Friday, March 07, 2008

boys noize + gonzales.

(no, this is not gonzales on the left.) it's a grey (or even gray) friday morning over here and i just got around to check some tracks that other blogs put up earlier this week. so if you don't rely on discodust as your only blog source for fresh stuff, you have probably heard this ages ago (measured in hipster time). here is a boys noize remix of a new gonzales track called 'working together' and it just brightened up my day, maybe it can do the same for you! speaking of 'working together', this has previously been posted by my darling alicia over at iheartcomix and my favorite swedish blogger martin at discobelle. aww, did you ever expect that boys noize puts me into a 'i love everyone' mood? whatever, let's spread the love:

gonzales - working together (boys noize vox mix)

even more ancient (once again measured in hipster time) but still worth hearing and perfectly fitting in this post is a remix for boys noize single '&down' by siriusmo (recently featured by my lovely co-editor jasper right here). this track is the opener of the upcoming boys noize remix album 'oi oi oi remixed' and i blatantly stole the mp3 from travis at bigstereo but of course i tried to remove all traces of that by editing the id3 tags, just like all those short-lived music blogs out there do when they steal my tracks. hell, some even leave my tags in there and still don't even care to mention discodust - that's not how blogging and networks are supposed to work, kids! but oh well, enough bitching and elitist behaviour (or 'behavior', in case your friday morning is 'gray'), here is the track:

boys noize - &down (siriusmo vs. boys noize remix)

also check out the stellar remix epic boys noize did for apparat and stay tuned for some more fresh stuff, and probably some more backfilling (as well as odd write-ups) on here soon.

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