Wednesday, February 20, 2008


obviously some of my dear readers demand some bangers on here again, so i was tempted to put this up. blatantly stolen from my good friends over at discobelle as kitsuné didn't send it to me this time (sigh), here is a hard hitting remix of 'boombox' by kylie, done by boombox resident djs jerry bouthier & andrea gorgerino, better known as jbag. big ups, martin!

kylie - boombox (jbag remix)

and just in case you have not heard them over at bigstereo yet, here are two more kylie reworks that are among my favorite bangers of the last few weeks, done by the twelves from brazil and soon-to-be mega-famous revolte from france:

kylie - 2 hearts (the twelves remix)
kylie - boombox (revolte remix)

if you ever read this, kylie, props for being on top of your game and - let's make out some time!


Junk Solo said...

The jbag rmx is fucking hott!!

-Jeanz (Junk Solo)

Anonymous said...

If there is one band, I'm still waiting to get vinyl, mp3s or ANYTHING from, it is Revolte. They are way behind schedule. Soon to be famous indeed. Their sound is way too good.
I wonder what is taking them so long to release all of their killer tracks.

Anonymous said...

don't miss this!

Anonymous said...

this remix on zshare sounds like hell!

Anonymous said...

Jbag remix YEAH!The best Kylie rmx i've ever heard; no kidding.

Anonymous said...

errr.. kylie - 2 hearts (the twelves remix)rocks either lol

J Dub said...

excellent remix! way better than whatever remix they used on the boombox album