Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ac slater.

as we all start out the new year with new resolutions, and new ambitions, others of us are starting the new year off with new record labels. choosing to take music matters into his own hands, ac slater decided to launch his own label party like us records ('plur' for all you rave kids). 'party like us' is the first off the blocks and got a re-mastering as it's ready to hit the clubs.

just in case you forgot what ac slater likes, he reminds you over and over again in this track... bass! bass! bass!

ac slater - party like us

inspired by an old sample, udachi starts things off with enough energy to power a 'burning man' village for an entire week. he snagged those epic rave synths and injected some heavy bass for the perfect balance.

ac slater - party like us (udachi remix)

can't wait to see what comes out of the plur camp next. it's like the parents are out of town, the kids are home alone and there are no rules. houseparty!


AC Slater said...



aleks said...

tsk tsk. just added some more links to the post! :)

Anonymous said...

Udachi's fro smells.

Anonymous said...

dam! the nitrous is out the tank, and dem bass lines are doing things now YA KNOW!-ufo

Harrison said...

goddamn, slater can't be stopped. i like hearing the dubstep sound leak into the uk e/house

Anonymous said...

this is a pretty insane track. anyone else hear the similarity to 'solid groove - this is sick' in the bassline?

pukeparty said...


Anonymous said...

Today I threw an after-party at my house and I played a list with nothing but tracks I downloaded from discodust in the past months and it all went shiny and tidy until we got to the 'little boots' tracks.

My god is she awful. It was a room with 37 people and none of us could think of anything good to say about her music. Why are you peeps so into her? are you trying to get points to get a tiny chance to fuck her? I'm sorry to come in here all anonymous risking the chance to look like a troll but it seriously damages the respect I have for the discodust aesthetic.

Anyways, keep up the good work! Aside for the couple of little boots nuisances we had some good clean fun over here with your music.

Anonymous said...

Party like us, is excellent !!
well done aleks !!

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm done - no more Discodust.

Up with with LA Friendly in terms of poor quality and a complete lack of taste and originality!


Anonymous said...

let me guess, to the little boots guy, your american?
just a thought..

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the comment 2 above, looks like Discodust is finally getting removed from my RSS feeder.

Anonymous said...

You're like children,
dady and mumy give you chocolate, but finaly, it's never enough
you allways want more and more.

That's the curse of dicodust,
for offering this great service,
you'll allways have this kind of unhappy and pathetic comment !!

2 geeks lost/10 geeks more one minute later !!

aleks said...

ah sweet, finally the most annoying guys are heading somewhere else. about time!

and to the anonymous not-a-little boots-fan: this blog was never meant to be a place solely dedicated to download tracks and play them at your party in a random order. sorry. we won't provide that in the future either. a little work on your end is required as well :).

Anonymous said...

Yeak Aleks maybe you have to post a realy bad Artist to purge this kind of banger who organize a big party and picking tracks without pre-listen !!

funny no ?

Maybe tonight in the club where I'll playing my DJset I'll do the same !
like poker game !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the buildup in the song is fantastic and that dubstep bass just doesn't drop nearly hard enough. It's kind of like a joke.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ don't worry hun you will get it one day

Anonymous said...

I do get it, and this is how a dubstep bass should drop