Tuesday, November 18, 2008


we have previously featured parallels, the side project by cam findlay, the live drummer of crystal castles. he recently stopped touring with them (leaving on good terms) and has now turned parallels into an actual band, featuring vocalist holly dodson and darien from tuxedomask on the synths for the live show. the band has recently played their first show, opening for glass candy and it went down really well, according to this review. (i really wish i could have been there.)

also according to now magazine, holly dodson looks and dances like stevie nicks - i can't really double check that without having seen them live but her voice and the whole vibe she creates really reminds me of early madonna a bit - in the best of all ways, a young madonna with a lot more talent and singing lessons, that is. (so maybe one day parallels can make my dreams of a worthy successor to 'lucky star' come true?)

enjoy the demo of the all new and simply incredible 'reservoir' which is easily the best song i have heard in ages (and is actually the main reason why i forced myself to return from blog hibernation) as well as a new reworked version of 'ultralight', also with vocals now!

parallels - reservoir (demo) - stream on myspace
parallels - ultralight - stream on myspace

for now, parallels are working on more tracks and doing more local shows and dj sets but hopefully we can see them touring in the new year. also, high quality versions of the tunes will eventually be available on itunes but currently you'll have to ask parallels (or those guys from discodust) nicely if you need something better for playing out. show them some myspace love.

UPDATE: the files are gone for now. enjoy the streams on myspace!


Anonymous said...

no more blog hibernation!
i rely on you for tasty tunes.

aleks said...


Anonymous said...

tuxedo mask was so hot in sailor moon

Anonymous said...

Sad, the singer doesn't add anything. I preferred the original robotic 80s sound.

aleks said...

i really love the singing on 'reservoir'.

Anonymous said...

I've been following parallels for a while...LOVE THE SINGING!

80's music had singing too by the way, and for all we know she could be a robot.

Anonymous said...

I have been following parallels for SO long, I remember seeing you do a post on ghost machines ages ago and thinking "wow someone else likes parallels".
Anyway good to see you've posted them again, but I'm actually not sure about the singing.. still a great track but as someone else said I'm not sure how much the singing really adds to it.. great post anyhow and good to have you back! I'm glad you didnt die like in my dream...