Wednesday, October 29, 2008

muffy + bangladesh.

it took me a while to 'understand' what's so great about 'a milli' but eventually i 'got it' and ever since i am keeping an eye on everything that has the golden bangladesh touch. so when the guys over at the fader put up his production 'dope boi' for muffy the other day, i was curious and now that i've heard it, i am all excited!

i don't know a whole about muffy except that she looks great, has got a lot of style, is into really dirty stuff (considering her lyrics) and raps about one thousand times than that girl that has a very similar name. muffy, muffy, of course! boys pump up the bass, girls lift your skirts, let's get high!

muffy - dope boi

show muffy and bangladesh some good myspace love!


Stani said...

i love this! its cool!

sarasimms said...

Muffy is awesome + her producer rocks. I would have never heard of her if it wasn't for your awesome blog!