Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the teenagers + tepr.

wonderful (and raunchy!) synth pop band the teenagers should need no introduction. although i haven't been featuring them here before because i am such a slacker, every other online magazine in the world has written about them by now. and everyone knows they are great. and everyone knows their album 'reality check' exceeded the expectations by far and is actually very good.

out of nowhere, this brandnew remix by supreme french beatmaker tepr showed up, once again sporting his trademark style with oldschool rave influences, broken beats while maintaining a banging electro vibe. so don't miss out, download right here - and as far as i can see right now, this should be another first on discodust:

the teenagers - love no (tepr remix)

and if you haven't already, run over to the teenagers myspace and show one of the biggest bands in 2008 some love!

update: now even better, with correct file and trackname! and as additional bonus, here are two more recent remixes for the teenagers, by delorean from spain and discodust favorite cfcf:

the teenagers - love no (delorean remix)
the teenagers - sunset beach (cfcf remix)

and head over to knicken, the most underrated super-awesome blog in the world for a great interview with the teens.


Anonymous said...

Wow that DatA remix is amazing.
Does anyone know how to get that piano sound he uses, cause ive heard that piano alot lately, and it is really nice.

Anonymous said...

theres a DatA remix??Im going to see him in about 2 hours whoop!teprs remix is great

Anonymous said...

What's that nigga talkin' about, I see no DatA. :|

aleks said...

gasp! all my readers are on drugs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok I meant Tepr lolz, is was listenting to J'aime Pas L'art at the time ><

bombus said...

that cfcf remix of sunset beach is AMAZING. it makes the track so so much better. good going.

Anonymous said...

Check out The Teenagers interview featured this week on Uncensored Interview!