Monday, January 05, 2009

the twelves + the juan maclean.

since i've been on a kindof harder music kick lately, i thought i'd appease all you critics and slow it down a bit with two people who do it best. the juan maclean (pictured above with nancy whang) polished up this track by the twelves and put the dfa shine on it. it's got the laidback bass, the tastefully offbeat percussion, and (with the exception of that random rap run) ethereal vocals. here's to beardo disco!

the twelves - be my crush (the juan maclean b-live rio mix) (via rcrd lbl)

and aleks also came across this remix while we were poking around rcrd lbl. haven't really seen it anywhere else, so enjoy!

n.a.s.a. - money (the count of monte cristal 'dungeon' remix) (via rcrd lbl)

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Anonymous said...

Juan kills it yet again.