Tuesday, January 06, 2009


sure we all know mexicans are good at making chorizo tortas. we know they host a mean spring break vacation. maybe you didn't know that mexico is also cultivating a crazy dance music scene.

sqzmylmns (pronounced 'squeeze my lemons') are just one new example of mexicans making good music. saul q and kid wonder hail from my hometown of san diego, which tends to fly under the radar. so i'm excited to hear something exciting coming out of there. i love that the tracks aren't just distorted or just filtered or just heavily sampled....they mix it all up into a nice batch of freshly squeezed lemonade.......*sip*....AHHHHH.

sqzmylmns - oakland
sqzmylmns - run

this is their own remix of their newest track. determined to keep it fresh and change things up, they added real instruments over the top which is probably a good idea in preparation for the backlash against all the laptop producers.

sqzmylmns - thieves (kidwonder is disc-o remix)

so it's time for a little indulgence. now i've never quite been a fan of mashups, but i heard these two i couldn't resist posting. maybe it was the combination of the two songs in each track or the fact that i love both songs, no matter how played out they are.

crookers vs khia - my neck my knobb (sqzmylmns smashup)

don rimini vs terror squad - let me lean back up (sqzmylmns smashup)


Anonymous said...

that's a somewhat ignorant remark about the chorizo and i thought you were better than that, but anyways, i love mexican music too and one of my new favs is yo i yo, brought to my attention by sir john of le touch blog, check it


Miss Toats said...

haha not really. im mexican and it's one of my favorite foods..thats why i wrote it :/

Anonymous said...

Howdy from deep in the <3 of Texass...You tell'em Miss Toats, I like chorizo too lol

Anonymous said...

Ouch my ears! Someone needs to squash these lemons asap.

Anonymous said...

dude i was just fishing for a reaction, i know you are mexican and that all mexicans know how to make wicked chorizos n stuff

Anonymous said...

sqzmylmns - thieves (kidwonder is disc-o remix) all I gotta say is yessssssssssssssssssssssssss

Unknown said...

Props is definitely due... It's dope that someone is finally doing quality electro in San Diego. Nice work Fellas --- We're proud of you!! (and for the record, chorizo is legit, but SOYRIZO is where it's really at with black beans, of course)

Anonymous said...

i agree dorado.

meat is murder.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Los Angeles!! The mashup sounds tight!!! :D

Anonymous said...

That is some rancid chorizo.
Miss Toats usually has better taste than that?

Anonymous said...


Ministry - Thives. I must say it`s s stroke of genious to sample this song!

Anonymous said...

hello there, just found your site. and i have to say i liiike! sqzmylmns....NICE!

keep it up from the UK

Julian, Mat, Johnny said...

sqzmylmns mashups are the best man!