Friday, February 22, 2008


revolte manages to be part of the modern guild of musicians in two ways. not only are they some up and coming feature of the so called 'french touch', something that subsumizes all offsprings of daft punk, alan braxe and the like, but somehow they're a good example for the new cosmoplitan way of music production too. the two guys never lived in the same city and rarely work together face to face. they're the internet's prodigy, happily fileswapping to get their music banging.

perhaps that space in-between is exactly why revolte is that ace. while arnaud is some kind of an electronerd by birth, who fooled around with his first synths when he was nearly eleven years old and now is happily djing ever after, luke has a different musical background. he was educated in the fine arts of classic music since age six and made his way to producing electronic music with quite some detour. these two completely different approaches are likely to create a fair amount of suspense for sure.

anyhow, their project revolte seems to be the lube the two frenchmen needed to get their musical relationship going. and that connection is pretty well bum, something kitsuné also noticed when they put one of revolte's tracks on their boombox compilation. it won't be their last bit of spotlight, that's for sure as more bangers are to come. for now these two originals and a dope remix of a daft punk classic will do for entertainment, promised.

revolte - takk
revolte - unit 1 lesson 2
daft punk - voyager (revolte remix)

if you want more information check out their myspace and show some good lovin'.

this post was brought to you by jasper from our friends at knicken who will hopefully help us out more often from now on.


Rolls Ross said...

Love your blog, keep it up!

Greets from

Anonymous said...


Joined the official facebook of Revolte :

Anonymous said...

found these guys few months back.
they are really awesome.
crash test dummies rule!


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for mp3s since 1 year. FINALLY !!!

Ju-lien said...

this is the shit right there... you said they where from france! Cool, do you know what city (I know its sounds stupid, but there is a purpose to that question)

Respect for the "ever good" work

Anonymous said...

Discodust is back.

Faisal Jehan said...

Oooh! i was wondering why they had that artwork of daft punk on their myspace! Great post 'as usual' lol!

thanx for the compliment on my 'Little boots' interview, ohh and i've added you to my blog roll too.

FJ <3

Anonymous said...

disco's back from the dust ! :D

trentertainment said...

wow takk is amazing!

nice one

Anonymous said...

what the heck is the sample used in takk? it owns.