Thursday, October 16, 2008

joe and will ask.

joe and will ask are buzzing, buzzing, working, working. you may not be familiar with them just yet, but give them a few remixes to embed themselves in your music repertoire.

starting off with the mystery jets is a pretty good way to burst onto the scene. having to get permission directly from the godfather erol alkan to post a track is serious business. give it a listen and you'll see why... that bass! oh, that bass! this is the '11 pm' version of this track, as opposed to the '3 am' version which i can only imagine is deeper and heavier for that intoxicated state of mind.

mystery jets - elizabeth (joe and will ask 11 pm remix)

this is a track off of their new ep entitled 'hell hawk'. it's an exercise of sounds taking a basic set of chords, tweaking them, layering effects all over them and then stripping them down to their pure form. buckle up for an 8 minute ride.

joe and will ask - single vip

division kent get the treatment next. the vocals flow seamlessly over the electronic groaning and tweaking making it sound like a nordic masterpiece touched by erlend øye or röyksopp.

division kent - gravity (joe and will ask remix)

this unofficial remix is filled with all the 'bleeps' and 'blips' characteristic of deeper techno that might give you a flashback of a german afterhours club filled with smoke at 8 am. one layer of kick snares is covered by a synth line which disappears leaving the skeleton of the track.

ellen allien - do not break (joe and will ask remix)

for those of you that are really liking this sound, but don't know much about it you should definitely listen to their october mix. this is like a cheat sheet of artists that you should research and check out on beatport or myspace. there's some classics and some newbies in the tracklisting... now get to diggin! (tracklist after the jump.)

joe and will ask - october mix (on zshare)

p.s.: hey acid girls! i found you some friends to join you in your yet-unnamed genre of electronic music!

october mix tracklist:

01. marc houle - selection 12
02. giash & til yali - my little lady birds (remix)
03. style of eye - ona
04. paul ritch - aquarel
05. dominik eulberg - es klebt noch morgentau in deinem haar
06. paul kalkbrenner - absynthe
07. laurent garnier - panoramix
08. mathew jonson - decompression
09. patrice baumel - roar
10. format b - edding
11. wtf? - chicken
12. oliver giacomotto - eat what you kill (kiko remix)
13. peter dundov - oasis


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those!

Bass in the Mystery Jets mix is awesome :-D

PS - The zShare link is not working for me?

Chris D said...

Same here- it says 'input file unspecified'. Perhaps I could host it for you or something?

aozora said...

thanks for a great post here.



Anonymous said...

"input file unspecified" for the october mix guys.

I offer space on my sites to host it safely too and free =P please drop me a line, +info:


Miss Toats said...

sorry guys. its fixed! (but zshare is doing some stupid maintenance at the moment)

Anonymous said...

its minimal, techno, tech house, progressive, jack and a bit of deephouse in the mix. its deeper and less jackin than that what f.ex. zombie disco squad wanted to call zulu house. its superb music but in the end not unnamed. if you´re from the country i´m from than you know that type of music. its simply something that YOU dont know or post... no diss. your posts are great!

Anonymous said...

here is a link for while the zshare is down

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !
Very nice tracks !

Anonymous said...

Minimal Epic? Tweetrance? Or just really really brilliant, eh... ecstacymusic? :)

Digital My Ass said...

mystery jets rmx is bangin'
but the ellen allien mix isn't bad either

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! where did these guys come from!! above? The bass, the bass THE BASE! ellen alien mix, just what i have been wating for.

Anonymous said...

i really really like those sounds !! thx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Joe and Will ask? !

Will is fit too ;)

Anonymous said...



Russ Tannen said...

Joe and Will ask are the fucking BOYS.

Taylor Morris said...

lovin these sounds, hope more is coming soon!