Thursday, February 18, 2010

butterfly bones.

i have got no idea why i am only discovering them just now (actually it's because i am a lazy slacker - and a bad liar too) but butterfly bones from california are making some pretty damn sweet spaced out synth-laden indie pop, fitting in well with the whole 'chillwave' sound but appearing much more original and heartfelt to me.

take your chance and feel like being at a secret mgmt meets cut copy jam session and enter a world of moog solos, surf guitars and catchy vocals with '<3', the first track off the upcoming new butterfly bones album! another discodust premiere!

butterfly bones - <3

if you are looking for more, head over to the butterfly bones myspace!


Speaker Snacks said...

Love the site man. Flashy as all hell. And go Butterfly Bones! Of Montreal needs to play with these fellas...

Scottish Friction said...

this is really nice. can feel the Cut Copy vibe too


I love your blog! You pick really great music.

Check out my new track.