Thursday, July 24, 2008


lovelock is steve from new york. and sometimes there's barbara helping steve out with vocals. but that's about all information we've got cause lovelock plans to keep things low profile for the moment. maybe that's what you wanna do when you put something on the market that might have been an after work bedroom classic back in the 80s. on the other hand 80s girls and bedrooms is what most of my peeps spend their time with. anyway.

lovelock - love reaction

enough theory! lovelock seems to be involved with valerie in some way, one of our favorite blogs/syndicates out there. he's exactly what the french west coasters are all about: porn, synths, energy. pure beauty. nothing more to say, but to strongly advise you to check out the two brilliant tunes.

lovelock - maybe tonight

further information can be found on lovelock's myspace. show that mysterious guy some good old 80s shoulder pad loving. big ups to loose shus for pointing us in the right direction.


ShariAndVari said...

wow, great track, great production. Really felt like I was in the 80s again.Niice synth!! I was though missing some 'kick' in the girls vocals. It sounded like it was there just not 'loud' enough...While the male vocals was more like it. If that makes sense?

aozora said...

so much good stuff lately ..and THIS ONE IS AMAZING. !!! it pays to keep discodust as your homepage :D you guys are really cranking out a lot of awesome blog entries whew

Anonymous said...

Lovelock is one half of Zombi.
stunning music.

Anonymous said... 'Maybe Tonight' is incredible on many levels. Couldn't resist but post it. Well fucking done, y'all.

Angie Audio said...

lovelock is amazing. i love this man.