Friday, November 02, 2007

top billin + entre tes cuisses.

my favorite scandinavian dj-team top billin is back with a new mix-set full of banging b-more, booming miami bass and broken beats. this time it is a very special one as it is a megamix completely consisting of their own productions. i have seen them live a while ago (actually it has been too long, nenis!) and this set captures their uplifting and very club-oriented sound really well. get ready for top billin volume 8, 'tales from top billin' and remember top billin stay in the club, live in the club, die in the club, never leave the motherfucking club!

top billin vol. 8 - tales from top billin - the megamix (yousendit)
top billin vol. 8 - tales from top billin - the megamix (megaupload)

check the comments for a detailed tracklist, get more from top billin over at the top billin mp3 shop and as a bonus, get one of my favorite tracks in the mix right here:

sir nenis & dj pushups - gaybar starlite

and while we are in the b-more area, here are two fresh b-more tracks with a twist by entre tes cuisses from paris who has already got a lot of love from tastemakers like tomboy, crookers, kazey and debonair samir. so get it on already:

entre tes cuisses - the bowling anthem
juvelen - they don't love you (entre tes cuisses remix)

watch out for more from both entre tes cuisses and top billin.


discodust said...

tracklist for top billin vol. 8:

01. Diamonds
02. Willing
03. Dancefloor
04. Gaybar Starlite
05. U Don Kno Meh
06. San Fran
07. Make Me Cream
08. Shake My Ass
09. In The Ass
10. Fuck Me Baby
11. Dodge
12. Up In Here
13. Boy Angles
14. Do You Wanna Party
15. Hit It
16. Go My Way
17. Money For Nothing
18. Go To Work
19. One For The Ladies

BostonKeltic said...

Hey, that guy entre tes cuisses is NICE, man... Wot's that name anyway ?

E.T.C. said...

Ah ah, I'm nice...
Hey Aleks, you forgot to mention Debonair Samir liked it too...! But that's alright, I like you anyway.... C'mon people, be my friend on myspace, I'll be good !

Anonymous said...

ETC=not really bmore but it's interesting. I'd like to hear some more...

discodust said...

etc: added that bit to the post now! (and i still like you too!)

Diane said...

Vive Paris et vive ETC ! Plus, plus...

Anonymous said...

Hurray for that Paris Bmore, me like it !

Anonymous said...

...let's bowl ! that etc stuff is baaaad...!

Cat Summers said...

Top Billiiiiiinnnn' !! ! ! !
ow this is great, guys !

Anonymous said...

ETC strikes again...To be continued
Is Nice N' Brilliant

ed said...

I like the bowling anthem, the guy calls it "baltimorave" on his myspace page, i think its a pretty good way to describe his sound... Still have to find out how to pronounce his full name but thats ok

Anonymous said...

"Between Your Thighs"...
That sounds so sexy. So do the tracks...