Thursday, January 22, 2009


home of glass candy and chromatics, the beloved italians do it better label finally lives up to it's name by releasing 'no static' by italian producer and disco elitist bottin. hear the track on his myspace, watch out for the vinyl and enjoy this mix with 40 minutes of elite disco mixed by bottin (in 192 kbps).

bottin - disco aesthetics (january 2009 mix) via megaupload
bottin - disco aesthetics (january 2009 mix) via zshare
bottin - disco aesthetics (january 2009 mix) via depositfiles

tracklist is after the jump. keep an eye on both bottin and italians do it better.

disco aesthetics - mixed by bottin in january 2009

01. bottin: no static (italians do it better 2009)
02. who's who: hypnodance (out 1980)
03. bottin & kotey: hot ring (deep freeze 2009)
04. amnésie: turas (proto 1983)
05. cheaps: moliendo café (memory records 1983)
06. cat pee: pole (1982, bottin's surgeon edit 2008)
07. egotrya: volcano (synthonic, 2008)
08. bottin: fondamente nove (eskimo, 2008)
09. angels program: morning in tokyo (polydor, 1985)
10. miss plug inn: chanson d'amour (bottin mix)
11. hypnotic samba: stop-watch (zyx, 1984)
12. bottin: undercover monkey (demo)
13. bottin & ropie: theme from st mark (beatport exclusive 2008)
14. zig zag: stop stop stop (pacha, 1977)


Ian France said...

WOW... this guy blows me away. It doesn't even sound like a mixtape at all, the transitions are so flawless it's like one huge song.

Digital My Ass said...

yay! aleks is back with some serious shit! everyone who's into that discohouse stuff also check out a mix by MCDE here:

Anonymous said...

bottin is sweeeeeet!
i hope he will continue the horror disco project.

CouchFire said...

Very Nice!!

William Bottin said...

hey thanks everyone for the support!

make sure you try your luck at the contest Italians Do It Better just opened... here

Anonymous said...

tracklist by any chance?

dbjunior said...

Fantastic tunes on the myspace. Well worth listenin.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Viva Bottin

Unknown said...

Tunes are delicious. Nice one.
More of that please.
Soo greedy.

Anonymous said...

lol no post in over a week. wtf is this shit?

aleks said...

teehee :).

Anonymous said...

super tasteful!!!

Anonymous said...


this is audio crack.. i wish i could find some of these old school tunes for dl somewhere omG moliendo cafe!!!