was around the blogs, here is another remix for 'ironical sexism' by up and coming french producers going by the obscure name of we are terrorists:

revolte - ironical sexism (we are terrorists remix)

that should be enough for friday. don't forget to check today's other posts and show grum, revolte and we are terrorists some myspace love!


Anonymous said...

Lovin that grum remix.

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