Friday, February 19, 2010

silicone project.

time to introduce some fresh french talent again. doing it the old style, i came across silicone project on myspace a while ago and luckily managed to convince him to hand over a few tracks for posting on the blog. turns out we already featured him on the blog using a different name but i'll leave this 'mystery' for someone else to solve. prepare for some quality french touch music right here, 'supernova' being an arpeggio-heavy trip to outer space while 'veridis quo' is probably the most well done cover of a daft punk song that i have ever heard.

silicone project - supernova
silicone project - veridis quo (daft punk cover)

being new and all, silicone project could need some more myspace friends!


Anonymous said...

that album cover is taken from flying lizards top ten, pretty much without any modification except for the titling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for "Supernova", mate!
I should go to bed but I'm actually dancing!

Anonymous said...

great tracks!!

Anonymous said...

Daroc? DW?

cosmo black said...

supernova is amazing, such great sounding synths

Anonymous said...

YES... that album cover art is STOLEN directly from 'Flying Lizards" album Top Ten. I own it!