Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the golden filter.

"we're super new. and somewhat secretive."

that's the only content in the mail i just received from the golden filter. and i had a special feeling about this before i even managed to download the track from the included zshare link. but as soon as i heard the punching drums, the driving disco bassline i was caught up and when the lovely chords and angelic girl vocals dropped in the only thing i could say was 'wow!'. listen to the best thing ever:

the golden filter - solid gold

i've tried to find out some more about the golden filter but did not manage to. their myspace is brand new and they were just smiling back at me when i sent them an all excited reply. at least i was told another track is about to come really soon, so it seems like they will really give little boots a hard time when it comes to the 'unsigned sensation of the year' title.

so so good!


Anonymous said...

and you're right they're fierce competition for little boots, but we'll see...;)

Anonymous said...

"we're super new. and somewhat secretive."

u really like that don't you dd. wow, funny

ok so this sounds good but not bttr than LTTLE boots after hearing this 1 track

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

love it!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome song, one of the best in a while, thumbs up

Anonymous said...

i wanna like it..

sounds like a slightly inferior version of the recent tracks by Jupter. You guys think its any better than Starlighter?

Well, they're from NYC, so that's probably about the best they can do (I have this theory that most music from NY totally sucks, and for its size, much higher quality music should be emiting from the town), so let's give our musically challenged Apple folks a round of applause hehe

Anonymous said...

hahha no way this song is fucking amazing.

It is on the same level as Jupiter.

I am loving this amazing disco shit that is happening right now.

I need more.

ShariAndVari said...

great synth and production, i like the girls voice. Not timeless, but simple and comfortable to listen too. And could def do a little nice smooth electro boggie to this on the dance floor.

Anonymous said...

Hey- FYI "The Golden Filter" is "Marc Belle" from Pontefract UK.
He also does graphic design - his website is here:
He is now producing music with his girlfriend singing.

Mick_Fiction said...

Love it. Felt the same way about Fan Death and Glass Candy when I first heard them.

Nick said...

As DangerDanger said: you really were a year ahead on this one!