Friday, July 25, 2008

nina sky + rick ross.

in order to confuse you even more, here is a great track by nina sky featuring rick ross that i've had on heavy rotation lately. and of course, the fact that this song is dealing with one of my favorite things ever, helped to get it up here as well.

nina sky featuring rick ross - curtain call

thanks to the fader for putting this up (i took this in exchange for that one). shouts to my man russ chimes and all other disco heads who can appreciate slow jams.

and to everyone who's about to give me shit because this track 'does not belong here' in their humble opinion, it is about time to embrace change.


Anonymous said...

I wish you didn't tag your blog name into the album slot for your mp3s. Pretty lame considering you didn't do anything to create the music you put up here.

Anonymous said...

i wish people would just stop coming here rather than staying and being dicks about EVERY little thing. good job always aleks!

aleks said...

haha. "i wish you didn't tag your blog name into the album slot for your mp3s". hahahahaha.

yeah man, this world really sucks. lots of wars and suicide bombers going on out there, people got nothing to eat and that motherfucker aleks puts his blog url into the id3 tag. hahahaha.

do you prefer untagged mp3s or totally screwed up id3 tags then, as i usually get them? haha. sorry but that's such a laugh.

your comment is pretty lame as well considering that you never contributed anything but totally retarded bitching.

i did a lot to bring the music to this blog for you to download though, don't you think?

go somewhere else to get your music please. you're annoying as hell.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and layout/design/content, love your music recc, etc

you have total right to add your name to the track, you put in work for us to hear it.

that complainer is probably 12 years old with no clue.

you rock! thanks

aleks said...

well, i didn't assume it would offend anyone. it helps bringing people here and this means more attention for the music on here. isn't that a good thing?

and a lot of mp3s i get for the blog are not tagged at all or tagged in the weirdest ways, so i re-tag all of them because i can't stand inconsistency.

it never was a problem for any of the artists so far, at least no one ever got back to me about it.

and this anonymous punk is the only one who ever mentioned id3 tags on this blog so far. fuck him.

Anonymous said...

This track is sweet!

Just keep posting the music you like mate, this blog is the only one you ever need!

Anonymous said...

Fuck him indeed. What a trivial, ungrateful dickweed. Aleks, good job on the blog - love it and absolutely happy to be sharing a bit of your great taste.

Miss Toats said...

yes bloggers put alot of effort to hunt down good music AND get permission to post them. so the workd didnt go into making the actual track, but the work was put in acquiring, researching and writing about (promoting) the track. tagging it with the name of the blog is just a little reminder everytime you play the song in itunes of where you got the song that so wrong?

aleks said...

and sorry for being so harsh. comments like that just seem so random and come unexpected for me and i am taking things too personal, so i am getting quite aggressive sometimes.

once again, sorry for that. i am a nice guy if you let me :(.

Anonymous said...

Respect for apologizing even, but you've got every right to be angry at some thoughtless ninny who feels like a man because he/she can get on the internet and anonymously spam somebody who deserves credit for exposing countless amazing artists. What does "anonymous" deserve credit for? Obviously he/she doesn't even feel like he/she deserves ANY credit, 'cuz if he/she'd left a name then we'd know who it is that likes to cower in a puddle of pretentious self-consciousness (the worst kind)!!!

(psss: keep up the dope bloggin'!!!)

aleks said...

thanks for all the love! :)

and no worries, the beat just goes straight on and on...

bateman said...

nice song man

Anonymous said...

that woman has vagina tattooed on her shoulder how very bloody vulgar

timothy limsana said...

wooooooooooa exclusives

Anonymous said...

yeah man, nice one

Anonymous said...

FUCK you roll hard DD. ANOTHER great choice. you are blowing my tiny fucked up little mind at the moment. embrace change dude. in all its many flavours. the ONLY thing that "doesnt belong here" is LAMENESS. like that bitch worrying about tags and whatever. what?? haters just keep on hating. players just keep on playin. roll on my brother roll the hell ON. pg

Unknown said...

Listen at least SOME people on here make some sense. And actually listen to the tracks you post, Aleks.

OK. The Nina Sky track. It KICKS.

The BEAUTIFUL chords with that mono synth over the top!!

"Feelin like I need to be INVOLVED"

JESUS CHRIST I just shed a tear. I'm listening to this EVERY day for the rest of my life. And I don't give a FUCK about "tags" and fucking "album slots" or whatever. This track has brought me untold joy. THANK YOU man.