Friday, January 02, 2009

blatta & inesha.

i guess it's a good problem when i can't extract any tracks out of an artist because they've all been snatched up by labels. so let me introduce you to blatta & inesha. yes, they're italian but they're no crookers (although they do look like a slight blend of the crookers and the justice boys). they do take a little of that fidgety distortion and mix it with a bit of techno and slap some heavy bassline on the bottom. oh ya, i forgot the occasional italo vocal samples on top.

honestly, their best tracks are the ones they are officially releasing. you can hear them on their myspace, or a few are included on their mixtape.

blatta & inesha - punching

blatta & inesha - who killed blatta & inesha mixtape

go listen! go listen! go listen! seriously - go listen!

who killed blatta & inesha? tracklist:

01. intro - hand clapping song (b&i re-edit), cdr
02. ac slater - jack got jacked (jack beat rmx), palms out sounds
03. 3 is a crowd - take it back (heavy feet rmx), a new hope
04. wiesel & captain koma - die polypen (blatta & inesha rmx), pouder & louder
05. circuit freq - push button (stupid fresh rmx), circuit freq
06. blatta & inesha vs. eminem - without me, cdr
07. b rich - everyday hustle + jamie fanatic, dj rockid ft. dan stezo - move & mingle, we are all kidz
08. blatta & inesha switched on ramirez - el ritmo barbaro, hellyeah!
09. romanthony - never fuck (congorock rmx), ultra
10. blatta & inesha - revolution, cdr
11. drop the lime - hear me (buraka som sistema rmx), trouble & bass
12. bonde do role - divine gosa, domino
13. blatta & inesha switched on ramirez - orgasmico, hellyeah!
14. i giganti - una ragazza in due, rifi


Anonymous said...

but then you go to Beatport and discover a sordid electrohouse past..

the myspace tracks are sick though

jack said...

eeeebbbravi a questi due gggggiovani italiani!

Anonymous said...

Gah...this blog has deviated so far from its roots it's embarrassing...

Another one bites the dust.. (pun intended)

Miss Toats said...

well, music doesnt exactly stay in one place either. i think aleks stays pretty true to his tastes closer to where the blog began and i may deviate a bit. but i think we're both trying to show a little bit of new stuff thats out there.

Anonymous said...

Only respect for the "city of dog" duo!

ben-u-ron79 said...

could you please be a little more careful where you seed the tracks for download? sendspace is crap....thanks a the site!!!!keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

siete due scappati di casa!!

Anonymous said...

Nice clothes guys?!?

Tobias said...

Gotta agree with anonymous.
That's my I stopped reading this blog and made my own.

aleks said...

tobias: i wonder how you got here then :). and like half of the acts/tracks on your blog have been on here before. you's funny.

Tobias said...

I check back now and then yeah.
Of course aleks, I gotta start with something. Build the blog up. I've gotten some new artists to work with though. many of thm you can not find here.

I don't want to argue. I'm just saying discodust was better in the past.

Anonymous said...

Yeah some fairly rubbish electro releases in the past but I'm in agreement with you on the new stuff - El Ritmo Barbarro on the myspace is the shit, albeit very banging. Just have to wait for the release! Thanks!

Joseph said...

i miss the van she tech era of discodust when melodies where a more important part of making a good track

nonetheless i owe everything to you guys, thanks

Anonymous said...

Everyone missed the point except Miss Toats. The blog is changing with the scene. It's moved on from the "Van She Tech" era and Discodust is just keeping up. Give the posters a fucking break.

Anonymous said...

Not true - there is plenty of melody-rich MUSIC out there. This blog has nothing to differentiate it form the legions of crappy electro-noise blogs out there...


Anonymous said...

Ahh,,, I must agree with a few of the posts here, the days where the melodies were important were great, I remember checking back here daily for new stuff.
Now don't get me wrong, I still think discodust is great and appreciate the great deal of work you guys put in, but times change, as does music, and I agree that I think the styles being posted on here is changing. Whether that's due to music in general changing, or you guys different tastes, who knows. I am not trying to argue in any way, I just remember discodust as always a bit of a different place where I could always get my fix of music. I do very much miss the "van she era" but hey there's nothing you can do.

Unknown said...

lol I find it funny how these days everyone hates hates this douche bag with "his own blog " congrats that makes you one of a billion other idiots....yet for some reason you still come to discodust...which is a great bitch and talk about your own blog...nice work dipshit..and to everyone else wether you like the tunes or not doesnt matter to anyone because for every one of you that writes about how cool their opinion on music is and how this or that sucks...theres 40 more people out there who love it and want to go have a good make a track and put it up if your so much better then everyone else...until then shut the fuck up haters

Anonymous said...

Yea, not to mention that to find even a decent new track this time of year is like an oasis in the desert...have faith people, Toats & Aleks know what they're doing...why is there always so much hate in these comments haha!

Tobias said...


Nah, you're the one hating right now. I just made my own blog, the way I wanted it. I'm not saying people should read that one in stead or anything like that. I just made myself clear. You are the idiot here.

aleks said...

you're all weirdos. melody-based stuff will always have a home on discodust. off the top of my head, some of the recent posts where moulinex, worship, freak you, pegase, diamond cut - all heavily melodic stuff.

i just took a bit of a break (and will be back with new posts later today hopefully) and everyone is going nuts.

this is ridiculous.

i know you're used to a high standard and a large variety of styles here on discodust and that will never change. stop making up horror stories.

and tobias: it's starting to get really annoying and now you're calling other commenters 'idiot' too.

look at your blog, dude, it probably wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for discodust. like i said before, most of the stuff you post is from acts we had first and that we pushed hard. the style of your write-ups, your whole layout and concept also seem very discodust-inspired and then you don't even link back to me and come here to talk shit.

seriously, you might want to think twice next time.

pablo said...

oh my days tobias, what's wrong with you?

before you go poking your finger at aleks and miss toats, just take a look at your blog which might i say is just a small grey fish in a very big ocean. there's nothing at all that differentiates it from the other million and one blogs out there.

seriously your blog is never going to get exclusive interviews with soulwax or boys noize like discodust.

and i have to add that these guys are a benchmark for working with music labels and producers.

furthermore the trends in music are constantly evolving. if we just stuck in a rut we'd all still be listening to oasis or something (jokes).

anyway saying my bit


Unknown said...

Echoing on the "times change" sentiment.

MISS TOATS: Can you get an interview with Blake Miller? That guy has so many projects it's hard to keep on on what's going on.

I wanna know about his production set-up and inspiration!

I mean, you are on his top 8, so you must pretty close. *nudge nudge wink wink*

NewjacK said...

Pabs you hit it right on the nose! As soon as all these haters can get an interview with some of the top artists in the game then they should not be talkin crap about aleks. Love you guys...thanks for everything!

discodust for eva!!!

Tobias said...

aleks, if you'll read the comments you'll see he called me an idiot.

and nah, I'm not linking you. I sent you guys two emails and a comment on myspace when i started my blog. You did not puplish my comment on myspace, and you did not respond to my 2 emails. and as far as the designs, they are not even close. don't try it.

and about the talk my blog being shit. yeah well, dödselectro is opening up a club in gothenburg in feb-mars, I already have contact with producers and djs from france, us, and uk. So I'm gonna be busy this year, oh my. Hopefully dödselectro will grow into something big. good luck to us both. and again, I'm not hating. You guys made it into something bigger than it is.

and ps. respond to the emails you get from fans and readers in the future.

I'm sure I will.

Unknown said...

@ Jonathon.

"so make a track and put it up if your so much better then everyone else...until then shut the fuck up haters"

Are you an idiot?
You don't need to know how to cook to know if something tastes like shit.

And learn to use ellipses properly, christ.

Anonymous said...

Still really like discodust, nevertheless imo blatta & inesha does suck

aleks said...

tobias: first of all, i am getting tons of mails, this blog would have even more downtimes if i answered them all. hell, if i'd even read them all. my inbox = 4000 unread mails and rising. i'd love to have a close look at all of them and have lengthy conversations with everyone but i just don't have the time.

and if you think a mail like 'hey i started my blog yesterday, it would be cool if we could exchange links' is gonna cut it, let me tell you: no. and it's ridiculous that you would get pissed at me for not getting back to you on that.

when i started my blog, i added everyone i had love for to my links section right away, never expected anyone to link me back and was thankful for every single link i got from other places. and that's because i was aware of the fact that my blog was NOTHING back then.

(and the design doesn't even come close, eh? well, i was about to elaborate and start with the main colors cyan/purple and the style of the headlines but then again, fuck that, it's a waste of time.)

nevertheless, best of luck with your blog!

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I think some of their tracks are pretty rad. I'm digging the new one on their Myspace with Congorock.

Tobias said...

cyan and purple? haha what are you talkning about, you have pink and blue. Are you color blind? I have turquoise and purple and pink.

I'm not following you.

I'm not gonna open my mouth no more, if you guys can't handle critique without starting to cry and comparing my design with yours and bla bla. you should'nt even read these comments.

allthough, I do have a fucking nice design on my blog. I know.

aleks said...

Tobias: yeah right, colorblind.

just don't come here any more and we'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Tobias, I like what you post, but the blog design isn't that incredible. Don't get a big head about it. Discodust's layout is way more professional-looking and visually appealing.

I also think it's funny that you have the nerve to sell shirts. Slow your roll.

Anonymous said...

These guys do look like the 1/2 crookerjustice doodz

ima put busy p's goatee on erol alkan and see wut that looks like brb

Tobias said...

Aleks, still I dunno want to fight or argue, I respect people and I still respect you. This got way to far, triggered by a stupid comment from me.

I'll still be checking back here.

Anonymous said...

lol because if he didnt he wouldnt have anything to post on HIS blog

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto discodust. Love the idea of using blogs and music. The culture in here feels wrong, what's this about wanting to be known? Who cares?
Basically the moment you do this because you want to be a success you won't be.
Thanks for a whole source to search for the perfect tune

Unknown said...

siiick siiick fucking sick, thank you!

FAMOUS said...

Am I in the minority thinking Blatta and Inesha are fire?

Revolution makes my balls wable!