Saturday, September 15, 2007


ever since we have featured the infamous 'gluttony ep' by hostage from edinburgh, scotland, featuring remixes by felix cartal and the bloody beetroots on discodust back then, i unfortunately never really got around to post any new tunes from alan as he always gave them away to others so fast. (or others simply were faster posting them, eh.)

recently hostage showed me two of his latest productions and i asked him to hold out, so that i can feature both of these bangers. up first is "i'm high", a true rave anthem complete with driving drums, stabbing synths, lots of noisy effects and, anyone remember them? cowbells! further on, we've got a remix of the human resource classic 'dominator' in the trademark hostage rave style that is gonna kill it on the dancefloor!

hostage - i'm high

human resource - dominator (hostage ravemix)

make sure to check out the blog of my friends over at trash menagerie for a post featuring a great interview with hostage as well as his very latest mix-set which can be found right here. and if ever get the chance, go and see alan live at one of his upcoming gigs along with the likes of duke dumont, nightmoves and jd twitch.


Anonymous said...

exclusives are for blog nerds who never create anything and only feel cool off the work of others. get over your bad self. chazology had Hostage way before you did

Anonymous said...


looks like you are wrong. and regardless of getting all those exclusives, i am not feeling too cool just yet, no worries.

Anonymous said...

you are a total princess.

if you only knew what some of the artists on your blog thought about you, you wouldn't post things like:

"i unfortunately never really got around to post any new tunes from alan as he always gave them away to others so fast."

alan is a great musician and a super nice guy, you shouldn't give him shit for not giving you exclusives all the time.

stop embarrassing your self.

Anonymous said...

i didn't mean to give him shit and alan knows that, if we wouldn't be cool, there wouldn't be any of his tunes on here, eh?

that line you quoted was not meant as bitching or giving him shit at all, i just meant to say that i have been wanting to post about him again for quite a while and just never got around to. i have added another line to the post that will hopefully make this more clear.

if i was really blaming alan for not giving me everything exclusive, i'd be quite arrogant really, yeah, but far from that. those are his tunes and he can do whatever he wants with them and there are a lot of good blogs to promote music, not just mine.

stop trying to get me wrong, there is no reason to get into a fight.

if you like to go on about this, send me a mail or myspace message, this shouldn't really take the focus away from alan's excellent new tunes.

Trash Menagerie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Aleks, you are doing a fine job. Useless banter will always be heard from those that cannot give constructive criticism.

Anonymous said...

aleks, thanks for your thoughtful response. perhaps i lost my head a little bit.

you have a great taste in music, and run a great blog.

the whole "blog dance" revolution has been very exciting for me, and I guess I'm just scared to see the egos and nonsense of the regular music industry enter into the blog world.

lately it seems like blogs are all about "exclusives" and some blogs won't even post an artist if that artist is on another blog.

blogs can post whatever they want I guess, but its way cooler if blogs post what they like, rather than what they got before everyone else.

at the end of the day a blog that posts awesome music consistently will have a large audience regardless of exclusives.

i think your taste is great aleks, and you've spotted a lot of amazing acts, and you deserve credit for getting their stuff out there.

discodust is a established blog because of your music choices, so good work =)

Anonymous said...

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