Thursday, January 15, 2009

b. rich.

we've been hearing alot about b. rich lately in ac slater posts here and palms out releases there. his chicago housey style mixed with the newer heavy bassline has been contributing to seeing his songs in pretty major dj sets all over. and with the launch of ac slaters new 'party like us' label, b. rich is gearing up to drop a heavy, heavy ep. to hold us over until that happens, he dropped this track on us like a whale doing a bellyflop.

knowlton walsh - animal (b. rich remix)

it'll be out on nosi music at the end of january on all the norm digital retailers!


Anonymous said...

Censoring the comments now? Poor form

aleks said...

yeah, why not? it was nothing but bitching. no one cares.

Anonymous said...

I always like to read the comments to gauge what kind of reaction a track is getting before I commit to download.

Opinions, good or bad, are necessary in the world of music. Don't let Discodust go down the dark road of censorship..

- Jake

aleks said...

all right, jake. just so you don't miss anything - the first comment said 'puke'. the second comment said 'puke x2'.

and getting rid of comments that only contain random bitching doesn't seem like censorship to me. if comments were not enabled on here, you wouldn't see those either.

it's always great to get a discussion going in the comments but 'puke', 'shits wack' and other 'criticism' (which is no serious 'criticism' to me at all) simply based on personal taste don't really seem to help anyone.

and in other blogs and download stores everything that ac slater and b. rich touch seems to be well-received, so it doesn't help me finding out what people like either.

OK Dave said...

Finally! I've been waiting for something like this from B.Rich since his Norrit remix of Watch out for this girl. This is the kind of tunes I dig and tunes gets the crowd pumped up. You can't go wrong with heavy bass an..oh goddamit this isn't a 320 shit i wanna play this tonight

B. Rich said...

Puke x 3

lol :)

Pola-Riot said...

stop bitching. actually, it's a real killer.

aleks said...


mitch said...


Party Like Us label if they keep this up may replace my love for Ed Banger omg!

i'm loving this!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!


Xriss Xross said...

This tune's ace. AC Slater's on the money as you'd expect.
If I dont hear this tune out Ill be surprised.

Anonymous said...

oh come on man where does he keep his cookie cutter.